Getting ready for Easter

Big Bears are getting ready for our Easter Parade!

Thank you for bringing eggshells! Big Bears had a great time painting them. Next Monday they will fill them with confetti to have them ready for the party.

Big Bears had a lot of fun with different activities such as role playing Bunny Hop, weaving baskets,and playing hide and seek.

They also learned the following song:

“Easter Rabbit, Easter Rabbit,

Here he comes, here he comes,

Hiding easter eggs, hiding easter eggs,

Oh what fun, oh what fun!”

We have been getting ready for our Easter Picnic Party. It will take place on Wednesday April 5th at 10:00am in the Colonia Sierra Madre Park. Please help your child prepare a scooter, trike or bike with Easter decorations for the parade. However, in case of rain, the party will take place that day..

Don’t forget… next Monday April 3 , our CLASS PICTURE will be taken !!!

Have a nice weekend!

Ms. Caya and Miss Karen

Hello Easter!

What a fun week! The Tiny Turtles are looking forward for their Easter party and parade. We have been very excited preparing for the event.

During creativity, the turtles were hands on with the main activities. Using a hammer they had a lot of fun smashing egg shells. They then pasted the pieces on to an egg drawing on a paper. The next day, they painted it using a paint brush and mixing different paints to make Easter colors.

Another fun activity was when the kids made a bunny. They glued cotton balls onto a paper plate. The kids participated a lot and really enjoyed these activities, They were really into it!

During Exploration, we were “rehearsing” for the egg hunt by finding some plastic Easter eggs and placing them in baskets.

On Tuesday we used a real carrot as a stamp to paint a carrot. Students also played with plush bunnies, plastic eggs and baskets all week. They are now very familiar with all things Easter!

Today, during recess, the kids got to paint some egg shells using vinegar and food coloring. They used some strainers and dipped them in this solution.

During Physical Development, the kids especially enjoyed dancing to the “Bunny Hop” song. Now more and more of our Tiny Turtles are getting their feet off the ground when they hop.

We hope you enjoy your weekend and you have a super fun time with your little ones! Don´t forget to get their Easter cars ready!

Miss Mely, Nadia, Dany and Roby.

Easter Parade and Party 2017

Easter Parade and Party on Wednesday, April 5th @ Colonia Sierra Madre Park.

It has become a tradition at Toddler Tree to celebrate the coming of Spring and Easter with a special party. The event will begin at 10:00am with families arriving at the park. Decorated trikes, bikes or scooters will be organized by group at an indicated location. Here are some examples of how Toddler Tree families have decorated different vehicles using paper, balloons, flowers, plush toys and other decorations.

For mobile devices, use this link.

The kids can choose from a variety of activities the teachers have prepared and there will be time for an individual photo shoot with the Easter bunny, too. When everyone has arrived, Toddler Tree staff will blow the whistle to start the Easter Parade. The kids will ride through the park on the sidewalk path in their decorated vehicles. Everybody will share a snack after that. We have been preparing confetti stuffed eggshells for the Easter Egg Hunt that will take place after the snack. We look forward to seeing you there!

10:00 am Arrival & photo session with Easter Bunny

10:30 am Parade of decorated scooters trikes, cars or bikes (please assist your child in preparing it at home

10:45 am Snack (provided by Easter room mothers).

11:00 am Egg Hunt (keep in mind your child needs a bag or basket for this activity)

In case of inclement weather, the party will go on. We recommend wearing comfortable clothing.

All about Planting!

This week our Terrific Tigers started a new topic: we focused mainly on “Planting”. We talked about how to put seeds in the soil, and how the plants need  sunlight, water, and air to grow. They learned that they can plant flowers, trees and a variety of plants, as well. They were able to see real products that came from planting, such as onions, cucumbers, lettuce, broccoli, and apples. After looking at pictures of these products, they felt, and smelled them.

We finished this week talking about food products that come from the farm: milk, eggs and butter! They even got a chance to make banana bread using those three ingredients! Definitely an activity they enjoyed making and eating!

During Creativity Class we worked on our easter party decorations!  It involved a lot of painting and glitter!

Physical Education Class has been lots of fun dancing to different kinds of music related to these themes as well as practicing our dances for our end of the year festival!

Stories read this week include: The Seed Song Book, Good Morning Sun, In my Garden, The Icky Bug, The Very Busy Bee.

Next week we will being to talk about Easter!

We are happy to say that our students have been doing really well in their potty training process! As soon as you think your child is ready, please let us know and we will be happy to help out during their time in the morning with us! It is such a pleasure to see them learn so many things!

We hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Bye, Bye, Farm… Hello, Easter!

This was the last week covering farm animals! The Tiny Turtles made the most of it, enjoying all sorts of activities about the farm and the animals that live there. Next week we will be covering Easter. There will be many fun activities involving bunnies and Easter Eggs.

This week, during exploration, the turtles enjoyed playing and working on farm puzzles. They had lots of fun! The kids learned all about planting and growing crops. We even planted some beans and are watching them closey as they grow.

We also introduced new vocabulary such as bread, butter and sugar. On Wednesday, during exploration we made toast and the Tiny Turtles were able to spread butter on their toast, and best of all, they got to taste it!

