Summer Fun!

What a busy week we had at Toddler Tree! During this week we talked about summer fun activities. Our vocabulary words included: riding fun: trike, bike, skates and scooter; traveling: suitcase, car, airplane, ship. We reviewed talking about the beach and having fun at the beach.

On Wednesday, June 8th, three of our students graduated from Toddler Tree. Gabriel, Federico and Andrés will be moving on to a bigger school and they had their special ceremony together with the Big Bears class. We are so proud of them!

Another of our wonderful activities was our It’s a Zoo! festival on Friday. Having presented our dances, costumes,  & the set we painted was lots of fun. We had been practicing for a long time, and the special day finally arrived! Our Tigers were very happy and excited knowing that you would come and watch them perform. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! Our students love to perform for their families!

Our books read this week included: Dora Goes for a Ride, Elmo & Friends, The Backyardigan´s Time for a Snack, Daisy´s Nature Hunt, Row your Boat, Elmo & Friends, and Where are You?

We had  fun talking about our topics this week and our students got to ride a tricycle during Circle Time and they saw some of the main items that are taken in a suitcase when we travel.

Our proud leaders this week were Gabriel, Lilia María, Eduardo and Andrés.

Next week we will be talking about a fun topic: pets! If you have a pet you would like to share with us, please feel free to contact us and set a date and time for you to take him/her to school. Our students love to receive these special kind of visits!

We hope you have a great weekend. We are looking to seeing you on Monday!

Fun at the Beach!

This week was super interesting! Our Terrific Tigers observed our very full calendar of 31 numbers on Tuesday, the last day of May, and came to kinder on Wednesday with an empty calendar with just one number for the new month of June! They transitioned nicely from May to June and have started to understand that this school year is coming to an end…. We also transitioned from talking about sea creatures to now starting to talk about the beach.

Vocabulary words included this week were: summer, sun, sand, sea, fun at the beach, sunglasses, sunscreen, shovel, pail, castle, snorkeling, swimsuit, surfing. Most of them have been talking about previous experiences they have had on the beach and how they have liked playing with the sand! We have showed them posters of different activities we can do during summer, and have been showing them real objects used on the beach, such as beach balls, towels, sand, shells, sunglasses, and they even got to wear sunscreen! They liked to play with the shovel and pails as well.

During our Creativity Class our Terrific Tigers have been busy helping us out with the scenery that will be displayed in our upcoming end of the year program next week. They have used green paint and helped made a tree with its trunk and branches. Our students have also started using “bigger” training scissors, learning how to introduce their thumb and other fingers in to the opening of the scissors in order to use the “open-close” movements to cut.

Physical Education class has been all about rehearsing for the dances they will be presenting to you next Friday. They are really excited and already know their movements for that special day. They are well aware that their parents will be there taking pictures of them!  We hope they don´t get nervous!

Stories read this week are: Imagination Vacation, Time for a Snack, At the Beach with Dora, Dora Goes  for a Ride, Scavenger Hunt, Abby´s Sunny Days, Go, Diego, Go!, &  Swim, Boots, Swim!

Our special leader this week were Federico, Eva, David, Victor and Gabriel. Even though our school year is almost finished, they still get a kick out of showing their classmates what is in their surprise bag!

We would like to remind you our our It’s a Zoo! program coming up on Friday, June 10 at Candy Gum in Plaza San Pedro. Details are in the printed newsletter.

June Week 1

This week we introduced “summer fun and the beach” theme. Big Bears had a chance to talk about the vocabulary involved in activities they can do or clothing they’ll wear during summertime, such as snorkel gear, swimsuit, sunglasses, shovel, pail etc.

Please remember that next Wednesday June 8th will be the graduation at Toddler Tree. Children should arrive at 8:00am and the program will be from 8:30 to 9:00am. Don’t miss it!

We can still remember the first day of school as if it was yesterday. Time passes so fast… the last day of school is almost here!

We are so proud of our Big Bears because they have grown and are full of dreams, which we are sure they will pursue and achieve successfully.

All this school year, as teachers, we had this main goal in our minds and hearts which we would like to share with you: “A teacher´s purpose is not create students in our own image, but to develop students who can create their own image.”

Have a great weekend!!

Ms. Caya & María Elena

Surfing into Summer

Summer is here, with its sunny and warm days, filled with fun and laughter! We are now in the month of June and tiny turtles are going to enjoy lots of summer fun concepts! This week they learned about summer, sun, sand, sea, fun at the beach (sunglasses, sunscreen), shovel, pail, castle, snorkeling, swimsuit and surfing.

During exploration time we had activities with sand, like playing with sand and strainers, taking them outside to the water and sand tables for some sensory play. They were really into our “Beach prop box” filled with items related to the beach like life vest, goggles, sunglasses, beach balls, flippers and sunscreen. Today kids enjoyed an ocean snack “Dolphin sandwich”, tuna salad mixed with mayonnaise and corn on white bread cutout as a dolphin. Kids helped out making this yummy recipe that took us on a journey under the sea!

In creativity time with Miss Cristy children enjoyed helping out in the process of making the set for our end of the year program.

In physical development class kids are rehearsing their dance moves for our end of the year program “It’s a Zoo”, which will be held at Candy Gum next Friday June 10th. Turtles are super excited to show Mama and Papa their best dance moves!

Have a nice weekend!

Miss Judy and Miss Karen.

Books we loved this week: “Flip Flap Ocean”/ “The Little Mermaid”/ “Dora the Explorer- At the Beach”/ “Baby Beluga”

Show of the week: “Dora the Explorer”

Video of the week: “Wiggle Bay” by The Wiggles

Vocabulary words: Introduce Summer/ Sun- Sand- Sea/ Fun at the Beach- Sunglasses- Sunscreen/ Shovel – Pail- Castle/ Snorkeling- Swimsuit- Surfing

Next week vocabulary words: Riding Fun: Trike- Bike- Skates- Scooter/ Traveling: Suitcase- Car- Airplane- Ship/ Review Beach/ Fun at the Beach- Sand & Water play