Winter review!


Winter review # 23

Tiny Turtles were very excited about Grandmas Day this week! Yesterday we had the pleasure of meeting our tiny turtles grandmas, and they team up to make a beautiful “Cherry Blossom” poster with their grandchild. We loved to see their happy faces and hope our grandmas had a fun time at our kinder.

Exploration time is always a surprise for the kids, this week they got to do a sorting activity with socks and learning how to match them by color and pattern. To make a review of our winter themes of the month turtles made some “snow” by adding some water. Sensory boxes are always a big hit with the kiddos, so we made a winter sensory box, with rice and cotton balls as snow. We gave the turtles some plastic winter animals so they could play on their habitat.

Creativity time was the perfect class to go over the concepts learned on January. Children loved their igloo activity, using a plastic dome, marshmallows, frosting and a paper plate. Turtles enjoy experiencing different textures and sensations, reasons why they were very happy to play with ice made as a mix of water and food coloring, and each of them got a dropper to play with. Today your little ones had a blast with the ski slope, watching the skier go up and down really fast!

Hope you have a wonderful long weekend!

Keep in mind we won’t be having class on Monday, so see you next Tuesday!

Miss Judy & Miss Karen

Books we loved this week:”Snow”/ “Where is Elmo’s blanket?”/ “Let’s get dressed”/ “Fuzzy Bear”.

Video of the week: Peppa pig winter compilation


Vocabulary words: Winter sports (hockey-skiing-sledding-tubing)/ Winter & Snow review/ Winter clothing review/ Winter animals review/ Winter sports review

Our topics for next week will be: Family review – introduce friends/ Love & Friendship- Valentine- friends/ Police officer’s visit/ Garbage collector/ Review Love & Friendship- Baker.

Quality Time with Grandmothers!

This week was very special at Toddler Tree because the children got to experience a day in school with their Grandmas or  with other relatives who came with our Terrific Tigers.

The Tigers and  their Grandmas  had a fun project to do together. They painted Cherry Blossom branches using brown paint and then made pink flowers, creating them with the bottom of plastic Coca Cola containers. It was fun to see them work together to create this artistic project! After they finished, they had a snack together and then ended this special visit showing them what they do in Physical Education class. Some Grandmothers even joined in the activity of body movements!

It was a very enjoyable day for both kids and relatives, full of wonderful moments.

During the rest of the week, we reviewed the concepts learned during the month of January: winter, snow, winter sports, winter activities, winter clothing, & winter animals.

During Creativity Class our students worked with ice cubes in the forms of different shapes and different colors. They sprayed water on them and used droppers with the liquid. They also made small figures of boys and girls skiing, and finally on Friday enjoyed working with playdoh.

During Physical Education class, they simulated skiing on snow, and practiced marching,  dancing and moving to the rhythm of the music.

Story Time was also enjoyed by our students. We read books such as “Snow Place Lite Home”, “Baby Wild Animals”, “Winnie the Pooh, all Year Long” and had the opportunity to read two different books brought by David and Victor in  their surprise bags.!

Our happy leaders this week were Emilia, David, Victor and Lilia María. They really enjoy the whole event of taking their bags home and being the special leader of the day.  They love to show their classmates what they brought.

We would like to remind you that there is no school on Monday, February 1st, since it is a national holiday. We will be looking forward in seeing your little ones os Tuesday.  We hope you have a nice and long weekend!



January Week 4

Our sincere thanks to all our dearest grandmothers who visited the Big Bears class at Toddler Tree. It was such a pleasure to have them! Our students were delighted. They performed their very best with all their love. We truly appreciated the grandmas’ enthusiastic work on the projects, too. It was a unique and unforgettable experience for all of us!

We enjoyed creativity time with Ms. Cristy and Miss Mely’s physical development class. Our Big Bears love these activities!

Please listen to your child while he/she recites the rhyme we dedicated to grandma:

“I have a special grandma/grandpa

I like o see

I love her/him and she/he loves me

And this is how she/he hugs and kisses me all the time”

We also had fun today making some skiers for our ski slope.

Next week Big Bears will start learning about several community helpers. As a group we will be able to learn about the different activities each one does in our community. Toddler Tree will have visits from the San Pedro police officers, firefighters, mailman and rescue team. Our Big Bears will have the chance to experience and meet them.

We remind you that there will be no classes on Monday February 1st, 2016 due to the Mexican Constitution.

Hope you enjoy your long weekend!

Ms. Caya and Miss María Elena

January Week 3

This week we had the opportunity to learn about different forest and arctic animals. Big Bears also reviewed numbers, letters, shapes, opposites and colors. They practiced their cutting skills and were able to create interesting shapes, art projects and had a lot of fun making different experiments.

