Easter Party!

What a fun week! Turtles were looking forward for their Easter party and parade, and it was full of fun, games, and excitement. We loved seeing our tiny turtle’s faces having a blast and enjoying the Easter egg hunt. Thank you all for attending!

In creativity time with Miss Cristy turtles were hands on with the main activity of our Easter parade & party, preparing our Easter eggs! Kids painted them using vinegar and food coloring, dipping them in this solution with the help of strainers. Once they dried off, children filled them with confetti and pasted a piece of paper on top to close them up. Kids enjoyed every second of these activities, they were really into it!

In Exploration time kids liked the bottles and straws activity, as well as “rehearsing” for the egg hunt by picking some Easter plastic eggs and placing them in baskets. Today they decorated an Easter egg using the tip of their fingers or straws and paint.

Today was our last day of school before our Easter Break! Classes will resume on Monday April 4th. We hope you have a super fun time with your little ones! See you in two weeks!

Miss Judy & Miss Karen


Books we loved this week: “Juguemos a los opuestos”/ “Barney’s Easter Basket”/ “Hop along bunny”/ “Hello Bunny“/ “Here Come’s Peter Cottontail”

Video of the week: Toddler Tree’s Easter party 2015

Vocabulary words: Parade- trike- bike- ride/ Review Easter- wind- kites/ Review Spring/ Review Easter

Next week vocabulary words: The Farm: farmer- crops- animals/ Farm vocabulary: Barn- fence- pond- hay- field/ Farm Foods: Planting & growing- corn- beans/ Farm Foods: Milk- eggs- butter/ Introduce Farm Animals: Cow- horse


March Week 3

Wow, this week was an exciting adventure for Big Bears! Besides reviewing Easter vocabulary, they painted eggs, filled them with confetti and had an exciting and marvelous Easter Parade!! You can imagine how much they were anticipating that special day.

They also learned a Rainbow Rhyme:

Rainbow purple

Rainbow blue

Rainbow green and yellow too!

Rainbow orange, Rainbow red

Rainbow smiling overhead!!

We thank you for coming and participating with your child! As you were able to see they did an excellent job at the parade. We saw happy faces during different activities, they had so much fun with “Swat the Fly!”

Now they have been talking about the different trips or activities some will be doing during Easter Holidays. We´ll surely miss them!!

As soon as they come back on Monday April 4th, we will introduce the farm which includes food, animals and crops.

Have a nice and safe Easter Holiday! If you have time, you can always read to your child! If you want to do something extra, let them trace their name at the beach or any other type of source available at the moment!

Best wishes,

Ms. Caya & Miss María Elena

Easter Parade Party!

Our Terrific Tigers had such a fun time getting ready for our  Easter Parade!  We painted eggshells together, put confetti inside them and pasted paper covers. They were also quite busy making the decorations you saw all around the park. They simply love to see thier own work being used to decorate the place! It made the whole park look so pretty!



The  Parade was a great success! The kids enjoyed getting together and participating in our planned activities, such as bunny face painting, sifting the eggs out of the water, stuffing carrots with marshmallows, and swatting balloons.  After these activities they participated in the traditional parade,  going around the park in their cars, scooters or tricycles. We were impressed to see all of the creativity used into decorating such vehicles!   The egg hunt was  the main attraction for our little ones and they were having so much fun looking for the egg shells and collecting them in their baskets or bags. Of course, breaking the egg shells on each others´ head was the highlight of the morning! We all got our head full of confetti! It was so nice to see that all of our students were able to attend and were happy to see all of the moms and some dads, as well!  We thank you so much for your support!

During the days before the Easter parade took place, we were getting ready for such event, such as explaining to them what would happen on this day, and we even decorated a tricycle together, using colored paper and balloons, and explained to them that they would use something like that on the party. Most of them were able to tell us how their car was decorated!  We talked about wind and kites and the kids had the opportunity to feel the air from a hair dryer and see a real kite. We explained to them that a kite needs lots of wind in order to be able to fly!

