Fruit Salad, Yummy yummy!

Our Busy Bees have been very interested in learning about different kinds of food, touching, smelling and sometimes even tasting. Vocabulary words include: lettuce, celery, broccoli, zucchini, strawberries, blueberries, watermelon, peaches, grapes, fruit salad, pasta, spaghetti, oatmeal, peas, beans, tortillas, rice, crackers, cake, bread and peanuts.

In our exploration we have been seeing and tasting some foods mention above as well as playing grocery shopping with plastic food toys where our students were able to see the difference between real food and play food. By the end of the week most of them were able to recognize by name what most of these foods were.

During Creativity Class, this week they worked on a watermelon using different techniques and colors. They used their fingerprints for the seeds, construction paper to glue a part of the watermelon and a brush with green paint. They also worked with play dough were they made tortillas and tacos. Creativity class is one of their favorites!

Books read this week related to food they included “I will never, not ever eat a tomato“, “Green eggs and Ham“, “Yummy Yummy“ and “My little lunchbox“ which they loved.

By the end of story time we had a new activity where a student had the opportunity to sit down on the teachers chair, pick a book and read it to their classmates. It was a great activity; everyone was so quite playing attention and listening to the story. It also helps students work on their linguistics, imagination and leadership skills.

Mr. Mike included lot of fruits and vegetables music for them to move, jump around, learn and have some fun like “Fruit Salad Yummy Yummy“ and “Come on, Lets Go To The Market“.

Our Busy Bees are enjoying so much these themes!

Next week we will continue talking about other kinds of food, such as turkey, fish and we will have our Thanksgiving celebration.

November Week 3

Big Bears now understand what sharing and giving means. They all have been practicing how to share with their classmates and are very enthusiastic about being thankful, too.

This week was full of excitement and experiences. As we learned our objectives, Big Bears made different projects such as Indian headdress and handprints.

They learned a rhyme, “Gobble, Gobble”

Gobble, Gobble
The turkey is a funny bird
His head goes wobble,wobble
He only knows one funny word

Try it at home!!

We visited Walmart on Thursday morning and our Big Bears were very happy and able to recognize, some fruits and veggies but their eyes really popped out when Ms. Maricusa showed them different types of fish and all the parts of an octopus! Thank you for coming to share these moments with us.

Next week we will be having a Thanksgiving celebration on Wednesday November 15th. We will be sharing food, being thankful and grateful.


Fruits, Veggies & Grains!

The Tigers learned all about going to the market this week. We started by going over fruits and vegetables, then proceeded to talk about grains such as pasta, oatmeal, cereal, porridge, beans, crackers, cake and bread!

The Terrific Tigers enjoyed our exploration activities this week, especially the ones that involved food. One day we brought a loaf of bread and a toaster. The kids were able to spread different flavors of jelly on the bread. We made food out of play dough to feed to our cookie monster as well practice our scissor cutting skills cutting different textured colored paper.

We also had a great time in art putting together a watermelon and painting some pasta.

We are now getting into Thanksgiving and showing the kids how to share and take turns. So next week we look forward to doing a lot with Pilgrims, Indians, and turkeys as well as having our Thanksgiving celebration on Wednesday!

Foodie Turtles

Tiny Turtles had a lot of fun learning about this week’s topics: everything about food!

In creativity class, our tiny turtles made a watermelon using a plate and using green paint, then for the first time they experienced gluing pink paper and black finger print for the seeds. Also they made a corn, for this Turtles colored with yellow crayon the shape of the corn, then they pasted “Cheerios” pretending to be the kernels, and at the same time they tasted the cereal reviewing one of the topics of the week.

Children are very interested in experiencing new things.

In exploration time kiddos loved to play with plastic fruits, veggies, grains and protein. They pretended to go to the market, toy cash register, a great activity to make a review of this month’s topics. Also they tasted tortilla, crackers and cereal.