They were able to do several art projects having a lot of fun! Such as a whale craft, fun with Play-doh using plastic animals making different environments and turning branches into cherry blossoms.

Our students learned their January rhyme “Snowflakes, Snowflakes” and now they are practicing a surprise rhyme for the Grandmother´s Celebration Day on Tuesday.

“Snowflake, Snowflake”

Snowflake, snowflake dance around

Snowflake, snowflake touch the ground

Snowflake, snowflake in the air

Snowflake, snowflake everywhere

Next week Big Bears will have Grandmother´s Day and we are sure everybody will enjoy a morning full of fun. Please remind guests to be on time, as there are 2 shifts coming on the same day.

We will continue developing fine motor skills practicing tracing, lacing, tangrams and cutting.

Have a great weekend!

Ms. Caya & Miss María Elena

Learning about different kinds of animals!

As we continue to talk about winter and the cold weather, this week our Terrific Tigers learned about forest animals and different kinds of animals that live in the cold weather. Things got a little “chilly” in our classroom this week as we explored penguin world and arctic animals. Vocabulary words included this week were: penguins, polar bear, baby beluga, ice water, cave, and forest animals, such as squirrel, fox, raccoon, and bear.

This week we had a variety of activities that involved brown bears, polar bears, and raccoons. The kids learned the Kissing Hand Story , which talks about raccoons  and made their own raccoon masks during Creativity Class. They also made a baby beluga whale during this class on Thursday.

During physical development the Tigers got a chance use their imagination and go over mountains and cross rivers to songs such as “The Bear Went Over the Mountain” and “We´re Going on a Bear Hunt.”

They also got to learn about the penguin world through Happy Feet and The March of the Penguins. They really enjoyed dancing to the music from the  Happy Feet  movie!

Story Time has  become a very interesting part of their morning. Books read this week include: Frosty the Snowman, Who´s Forest is This?, Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What do you Hear?, Who Lives There? Baby Wild Animals.

Our proud leaders this week were Eduardo, Lázaro, Andrés, and Eva.

Finally, the children used their creativity in art to make invitations for grandparents day. They made small flowers and pasted them on branches to make Cherry Blossoms  and took their invitations home. We hope they made it to Grandma’s hands and look forward to their visit on Wednesday.


Winter & Forest Animals


Today we celebrated Sebastian Tarno’s Super Kid! Although today is not his birthday, it’s January 31st, we had an early celebration! Sebastian was in super good company, surrounded by his family and his friends! Sebastian’s Mommy brought some delicious cupcakes to share with all of our tiny turtles, they sure loved this tasty treat! We love you!

One of the main themes for this month is winter animals, and this week we learned so much about them: how they live, what do they eat and what kind of weather they endure, etc. But those weren’t the only animals we reviewed, forest animals were also included in the classroom topics, and those are cool too!

This week for exploration time turtles developed their fine motor skills by practicing the bottles and straws activity… they just can’t get enough of this! Kids got to play with bottle shakers and also books. A perfect way to end the week was our icy environment sensory box, where the kids could play with some winter animals so they could pretend they were in their habitat (made out cotton, white pom poms, white and blue paper).

Tiny Turtles were very busy this week in creativity class, they had awesome projects! One of this week’s themes was raccoon and kiddos got to make a mask of this animal. They used paper plates, black paint, paintbrush, white paint and a “0” stamp. They were so happy and excited with the final result! Children also made a polar bear, using the palm of their hand, white paint and glitter, a little remembrance for you to keep. The little ones also did a great job making their invitations for “Grandma’s Day” at Toddler Tree. They all did a great job painting, pasting and giving the final touches, they turned out beautiful. We sent you an email early today with the information of the time we’ll be expecting your kid accompanied by hi’s/her’s Grandmothers, please send us a response with the time you were assigned and the names of your children’s grandmothers.

In Physical development with Miss Mely turtles had a lot of fun doing the “penguin dance” and also pretending to be a bear from the song “The bear went over the mountain”. Miss Mely arranged the mats to pretend to be a “mountain” and kids had a blast with it.

Have a nice weekend!

Miss Judy & Miss Karen J

Books we loved this week:”A pocket full of kisses”/ “Whose Forest Is It?/ “Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?/ “Big Bear Little Bear”/ “Baby Beluga”

Movie of the week: “Happy Feet” & “Penguins of Madagascar”

Video of the week:  “Baby Beluga” by Raffi

Vocabulary words: Penguins- ice, water, cave/ Forest animals (squirrel, fox, raccoon)/ Bear- Polar Bear/ Whales- Beluga/ Animals review

Our topics for next week will be: Winter sports (hockey-skiing-sledding-tubing)/ Winter & Snow review/ Winter clothing review/ Winter animals review/ Winter sports review



Winter Clothing!

