Easter Parade Party!

Our Terrific Tigers had such a fun time getting ready for our  Easter Parade!  We painted eggshells together, put confetti inside them and pasted paper covers. They were also quite busy making the decorations you saw all around the park. They simply love to see their own work being used to decorate the place! It made the whole park look so pretty!



The  Parade was a great success! The kids enjoyed getting together and participating in our planned activities, such as bunny face painting, sifting the eggs out of the water, stuffing carrots and butterflies with marshmallows, and swatting balloons.  After these activities they participated in the traditional parade,  going around the park in their cars, scooters or tricycles. We were impressed to see all of the creativity used into decorating such vehicles! The egg hunt was  the main attraction for our little ones and they were having so much fun looking for the egg shells and collecting them in their baskets or bags. Of course, breaking the egg shells on each others´ head was the highlight of the morning! We all got our head full of confetti! It was so nice to see that all of our students were able to attend and were happy to see all of the moms and some dads, as well!  We thank you so much for your support!

During the days before the Easter parade took place, we were getting ready for such event, such as explaining to them what would happen on this day, and we even decorated a tricycle together, using colored paper and balloons, and explained to them that they would use something like that on the party. Most of them were able to tell us how their car was decorated!  We talked about wind and kites and the kids had the opportunity to feel the air from a hair dryer and see a real kite. We explained to them that a kite needs lots of wind in order to be able to fly!

When we come back from our Easter Holidays, on Monday, April 24th, we will be talking about the pets! Vocabulary words about pets will include, dog, puppies, cat, kittens, hamster, guinea pig, birds, fish, turtle, rabbit, frogs.

We hope you have a wonderful holiday season together with your family and enjoy these special moments with them. We will be looking forward in seeing your little ones back in April. Have a great time!

Easter is on its Way!

Our Terrific Tigers have enjoyed this week very much, since they simply love this special season. Lots of colors have been used during their morning here at Toddler Tree, since they have been busy making Easter decorations during Creativity Class for our next week´s Easter Parade Party at the park!

They worked on their fine motor skills using ribbon to weave different types of baskets, while reviewing colors. We decorated our easter party “Egg invitations” as well as worked on their easter bunny bags which they were vey excited to see come together! They will be the table decorations for our easter party next week!

Our topics this week included talking about the Easter Bunny, making baskets, coloring eggs, learning the verbs of hide, seek and find and role playing being the Easter Bunny hiding the eggs!

During Physical Educations they have enjoyed dancing to the song “Bunny Hop” as well as other cute Easter Bunny songs, hoping, jumping and running!  Following directions while working out has been lots of fun for them too!

Stories read to them this week include Easter Bunny Saves the Day, Barney´s Easter Basket, The Big Bunny and the Easter Egg, Bunny´s Easter Hunt, Petter Cotton Tail´s Easter Egg Hunt, and Mr. Rabbit and the Lovely Present.

Next week will be our last week before having our Spring Break time. We will be talking about what a parade is, and reviewing concepts of Easter and Spring. Of course, we are looking forward in celebrating our Easter Parade Party next Wednesday, April 5th.

A friendly reminder that for our easter party on Wednesday it is important for them to take a basket or some kind of container to place the eggs they will find that morning!

We hope you have a wonderful weekend!