We also celebrated St. Patricks´s day on Thursday,  and most of our students wore something green to school that day!  During Creativity Class they made their own shamrocks with green color and glitter.

Our leaders this week were David, Gabriel, Victor and Lazaro. Victor and Lazaro both celebrated their 3rd. birthday at school. Their parents brought cupcakes and Mr. Mike sang the happy birthday song to them, using his special accordion and making the  birthday crown.

When we come back from our Easter Holidays, on Monday, April 4th, we will be talking about the Farm, vocabulary   words on the farm, farm food, and farm animals.  We will also be having a photographer take individual and group pictures that week as well.

We hope you have a wonderful holiday season together with your family and enjoy these special moments with them. We will be looking forward in seeing your little ones back in April. Have a great time!

Hop-py Easter!!


Things to learn from the Easter Bunny!

  • Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.
  • Everyone needs a friend who is all ears.
  • There’s no such thing as too much candy.
  • All work and no play can make you a basket case.
  • A cute tail attracts a lot of attention.
  • Everyone is entitled to a bad hare day.
  • Let happy thoughts multiply like rabbits.
  • Some body parts should be floppy.
  • Keep your paws off of other people’s jelly beans.
  • Good things come in small, sugar coated packages.
  • The grass is always greener in someone else’s basket.
  • To show your true colors, you have to come out of the shell.
  • Real treats are sweet and gooey.

May the joy of the season fill your heart with love, faith and hope.

Classes resume Monday, April 4th, 2016

March Week 2

Big Bears are getting ready for our Easter Parade! It will take place on Wednesday March 16 at 10:00am in the Colonia Sierra Madre Park.

Thank you for bringing eggshells! Next Monday the kids will be painting them and filling them with confetti to have them ready for the party.

Big Bears had a lot of fun doing different activities such as role playing Bunny Hop, weaving baskets, playing hide and seek, and rabid races carrying carrots.

They also learned the following son:

“Easter Rabbit, Easter Rabbit,

Here he comes, here he comes,

Hiding easter eggs, hiding easter eggs,

Oh what fun, oh what fun!”

Have a nice weekend!

Ms. Caya and Miss María Elena

Easter is on its Way!

Our Terrific Tigers have enjoyed this week very much, since they simply love this special season. Lots of colors have been used during their morning here at Toddler Tree, since they have been busy making Easter decorations during Creativity Class for our next week´s Easter Parade Party at the park!

They worked on their fine motor skills using ribbon to weave different types of baskets, while reviewing colors. They also worked on pellon eggs, coloring them with different shades of markers and then creating “magic” by spraying water mist on them and watching the colors blend together!  Paper chains were made, using  all the colors of the rainbow. Easer Bunny figures were traced on paper using sponges and rainbows were created by using the different colors. All in all, colors have been greatly used during Creativity Class this week!

Our topics this week included talking about the Easter Bunny, making baskets, coloring eggs, learing the verbs of hide, seek and find and role playing being the Easter Bunny hiding the eggs!

During Physical Educations they have enjoyed dancing to the song “Bunny Hop” as well as other cute Easter Bunny songs, hoping, jumping and running!  Following directions while working out has been lots of fun for them too!

Stories read to them this week inlude Easter Bunny Saves the Day, Barney´s Easter Basket, The Big Bunny and the Easter Egg, Bunny´s Easter Hunt, Petter Cotton Tail´s Easter Egg Hunt, and Mr. Rabbit and the Lovely Present.

Our proud leaders this week: Eduardo, Lilia María, Andrés, Emilia and Eva.

Next week will be our last week before having our Spring Break time. We will be talking about what a parade is, and reviewing concpets of Easter and Spring. Of course, we are looking forward in celebrating our Easter Parade Party next Wednesday, March 16th.

