Thanksgiving Celebration!

We had a very special and amazing past week!  Our main focus was on explaining to our Terrific Tigers all about the meaning of Thanksgiving, and why it is important. They really enjoyed role-playing being the Indians and Pilgrims. They learned that the Indians taught many interesting things to the Pilgrims, and, the special word related to them was that they shared their things with their new friends! This is one of our objectives this year with our Tigers: to have them share politely with each other!

They have been listening to interesting music related to this special celebration, such as Indian dances, and  songs that talk about sharing. They have been working during Creativity Class in making Indian headdresses and turkeys, too!  Books read to them include: “The First Thanksgiving Day”, “Tommy Turkey´s Wonderful Thanksgiving”, and “Courdurory´s Thanksgiving Day”.

The highlight of this week was on Friday, since we had the opportunity to celebrate a Thanksgiving event with our little ones. Our celebration was set up outside in the gym and the children got a chance to visit this special feast, looking at all the yummy food prepared for them, which included: turkey, gravy, corn, mashed potatoes, yams, cranberries and pumpkin pie!. We took several cute pictures there with them. After this special activity, they were able to eat this food in all together with the other classrooms in the patio and then play in garden all together as well! Mr. Mike and Mrs. Maricuza even came outside and ate with us too! Everyone’s favorites were the corn and the cranberries! To finish our fun day, we had several games outside such as going fishing, placing the feather on the turkey and using musical instruments to play Indian music.

As you can see, we all had a great time!  Next week we will have out Thanksgiving break but coming back on November 28 we will start with our final month of the year…. December! We will begin to practice our Christmas program, which is scheduled to be December the 13th! We hope you have a wonderful weeklong holiday and can take some time and be thankful for all the blessings you each have in your family! We are looking forward in welcoming your beautiful children back in a week!

November Week 3

Big Bears now understand what sharing and giving means. They all have been practicing how to share with their classmates and are very enthusiastic about being thankful, too.

This week was full of excitement and experiences. As we learned our objectives, Big Bears made different projects such as Indian headdresses and handprints.
Big Bears had a blast celebrating Thanksgiving Day. They had a view of the buffet table and shared delicious dishes. All these meals were provided by our dearest Toddler Tree moms.

They learned a rhyme, “Gobble, Gobble” and sang, dance “ Ten Little Indians”. Try it at home!!

Next week there will be no classes due to the Mexican Revolution and Thanksgiving Holiday.

Classes will resume on Monday, November 28.

Please make sure all of your child’s sweaters and jackets are labeled to avoid mix-ups.

Enjoy your child these days and get ready for our winter program.

Take care and have a great week!

Ms. Caya & Miss Karen

Tasty Food

This week was so delicious! All our topics were about different kinds of food. The Tiny Turtles got to explore different sights and smells, such as pasta. They really enjoyed singing songs about fruit salad and spaghetti.

During Creativity time, the kids had a blast painting with pasta. They also enjoyed learning that a slice of bread is in the shape of a square. They got to spread some chocolate of bread and, of course, their favorite part was to try the bread.

In Physical Development, we danced to songs such as “Jump in my Soup,” “Victor Vito,” and the children´s favorite, “The Scarecrow.”

The Tiny Turtles seem excited to learn more about Thanksgiving. We have also been teaching them about the Thanksgiving meal, and what all makes it up. Turkey, corn, carrots, yams, pumpkin pie, etc.

We look forward to next week´s Thanksgiving Party, where the kids will actually get to see and taste a real Thanksgiving Feast.

November Week 2

We had the opportunity to experience what different fruits taste like. Lemon tastes sour while an orange tastes sweet. Now the Big Bears had a chance to try something salty. They were able to see a picture of a tongue showing what part detects each taste.

Sour Sour

Salty Salty


They also the opportunity to try salty crackers as well as tortilla chips with corn and beans. They had a blast! We made different shapes with peanut butter and bread, too. Here are some pictures of this week´s activities.


Just like that!

Turkey Turkey

Big and Fat

I´m going to eat you!

Just like that!

Miss Caya and Miss Karen

Fruits and Veggies… Food and Fall

This week the Tiny Turtles started learning about fruits and vegetables. You might hear some of your little ones saying apple or banana, and that´s probably because they learned the classic song “Apples and Bananas.”

During our exploration time, the Tiny Turtles were exposed to different toy fruits and vegetables. They played with the fake veggies, and even played in the kitchen pretending to “chop” some food.

During Teacher time, we handed out different foamy fruits and the kids were able to group them with a picture of the fruit or vegetable.

In Physical Development, the kids had a lot of fun dancing to songs like “Jump in the Soup,” “Fruit Salad,” and “Victor Vito.” They also had a blast playing “Hot Potato.”

On Friday, we also pulled out the cushions for the kids to climb. They really liked crawling through the tunnel and climbing up the stairs. They love playing in there and it helps a lot in their gross motor skills!

We´re really going to get more and more into food next week, so we hope your kids are “hungry” to learn. Also, we are very excited to soon be celebrating Thanksgiving, but for now, we are thankful to have your little ones in our class.



November Week 1

We are learning the different types of fruits and veggies and how they should be incorporated in our nutrition. Our students had a chance to tell us which one was their favorite describing their shape and color. They had the opportunity to smell several vegetables.

Next week they will learn about proteins and grains, too. We will experience using the sense of touch so we can feel the shapes and textures. We will also begin presenting what Thanksgiving means: sharing, being grateful, and thankful. They will start learning a new rhyme called “Turkey, Turkey”

“Turkey, Turkey”

A turkey is a funny bird

His head goes wobble, wobble

He only knows one word:

Gobble, gobble, gobble

Have a great weekend!