In physical development kids enjoyed practicing the songs for the Christmas Program, they are getting into it more every day. Today they were super happy and had a blast on the obstacle course we made with mats.



Hello November!

We have started our 11th month of the year! November arrived and our Terrific Tigers transitioned from Halloween topics to our Food theme! They have been very interested in learning about different kids of food. Vocabulary words include: apple, banana, orange, lemon, milk, butter, cheese, yogurt, eggs, carrot, onion, potatoes, tomatoes, hamburger, lettuce, celery, broccoli, zucchini, chicken soup, strawberries, blueberries, watermelon, peaches, grapes, and fruit salad!

In our exploration activities we have been seeing, feeling, smelling and even tasting some of the foods mentioned above! Our students were able to see the difference between real food and “play food”. It is interesting to see how some of them love to eat fruits and some of them prefer the stronger  flavors, such as cheese. Most of them were able to recognize by name  what most of these fruits and vegetables were by the end of the week.

Creativity Class has been so much fun for them! They also worked with real food and made interesting creations such as citrus prints with lemon where they got the opportunity to touch, smell and taste lemons prior to using them as a painting tool. The milk explosion experiment was so much fun for them, too. Placing food coloring drops into milk and adding a drop or two of liquid detergent was very interesting for them to see how the color moved all by itself!  Finally, they had a lot of fun making pretend food from play dough and feeding it to our cookie monster toy figure!

Books read this week related to the food theme included “Baby Bop´s Food”, “Let´s Eat”! “Who Took the Cookies from the Cookie Jar?”, and “My Day”.

Our Halloween parade was a huge success too! Our kids had so much fun in their costumes and sharing candy with each other made for a great sharing activity as well!

Next week we will continue talking about other kinds of food, such as pastas, bread, proteins and grains!

Fruits and Veggies

Welcome November! A month that brings us the opportunity to share with our loved ones, and to remind all the good things that we have in our lives. We have so much to be thankful for!

Our Tiny Turtles are starting the month with a lot of excitement! November’s theme is the harvest, so in this first week we covered fun themes like fruits, dairy and vegetables. During exploration time, kiddos loved to play with plastic fruits, veggies, grains and protein. Also with fruit and vegetable puzzles. Turtles are starting to repeat the name of some fruits and identify them, too.

One of their favorite subjects is creativity class, and this week was full with great projects such as a “lemon stamping” made with different sizes of lemons and limes. On Thursday they enjoyed the “milk explosion” using milk, soap dishes and food coloring. They like to observe how the colors mix.

In physical development, kids enjoyed listening the new songs like “I like to eat apple and bananas” and they love to dance as well. On Thursday they were super happy and had a blast on the obstacle course we made with mats.

Our topics for next week will be: Pasta- spaghetti-oatmeal-porridge-peas-beans/ Tortillas-rice-crackers-cake-bread-peanuts/ Review fruits and vegetables/ Review proteins and grains/ Review all food

Have a nice weekend!

Miss Nadia, Mariana and Martha


Fruits & Vegetables Everywhere!

The month of November is here!..

This week, we started with a new and fun topic for the Busy Bees to learn: about fruits like apple, banana, orange, and lemon. After that we talked about vegetables such as carrot, broccoli, onion, potatoes, tomatoes and green peas. Finally dairy was introduced to them such as milk, butter, cheese, yogurt and eggs. During class they have had the opportunity to feel, touch, smell and sometimes taste thesse different foods.

In creativity, we have worked on our fine motor skills by making citrus stamping using paint, lemons and oranges. We also created a color changing milk science experiment. They really enjoyed it!

During story time everyone was very focused. We read books like “Elmo´s World Of Food”, “Who Will Help” and “Too Much Junk Food!”. For the stories, we used different puppets and toys, which they loved to play with, once we finish reading it.

Finally, for physical development we rolled on the cushions and danced to songs like, “Hot Potato” and “Apples and Bananas”.

It has been a week full of new dynamic and experiential learning activities.

Miss Dany and Miss Roby