Rainbow of Colors

This week the Tiny Turtles focused on a world of colors. They also learned about hot and cold and wind.

In exploration time, the kids got to play with paint baloons. They are small balloons full o paint that they can squeeze. During Teacher Time, we went over the Barney´s Rainbow of Colors every day.

While in Physical development the kids enjoyed dancing to some Halloween songs as well as Kidz Pop version of “Hot and Cold.” The kids also enjoyed using a large parachute they shook up and down and they felt the wind blow on their faces.

During Creativity, the Tiny Turtles had fun making a Fruit Loop Rainbow.

In Story Time, they really liked listening to the Itsy Bitsy Spider story, as well as listening to fun Halloween Sounds.

We´re looking forward to this coming week where we will be full on Halloween.

Start getting your costumes ready!

October Week 2

We hope you enjoyed listening to the Big Bears singing Columbus, Columbus! They were very excited and we are glad they are improving their comprehension and fluency, overall building up their confidence and self-esteem.

Big Bears experienced in Science how hot air can melt an ice cube by using a hair dryer, learning how a solid can become a liquid.

They are more aware of the different seasons and the main colors of Fall, too. Big Bears practiced this Fall rhyme:

” See the Leaves

falling down

to the ground

without a sound!”

They were able to identify red with hot using warm red finger paint, dipping their finger and drawing different shapes while the blue represented cold using frozen blue paint to paint with. Big Bears were astonished when Mr.Mike made a campfire and blowing the fire out.

Big Bears love to go with Ms. Mely. They have fun doing different activities, games and movements using several instruments or props.

Have a great weekend!

Ms. Caya & karen

Seasons and Fall-ing Leaves!


As the leaves start turning brown and falling to the ground this season, the Terrific Tigers got to experience the changes in weather at Toddler Tree.

Our themes this week were: Air: hot and cold. Water: soft and hard (ice). Sand (sift to find treasures). Fire: blow out candles. Seasons: winter, spring, summer, & fall. Fall: trees and leaves with the different colors (red, orange, yellow  and brown). Sorting: by shape and color, and recognizing how many, same and different.

The week began with fun activities to teach the kids the difference between hot and cold. Some of the highlights were during  our time in Exploration, where we melted crayons with hot air from a hair dryer and they were able to feel the hot air comming out!  They also really liked being able to touch and feel different colored ice in their hands and say : It is cold!  The kids also enjoyed working with sand to find  hidden treasures They were given a chance to “catch” falling leaves and sort them by size and color.  Finally, they were able to create “Fall” colors, using coffee filters and washable markes, (red, organge, yelllow, brown)  having them draw over the filters and then spraying water on it and watching the colors blend together.

In Physical Education they have started listening to Halloween music, and working with the parachute, tambourines, hula hoops, and balls.  Their favorite was the skeleton dance!

Story Time was all about Halloween! Books such as Trick or Treat, Dora, Trick or Treat, Little Critter, Peekaboo Halloween, Spooky Night, and Five Little Monsters were read to them.

Cooperative play is getting easier and easier as the weeks pass by! They are able to take turns and share most of the time. Activities done this week include Straws into containers by pairs, sorting different colored coins in to containers as a group, building towers with Lego blocks, threading big wooden pieces into strings, and pon-pons…

Thank you for helping out with our special leader activity: the Mystery Bag! They enjoy this part of the morning so much and they feel super special to get to show their classmates what they brought.

We are getting ready for Halloween and our up coming parade. You will get details further on. Please keep in mind that your child will need to use some kind of a costume for this special day!

We hope you have a nice and relaxing weekend with your little ones! See you next week!


Shapes, Lines & Colors!

This week our Terrific Tigers began working on the different shapes they see every day in their classroom. They are now very familiarized with circles, triangles, squares, rectangles, ovals, diamonds, stars & hearts. It is amazing to watch them identify the shape onto the big poster of shapes and place them in the correct place!

During Exploration Time our Tigers had lots of fun! We did some sponge painting using the sponges previously cut out in circles to make a caterpillar. They had to dip the circle-shaped sponges into the paint and press down on a white sheet of paper!  They also enjoyed unwrapping different shapes. They had a big selection of shapes we worked on by sorting them by their color and figure. They had to place the same kind of shapes together. One of their favorites was working with food coloring and water. In order to reinforce the concept of colors, we had small containers of water and our students placed several drops of food coloring and they actually saw how the color of the water changed right before them! After this, they placed some mini marshmallows into these mixtures and after a few minutes, took the marshmallow out and they were able to see how the marshmallows turned from white to a different color, such as red, yellow, green and blue! Finally, they were able to “taste the shapes” since they were provided with snacks in the forms of the shapes: grapes for ovals, cookies for circles, crackers for rectangles, pieces of cheeese for triangles, and pieces of apple for squares. They also enjoyed making and eating pizzas to reinforce the circle and triangle shape!

Physical Education Class was full of interesting music on shapes and they started to listen to music related to Halloween,,,,their favorite was the skeleton dance!

We have started reading books related to Halloween themes, and they seem to enjoy it very much! Some of them are able to tell us what costumes they will use for Halloween this year! Books such as Clifford´s First Halloween, Happy Halloween Biscuit, What is Halloween?. Halloween Treats, Halloween Jack, and Five Little Monsters were read to them during this week.

Next week we will be talking about hot and cold water (ice) air, sifting sand, blowing out the candles, seasons, talking about the actual season (fall) and the leaves we can find (green, orange, yellow and brown.) Finally, we will see how sorting is done (by shape and color) and review words such as how many, same and different.

We hope you have an amazing weekend!

Miss. Sofi and Mrs. Martha


Shapes and Colors

This week we focused on teaching the kids all about shapes and colors. The kids are now able to identify some of the shapes, and during teacher time they can locate different shapes around the classroom.

During creativity, the Tiny Turtles worked on a fun flower garden. They made the grass with triangles, the flowers with rectangles and ovals, and a circle for the sun. They also worked with glue and glitter.

We danced to several shape songs you can find on YouTube, and also found shapes around the classroom with the song “Triangle, Circle, and Square.”

During Physical Development we walked in circles, triangles, and squares. We also introduced several Halloween songs like “Dingle Dangle Scarecrow” and “The Skeleton Dance.”

For the last activity of the week, the kids had a blast making pizza. This was to remember that pizza is round like a circle, and is cut into triangular slices. We also put pepperoni slices on it, which also taught them to identify circles. They had a lot of fun, and really enjoyed eating the pizza!

We`re looking forward to next week´s fun topics such as “hot and cold” and “falling leaves.”

We also want to remind you the Despicable Halloween Party is just around the corner. Don´t forget it´s October 26th!

October Week 1

This week we had the opportunity to learn about shapes using different materials. Big Bears learned that a circle is round and it has no corners. A triangle has three straight sides an a square has four sides and corners. They realized that any of these shapes can be found around us such as circle (clock), triangle (pizzas) and squares on picture frames etc.

We are learning a new song “Columbus, Columbus” where each one take turns and in front of their peers to recite it. You should have seen their faces as they were singing it! The song goes like this:
“Columbus, Columbus
He sailed across the sea
And landed in America in 1492
La Niña, La Pinta y La Santa Maria!”

Big Bears had a great time practicing being chefs and baking pizzas. The best part enjoyed was eating pizza.

Finally, please send different color and types of leaves. You might look in your own garden or at the park. We want them to know the main colors of Fall/Autumn besides the rest of the seasons.

Have a great weekend!

Ms. Caya and Miss Karen