We would like to thank all the moms who have brought egg shells to school. Our students will be painting them on Monday and filling them with confetti on Tuesday. They will be taken to the park and we will hide all these egg shells so they can find them. It is important for them to take a basket or some kind of container to place the eggs they will find that morning!

We hope you have a wonderful weekend!


March Week 1

We started introducing this spring season: rain, rainbow, sun, clouds, umbrellas and boots. We made important observations like how clouds change their color and shape with the weather, and how we dress different depending on the weather.

Big Bears learned that a plant needs water, sun and air in order to grow. They have been seeing the steps on growing plants.

They learned the following rhyme:


Plant, plant, plant your seeds

in a long straight row

water them and with them

as they grow, grow, grow!

During creativity with Ms. Cristy they had a great time making a paperchain rainbow and practicing the rainbow rhyme.

The following week we will introduce Easter by making baskets, coloring eggs, and playing hide&seek.

We will also show them the Easter Parade video where they will see what vehicle each one took to the Easter party and how it was decorated.

Have a great weekend,

Ms. Caya & Miss María Elena

 Everyday is a Rainbow of Colors!

March is here, and with this month we have a brand new theme: Spring and Easter, There’s a lot to learn about the season, Tiny turtles are loving it!

We got to introduce this week’s topics with fun activities in our Exploration time, like the “coffee filter umbrellas”, “cotton clouds” mirror project, and the “Seed, plant & growing” activity. Turtles set a bean with moistened cotton inside a clear cup, so they can watch it grow over days time. One of their favorite topics of the week was “Rainbow” the love to review its colors and sing songs about it.

In our Creativity department with Miss Cristy kiddos made a “rain window” using trays, blue paint, glue and a dropper. They absolutely loved the “Rain cloud experiment” in which we used a see through container filled with water, and on top we put some shaving cream. Kids used a dropper with some water and blue food coloring to pour some of this mix on top of the shaving cream (clouds) so they could see some “rain”.

We would like to remind you of our Easter Party (Wednesday March 16th) and the need to collect eggshells, it’s important to clean and send them with your child at your earliest convenience.

Have a nice weekend!

Miss Judy & Miss Karen

Books we loved this week: “Zug the Bug’s” Big Book/ “Busy Bugz Munch, Crunch”/ “Hippo says Yawn”/ “Bluebird’s Nest”/ “Hugs for you”

Video of the week: Baby Einstein’s “Baby Monet”

Movie of the week: “A Bug’s Life”

Vocabulary words: Introduce Spring/ Rain – Umbrella- Boots/ Sun- Clouds- Plant a seed/ Wind & Water/ Rainbow- Review colors.

Our topics for next week will be: Easter Bunny/ Making Baskets/ Coloring Eggs/ Hide-Seek-Find/ Role play Easter Bunny.








Introducing Spring Season!

We have started a new month….March! Spring is just around the corner! We have been talking to our Terrific Tigers about this wonderful season, introducing the vocabulary words related to Spring. Words such as rain, umbrellas, rain boots, sun, clouds, wind, water and rainbows have been seen during this first week of our new month.

One of the highlights of this week was planting a seed. They were able to put beans in cotton and adding water and watch the evolution of this seed turn into a plant. They have learned that taking care of a plant needs to have water, air and sunlight.

During Creativity Class they made a rain window simulating how rain looks through a window. They even listened to a recording of an actual  rain fall.

Story time has also been related using books on our new themes. Books read this week include: Spring is Here! Rain, The Seed Song, Good Morning Sun, Under the Sky, and What Makes a Rainbow?

Our leaders this week included Eva, David, Victor, Gabo and Fede. It is always a joy to see what they bring from home and how they show it to their classmates.

Next week we will be talking about our next holiday: Easter!  We would like to remind you to please bring egg shellls to school so our kids will have plenty of them and be able to paint them and look for them on their special Easter Parade!

We hope you enjoy your weekend and spend nice family time together!