“Down on the Farm”

We are so happy to have our Tiny Turtles back in our classroom! We hope you had a fun Easter break!

Today we celebrated Felipe Chapa’s birthday! This little guy turned two today, he brought his surprise bag filled with toys, and his mommy and daddy came with some yummy cupcakes to share with his friends. Mr. Mike made a super special crown for him and he also enjoyed the magic rocket ride! What a fun day! Felipe, Miss Karen and I wish you all the best in this super special day, we love you so much!

This week we started with a new theme:  The Farm. Kids are super excited with this; they love the animals and learning more about them every day. In Exploration time we had a lot of fun playing with farm puzzles, toy barns, plastic & plush farm animals as well as with some plastic veggies and produce from the farm. This week we started our farm project in creativity class, it’s going to be great!

Miss Judy & Miss Karen


Books we loved this week: “Noisy Barn”/ “Baby animals”/ “Hide & Seek Farm”/Baby Einstein “Touch & Feel Farm Animals”/ “Are you a Cow?”/ “Do Cows Bark?”

Movie of the week: Disney’s “Home on the Range”

Video of the week: Baby Einstein “Baby Macdonald”

Vocabulary words: The Farm: farmer- crops- animals/ Farm vocabulary: Barn- fence- pond- hay- field/ Farm Foods: Planting & growing- corn- beans/ Farm Foods: Milk- eggs- butter/ Introduce Farm Animals: Cow- horse

Next week vocabulary words: Rooster-Hen-Chicks/ Sheep-Pig/ Ducks-Turkey/ Grandpa’s Farm/ Growing




April Week 1

Welcome back! We really missed you and are very happy to see you again!
This week we introduced the Farm which involves different topics such as the farmer, crops and animals. We also taught what is a farm which includes: barn, fence,hay, field and pond. Planting and growing corn and beans. All the things we get from a cow: milk, eggs and butter, and how a horse is so useful in a farm.

We had a wonderful role play planting a seed using a shovel, hoe, planting, growing, picking, and eating with Mr. Mike during Circle Time. We also pretended to be cowboys riding horses on the Big Farm making different animal sounds.

Our Big Bears found that the rooster is the one who crows each morning, waking all the farm friends. They also learned the different animal families and their specific members as each one has a different name.

During this week we practiced singing: “Mary had a Little Lamb” and learned a new rhyme called “One, Two, Buckle my Shoe”. Please ask your child to share the new things he/she has been learning with you!

Ms. Caya and Miss Maria Elena