Christmas Is Almost Here

This week was a joyous one, as the Tiny Turtles got to perform on stage for the first time. They were wonderful! Congratulations to all!

Most of this week´s topics were all about Christmas.

During exploration, the kids got to feel some bags full of gel and Christmas items. They reviewed Christmas Tree, Star, Angel, and ornaments. They also got to explore and look at many different ornaments for the tree.

In Creativity, the Tiny Turtles mostly worked on the Christmas trees they made for Mom and Dad. They stuffed the paper into the wood and also glued the sparkly ornaments. We hoped you like how they turned out!

Today was a special day, as the kids got to send their balloons to the North Pole. They were all awed by how their balloons flew up, up into the sky. We hope Santa is able to get them something for Christmas.

Now we only have two more days of school and we are going to be even more into Christmas. Review Santa, Reindeer, Rudolph, and presents. We hope you have a wonderful Holiday season and want to remind you class will resume on January 5th.


December Week 3

Wow! This year 2016 is almost over!

Thank you very much for your attendance at the Frozen Winter Festival show. Big Bears were very excited and happy to show you their best!

This week was full of fun! We reviewed Christmas vocabulary, songs, and poems!. They are anxious for Santa Claus to bring their toys!

Have a wonderful time with you family during this Christmas Break. Although we really are going to miss Big Bears. We hope you enjoy these days with them.

Remember we will see you back on, January 5th, 2017.

Wishing you the best for the New Year to come! Thank you so much for the gifts!

Ms. Caya & Miss Karen

Wishing your a Wonderful Christmas Time!

Our main topics this week were focused on Christmas and all of the magic this special holiday brings. Vocabulary words that we reviewed this week were:  wreath, train, chimney, fireplace, stockings, cookies, candy cane, and candy.

During Creativity Class we focused on finishing the Christmas gift that our Terrific Tigers made especially for you. They had been working on this project for several days since they painted it and had to wait for it to dry in order to continue with the next part. They were very happy making it, since they knew they were going to give it to you! They were also excited about making their own Christmas wreaths and trees!

Another highlight of this week was our Christmas program on Tuesday. After weeks and weeks of practice, it is always a joy to see how our kids prepare themselves for this special event. Having this special family time with your kids after the performance is always very special for them! It was an honor to have you as our guests

During physical development we danced to many holiday tunes including “Rudolph the red nosed reindeer” and “Up on the Housetop.”  We also used bells to dance to “Jingle Bells.”

Several books were read to them during Story Time and they loved watching all the pictures of the vocabulary words we have been talking about: Santa, Christmas Tree, ornaments, Rudolph the red nosed reindeer, elves, Santa´s workshop, among others.

It has been such a joy to work with your children this semester. Each and every one of our students is special in different ways. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to teach them and watch them grow.

We look forward to seeing them back in January to continue on this beautiful journey. On behalf of all the staff at Toddler Tree, we want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New year!

December week 2

Today, Friday Big Bears were able to send their wishes on Magical Balloons that were sent to Santa’s workshop !
Big Bears are working on gifts for the family. They don`t need much help and seem very involved in the creative process. We have one more week full of fun, excitement and new developments.

We learned this ryhyme:
Two little bells on the Christmas tree
ringing for you and me
One rings high, one rings low
One rings fast, one rings slow
Two little bells on the christmas tree ringing for you and me.

Have a great weekend!!
Ms. Caya & Miss Karen

Preparing for our Frozen Winter Festival!

We have been talking about Christmas and everything related to this very special season! Vocabulary words that we have been reviewing include gifts, giving, toys, elves, candy cane, stockings, Christmas tree, Christmas ornaments,Santa´s workshop, sleigh, and train.

For each one of these vocabulary words we have been relating them in our classroom. During Creativity Class they were able to wrap some gifts while we explained that this is a season of giving and that Santa brings toys to the boys and girls who behave themselves! Most of them were able to tell us what they would like Santa to bring them: motorcycles, ipads, cars, swings,& dolls were some of the items mentioned…..

When we talked about elves, or Santa´s helpers, our Terrific Tigers got dressed up as elves and they were happy to pretend to be one of them! They enjoyed “helping” Santa prepare all the toys!  We got to see a little part of the wonderful movie:”Frozen” which is a beautiful movie related to this Christmas time!

During Creativity Class they have been busy working on our Christmas gifts for mom and dad, a lovely “Frosty the Snowman”!

Physical Development has been all about practicing and rehearsing for this special presentation we will have on Tuesday.They are excited about presenting for you and have been dancing and dancing!

Stories that have been read to them this week include titles, such as Spot´s First Christmas, Merry Christmas Mom and Dad, Mickey Mouse Santa´s Helper, Santa´s sleigh, My Santa Claus, Little Critter Christmas Book, Ho, Ho, Ho, Wee Mouse,&Christmas Day.

We are looking forward in having our Christmas Festival on Tuesday, December 13th at Candy Gum . (Plaza San Pedro) Our little ones have been practing very much and will be so happy to be able to perform for you!

Hello December!

This week the Tiny Turtles did great in class! They seem to be enjoying the daily routine more and more every day. We introduced all things Christmas this week and had many fun activities.

In art we started our Santa project. We painted a paper plate and we are using marshmallows to create Santa`s beard. The kids also painted green as they worked on making Christmas Trees.

During story time, the kids really enjoyed the “Santa`s Helpers” book. We also went over letter sounds and the ABC`s just about every day.

One of the Tiny Turtles` favorite activities of the week was during exploration: the kids had a blast making and playing with fake snow. We used baking soda and hair conditioner to make the substance and the kids got to feel the texture and the cool temperature of the snow.

Finally, on Friday, we had Santa Claus visit Toddler Tree. The Tiny Turtles smiled big to take their pictures. We are excited to see how they turned out.

Next week we will be preparing for our Frozen Show that will take place on December, 13th. We will be practicing a lot and hope the kids are happy to get on stage and do their dances!