During this week we have been talking about winter clothes. Vocabulary words learned during this topic: shoes, boots, coat, jacket, mittens, gloves, cap, hat, sweater, socks. The kids were very aware of these words since they are very familiar with them right now. We also reviewed colors when talking about their winter clothing.  One fun activity for them was to name the items and dress up a big teddy bear with winter clothes. They loved to try them on, as well!

Creativity Class was also exciting! They worked on serveral projects, such as making a winter tree, placing winter clothing on a human figure and creating and playing with artificial “snow”!

Story Time has become a nice part of thier routine and it is wonderful to see how our Terrific Tigers remain seated during the entire story when it is being read to them! Stories this week included: Avalanche, Barney Gear Gets Dressed, Snow, What Will You Wear, Claude?, and The Snowy Day.

During Cooperative Play our kids were asked to identify winter clothing and it was interesting to see how they were able to identify the words, name the object they had, such as boots, rainboots, jackets, mittens, gloves, cap and hat! Everyone prefered to wear a cap!

Our leaders this week were David, Victor, Gabriel, Lilia María, and Federico. They arrived to school really excited about bringing thier items inside the suprise bag. They love to feel the surprise bag and guess what is in it!

Next week we will be talking about different kind of animals (winter animals and forest animals as well).

We hope you have a wonderful weekend!

January Week 2

During this week we reviewed winter clothes: boots, jacket, gloves/mittens, hat and scarf. The kids had fun dressing a “silhouette” with Ms. Cristy during creativity class.

During Gym with Miss Mely, our Big Bears enjoyed doing different activities and movements, listening to different type of songs.

Next week we will learn about winter and forest animals: bears/polar bears, penguins, beluga whale, forest, ice and water environments.

Big Bears will also practice pre-writing skills. We are sure they will love the different fun activities we will be doing!

Keeping warm with our winter clothes!

We want to give a warm welcome to our newest Tiny Turtle Mauricio Bichara Benavides! We are so happy to have you in our class, we’ll make sure you have a great experience here at Toddler Tree kinder! 🙂

Tiny turtles learned all about winter clothing this week, and we had special activities designed for them, in which they played and learned at the same time.

During Exploration, our little ones had fun dressing up a teddy bear using winter clothes like: scarf, jacket, mittens, and winter cap. This activity allowed them to learn the concepts of the week while reviewing body parts.

The concepts of this week were all related to winter clothing and in our Creativity department Miss Cristy incorporated some fun activities to review our weekly theme.       One activity that they particularly loved was the “winter dress up”, making the outline of a body, and painting craft paper with crayons, markers and paint. We made winter clothing items with the paper kids made: scarf, hat, jacket, boots, pants and mittens. Our students had a blast pasting the pieces of clothing on their person, and giving the finishing touch with some googly eyes and a mouth made out of a red pipe cleaner. Snow is a concept present in this month’s objectives, and yesterday turtles got to experience it a little bit while playing with artificial “snow”. This cold, moldable mixture was made by mixing hair conditioner and baking soda.

Have a nice weekend!

Books we loved this week:”The laughing snowman”/ “What will you wear Claude?”/ “Fuzzy Bear”.

Movie of the week: “Frozen”

Video of the week:

Vocabulary words: winter clothes and shoes:boots/ Coat – jacket/ Mittens – gloves/ Cap – hat/ Winter review

Our topics for next week will be: Penguins- ice, water, cave/ Forest animals (squirrel, fox, raccoon)/ Bear- Polar Bear/ Whales- Beluga/ Animals review


Happy New Year 2016!

Dear Tiny Turtles parents

We hope you had a wonderful Christmas holiday, and that you enjoyed spending time with your loved ones in such special days. On this new year 2016 we want to wish you all the best, health, blessings and love for your families.

We are so happy to see our tiny turtles! Miss Karen and I missed them so much. We’re still missing some of them, but hope to see everybody back on Monday.

This week was all about getting into our routine, remembering our favorite songs and activities at kinder. In exploration time we played with our plastic food box, peek-a-blocks, duplos, pom poms/tongs as well as our bottles and straws activity.

In our creativity class with Miss Cristy turtles enjoyed making a cotton snowman, reviewing the circle shape using sponges and water on craft paper, and a “tree” poster made out of stickers, tape and paint.

Have a nice weekend!

Books we loved this week: “Snow place like home!”/ “Frosty the Snowman” play a sound.

Movie of the week: “Frosty the Snowman”

Video of the week: “Snowflake” by Super Simple Songs

Vocabulary words:Introduce winter-snow,snowman,snowflake/ Things that are cold/ Seasons change-winter,summer-cold-hot/ Winter fun sports

Our topics for next week will be: Winter clothes & shoes- Boots/ Coat -Jacket/ Mittens- Gloves/ Cap- Hat/ Winter review

Miss Judy & Miss Karen 🙂