My Body Parts

We have finished week # 3! Time sure goes by quickly when we are enjoying ourselves so much!

On Monday we had  our Open House at Toddler Tree, where the Terrific Tigers’ parents were able to visit the classroom and learn all about what we do during the mornings. It was  pleasure to meet and greet all of those who were able to make it, and we want to thank you for making the effort.

We also want to thank the parents for coming up with some cool  bag designs that made their children very happy the following day when they were able to see them.

This week we talked about their body parts. Vocabulary words such as hand, face, shoulders, tummy, feet, toes, legs, knees, and items related to their bodies, such as clothes (socks & shoes) were seen during the morning. We also talked about the different feelings they can have, such as being happy, sad, angry, sleepy, sick or surprised.

We did serveral activities in Exploration Time related to their body parts. Actitivites such as tracing their life size silhouettes and having them paint them, while reviewing their body parts; making their faces using paper plates; showing them several pictures of different body parts and having them recognize them and point on their own body where it is found, and they loved it when we used a feather to play “where am I tickling you?”, and they had to name that body part being tickled!

They are continuing to work very well in their Coopertive Play time. Activities such as inserting straws into plastic bottles, using pon-poms, working with containers with diffferent colored coins and separating the coins by colors are their favorites!

Our leaders are happy to wear their special sticker for the day, and are now able to bring a special item from home in their new “mystery bag” made by you especially for them!

Creativity Time is always enjoyed since they work actively with different colors and textures. They finished their Zoe puppet this week and were able to create a new color (orange) mixing red and yellow. Using this new color, they placed their hand prints on a big sheet of paper.

Physical Education is a fun class! They like to dance and do different movements to the music! They practiced rolling themselves on mats, rolling the balls to each other, throwing balls into hoola hoops, and singing the song: “Head, sholders, knees and toes”, while touching these body parts.

As you can see, we had a very interesting week! Next week we will be talking about family members. We would like to remiind you if you haven´t brought their box with family pictures on it, please do as soon as possible since we will be using them next week on our “Family” theme.

We hope you have a lovely weekend!

Best regards, Mrs. Martha & Mrs. Nancy


Hello September!


Body parts #3


Dear Parents,

This week our main topic was body parts and feelings. We reviewed these concepts through different activities.

  1. Tracing of the body: we had two students who were kind enough to be our models, after their teachers traced their bodies the rest of the class helped decorate and color the bodies while identifying our different body parts pasting them.
  2. Game of “body parts dice”: children rolled a die and everyone had to touch the body part that was shown on top.
  3. Colors for feelings: Our students also enjoyed learning about different feelings using colors that identified each one of them (red for angry, blue sad, orange for surprised, pink for sleepy, yellow for happy, green for sick, and purple for laughing)

During creativity time, children worked on the finishing touches of their Sesame Street puppets, pasting green paper on their green paper bags to give life to Oscar the Grouch. Kiddos also enjoyed making a “Zoe” puppet, using orange paint and orange shredded paper. In the process of making these puppets kids get to learn to paste, use a paintbrush or their fingers to paint, practice their cutting skills with special scissors, etc. They were also excited about the “roll ball” activity. With the help of a box, paper, paint and golf ball, they made a lovely works of art. Turtles had to shake the box, moving side to side, without touching the ball that had been dumped in blue paint! Just move the box so the ball can roll and paint all over the paper placed inside. The yellow room is full of opportunities for the kids to explore and discover things on their own with lots of drawers and containers with different surprises. For example, this week we found a large tin filled with corks and our tiny explorers loved to pile them like a tower, or just throw them on the floor to pick them up again.

In physical development with Miss Mely, turtles are learning how to march, and follow instructions in a fun way; they are starting to get a hold of the “Listen and Move” song and the “Shaky Egg” (using shakers). Children had a blast with Miss Mely’s parachute activity, watching it go up and down, and some of them loved hiding inside. This week they practiced rolling a ball, we made a circle and they had to roll the ball to pass it to a classmate. Another activity we did this week to develop their gross motor skills was kicking a ball, and surprisingly they were really good at it! Five minutes prior to leaving our PD (physical development) class everybody gets to lay down and relax. Miss Mely helps them stretch their arms and legs to cool down.

Next week we’ll be talking about family members, so we would like to ask you if you could please send a family box or some family pictures that your child can share with us and his classmates (Pictures will be returned same day they’re brought in at pick up time 12:00pm). Thank you!

Books we loved this week: “Cookie’s Guessing Game About Food”/ “Toes, Ears and Nose!”/ “Babies!”/ “Where is Baby’s Belly Button?”/ “Baby Loves Peekaboo”/ “My Day”

Video of the week: Baby Einstein / Baby Da Vinci “From Head to Toe”

This week’s vocabulary words were: Review Sesame Street friends/ Body parts: hands, face (happy), glove, squeeze/ Shoulders, face, tummy, clothes, sad/ Feet, toes, legs, knees, socks, shoes (angry)/ Review face: flannel board faces (sleepy).

Our topics for next week will be: Mom & Dad/ Sister, brother and baby/ Grandma and Grandpa/ Family review/ Mexican flag: Red, white and green.

Miss Judy


September Week 1

Dear Parents,

Thank you for attending Open House. We really enjoyed meeting you and seeing the very creative ideas you came up with for your child’s mystery bag!

During this week, Big Bears were able to recognize different parts of their body. They created a silhouette of a boy and girl. Using diverse techniques such as painting, cutting, pasting, and stamping. The kids also had the opportunity to act and make different gestures with their face expressing their feelings.

All your children were very excited to receive the “Mystery Bag”. It will be used as a “show and tell” activity for whoever is the leader or Super Kid for the day. The Mystery Bag will be sent home a day prior to the assigned date for your child to be the leader. We appreciate your help in sending something your child can share and talk about in class!

Next week we’ll talk about family, learning what each member does. We want all Big Bears to know their parent´s name, not just mamá and papá.

Also, we would like to share a thought to you:

“Hugging is a good medicine!” It transfers energy and gives the person hugged an emotional list. You need four hugs a day for survival, eight for maintenance, and twelve for growth. Scientist say the hugging is a form of communication because it an say things you don´t have the words for. The nicest thing about a hug us that you usually can´t give one without getting one.

Big Bears learned the following rhyme:

“One little finger

Put you finger up

Put your finger down

Tap, tap, tap

Put your finger on your lap!”


Ms. Caya & Miss María Elena