During creativity, the children finished their farm project. They also started a new project where they made some carrot stamps with real carrots. Over the carrot stamp, we used some rollers covered with bubble wrap to paint over the carrots and simulate the ground they are growing in.

Have a nice weekend!

Miss Mely, Nadia, Dany and Roby



Learning about the Farm!

This week we have been talking this week about The Farm!  We  have seen new vocabulary words such as farmer, crops, animals, barn, fence, pond, hay, field,  We also talked about farm food and how the farmers plant & grow food we eat, such as corn and beans. They have understood that  farm animals give us food as well, such as milk, eggs and butter from the milk! We focused this week on talking about cows and horses.

During Exploration Time they have been really interested in manipulating barn & farm objects, such as , toy animals, and everything related to this theme.  In Creativity Class they started working on their own barn, using a brown paper bag, and painting it with red crayon and they red color. Physical Development Class has also been lots of fun for them since the music has been related to the farm and they have enjoyed “riding” on horses, listening to fun music.  They even wore cowboys hats as well!

Story Time has also been interesting for them with stories related to this theme. Books read this week include: At the Farm; The Big Red Barn; The Little Red Hen; The Farmer in the Dell; & Farmer Grover.

Next week we will continue talking about The Farm and will focus more on talking about farm foods and how plants grow!

A friendly reminder that this week we will have our annual pictures taken on Thursday and Friday!


March week 2/3

We started introducing this spring season: rain, rainbow, sun, clouds, umbrellas and boots. We made important observations like how clouds change their color and shape with the weather, and how we dress different depending on the weather.

This week we talked and learned about farm animals: their habitat, food that some may provide us with and the different sounds each one makes. Our Big Bears found that the rooster is the one who crows each morning, waking all the farm friends. They also learned the different animal families and their specific members as each one has a specific name.


Rainbow purple, rainbow blue
Rainbow green, yellow too
Rainbow orange, rainbow red
Rainbow smiling overhead.

Big Bears had a great time celebrating St.Patricks Day . Leprechauns came to our classroom and made a mess!!!! But they were very nice to Big Bears because they left some treats. We had lots of fun !!!!

Have a wonderful long weekend !

Ms.Caya and Miss Karen

Introducing Spring Season!

One of the highlights of this week was welcoming into our class room Antonella Vargas! The kids were very excited to have a new friend join their classroom! They are all getting along marvelously!

During creativity our tigers were really excited about planting their seeds! They were able to put beans in cotton and adding water and watch the evolution of this seed turn into a plant. They have learned that taking care of a plant needs to have water, air and sunlight. During Creativity Class they also made an umbrella using coffee filters they painted with markers and then used water to spread out the colors!

Story time has also been related using books on our new themes. Books read this week include: Spring is Here! Rain, The Seed Song, Good Morning Sun, Under the Sky, and What Makes a Rainbow?

Next week we will be talking about farm animals and have a lot of fun activities planned out for our tigers!

We hope you enjoy your weekend and spend nice family time together!

Old MacDonald

This was the last week with our Farm animals theme! Tiny turtles made the most of it, enjoying all sorts of activities about the farm and animals that live in it. On Tuesday we had special celebration, Camila´s birthday party! Everyone gathered around our patio to sing “Happy Birthday” and enjoyed an incredible Disney puppet show.

This week in exploration, Turtles enjoyed playing with plush animals, putting together farm puzzles and having lots of fun. Kids were super excited reviewing the “pigs” topic. We had an activity called “pigs in the mud” where they made a mixture of instant chocolate pudding to simulate “mud” and they were given a pink marshmallow and a plate with some of the mixture so they could pretend they were pigs playing in the mud.

In creativity time, children are continuing to make their farm project: hand prints im the shape of farm animals, including: cow, duck, horse, etc. Also on Friday we made a St. Patrick’s face using a fork and orange paint for the beard the kids really enjoyedok using paint.


Have a nice weekend!

Miss Mely, Nadia, Dany and Roby



Ee I Ee I Ohhh!

We celebrated Alex’s birthday! This little guy turned 2 today. His Mommy and Daddy brought sandwiches, chips and cupcakes to share with his friends. (Thank you!) Miss Cristy made a super special birthday crown for Alex, and she carried him to take him on a magic rocket ride! What a fun day!

This week we started with a new topic: The Farm. The Tiny Turtles are super excited with this topic. They love the farm animals and learning more about them every day.

In Exploration time we had a lot of fun playing with plastic and plush farm animals. The kids also enjoyed watching corn pop into popcorn.

During Physical Development, we introduced songs like “Grandpa’s Farm”, “Old McDonald”, “I know a chicken”, and “Cotton Eyed Joe.” We used shaky eggs and also the kids woe cowboy hats. They loved it!

In creativity we started our farm project. The kids are making a big farm using different materials. They’ve already used blue paint to make the sky. They glued some cotton on it to make clouds and also painted a circle for the sun. For the grass, the Tiny Turtles put pasta in a bag with green paint and squished it around to paint it.

The kids also made a red barn made of a box of cereal. They used paint and a brush to paint the barn. We will be finishing up the farm next week.

We hope you like it!

Have a nice weekend!


Miss Mely, Nadia, Dany and Roby