Ms. Caya & Miss Karen

Halloween Week!

This week was such a fun experience for the Terrific Tigers! They really enjoyed dancing to all the Halloween songs like “The Scarecrow”, “Dem Bones”, “Happy Halloween”, ” Witch Doctor”,  and “Witches `Brew.”  During Physical Education they danced and used hula hoops, pon-poms, tamborines, and even dressed up in different costumes!

Our students also had a blast working on a spider web and pumpkin in Creativity Class.

Mr. Mike´s Circle Time was a favorite this week, as usual. The kids enjoyed dancing and role playing as goblins, ghosts, and spiders. They also love getting spooked!

Stories read to them this week included Pumpkin Faces, It´s Pumpkin Time, Halloween Treats, What is Halloween?, Who’s there on Halloween, and The Biggest Pumpkin Surprise Ever. They really enjoyed listening to these Halloween stories.

We practiced walking slowly and carefully for our parade on Thursday  and they were really excited about this important event.  Most of them were able to let us know what costume they would wear for this special day at school!

Finally, we had our Despicable Halloween Parade and Party on Wednesday.  It was wonderful to see all the kids dressed up and sharing candy with each other. The candy give-away made for a great sharing exercise.

It was very nice to see all the parents who were able to make it to the costume parade.  We even saw some of our students´ grandparents, too! All the kids were excited, and were able to walk through the “haunted house” and get some great pictures.

We want to give a special thanks to the parents who helped out with food and beverages this year. Also, a big thank you to ALL of you parents who dressed their child up for the party. Great job! Your kids all looked adorable! (more than usual).

Our Mystery Bag activity continues to be such an excitement for our kids and we really appreciate your helping your child in bringing something special from home when it is her/his turn!

November is almost here and we are ready to learn more about sharing and caring, about food, and of course, about being appreciative and giving thanks.

Once the weather changes and your kids start bringing sweaters to school, it is very important for them to have their names on them so they will not get misplaced at the end of the day.

We hope you have a fun and wonderful weekend, and are looking forward to welcoming your little ones to school again on Monday!

Halloween is near!

Our Terrific Tigers are in full Halloween swing! They have been excited learning about Halloween vocabulary words and making nice and fun activities. We started this week with a big stir of Witches’ brew, singing a song and pretending to stir the brew. They love to role-play!

Halloween vocabulary words include cat, witch, ghost, goblin, spider, haunted house, costumes and make-up.

We had lots of fun activities during our Exploration Time: we mixed food coloring in water containers and pretended to be mixing the witch´s brew.  Our little ones were delighted to make a witch´s hat using a Doradita cookie and covering an ice cream cone with chocolate frosting, adding sprinkles and finally, the final touch, gummy worms! Another one of their favorite activities was making the spider, using Oreo cookies, pretzel sticks and Nutella! Finally, some of our students offered to dress up using several costumes that were brought to them and acting out getting ready for Halloween.

Creativity Class is one of their favorites and this week they were quite busy: they made a spider monster, painting a paper plate yellow and blue making green, adding many, many eyes, a mouth and spider legs. They also made a witch using their hands prints to make the witches green body, their finders to paint the hair and decorated it with a hat some stamps and stickers!

Physical Education included lots of Halloween music for them to move, like The Witch Doctor, The Adam´s Family Song, I´m a Witch, Go Away! Song, using colored fabrics, hula-hoops, balls, maracas and shakers!

Story time was interesting for them since they were able to relate to these words learned during the week. Books such as  Mrs. Broom, The Teeny Tiny Ghost, Spiders, Spiders, everywhere, The Most Haunted House, & Halloween were read to them.

Our leaders for this week enjoyed bringing something from home to show and share with their classmates.

We are really looking forward in having our Cat Walk Parade next week. Please have your child come to school on Wednesday, the 26th with a costume.


Witches, Ghosts and Goblins

We´ve come to the end of our 11th week and we´re so proud of all the achievements our Tiny Turtles have made!! Now, they´re into our daily routine. We are seeing an awesome development in the activities we plan for them!

This Spooky Week was all about introducing Halloween. We had a great time role playing as Ghosts, Witches and Monsters. Their favorite part was making scary sounds and tricking their friends.

During Exploration, the Tiny Turtles looked at different sized pumpkins, and tried on different Halloween costumes! Our favorite activity was making Witch´s Brew! The kids were exposed to a bit of science as they watched all the ingredients react, making a bubbling explosion.

In Creativity, we´re working on a Spooky Mobile! We made Jack-o-Lanterns with coffee filters. We also made ghost foot prints, which, by the way, we would like to to congratulate our kids for letting us paint their feet! They loved the tickling sensation when the brush touched their toes! We love doing these funny and sometimes messy activities! The kids enjoy the experience so much, and the activities help spark their senses!

During Story Time, we jumped into Halloween Stories such as “Jack-o-Lantern”, “Who´s there on Halloween”, “Mrs. Broom”, “Five Little Pumpkins”, and “The Eensy-Weensy Spider.”

After Story Time, we went to Miss Mely´s Physical Development class where the Tiny Turtles got to do the “Skeleton Dance” and their favorite so far, “Dingle Dangle Scarecrow.”

Our halloween Party is coming up next week, so we better get those costumes ready!

We suggest doing some activities at home, like a Costume Set Up (face paint, hats, scarves, glasees, even their Halloween costume) so the kids get used to the process.

Finally, we want to leave you with this awesome link we found! Our Tiny Turtles had a great time while doing activities involving food, so here is a posible activity you can do at home and enjoy quality family time making scary snacks!

Just a few fun recipes here for Halloween – all of them child-friendly and lots of fun to make and eat!