Crabby Crabs Came Crawling

A big congratulations to all of our Tigers for their excellent effort and performance in the “Seasons of Love” show. We are so, so proud of you! Also, a BIG THANK YOU to all the mothers who helped out.

This week was full of more under the sea fun. The Terrific Tigers learned about other sea creatures such as the crab, shrimp, lobster and sea horse.

It was a very busy week because of the program. There was a lot of preparing for the show on Monday and Tuesday, but we did manage to go over some sea creatures.

During art the Tigers were able to put together a little piece of the sea. They used hand prints to make a crap, tracing to make a Sea star and an octopus, and also enjoyed making a jelly fish. We hope you liked their work of art!

During Physical development, the kids really liked role playing to the “Baby Shark” song. We also introduced them to new songs like the “Crab Dance” and the “Crab Walk.” They especially got a kick out of the Blue Crabby Crab in the “Crab Dance” and loved swinging their partners around and around.

You can find the videos on Youtube so you can enjoy them together. We look forward to next week when we will be learning all about beach fun in the sun.



Under the sea!

The little mermaid
On Wednesday May 27th we had our “Seasons of Love” end of the school year program; our Tiny Turtles danced “Scarecrow” and “Little Snowflake”. We are super proud! They did their best, and they rehearsed very hard for this, we would always remind them that “Mama” and “Papa” were going to be watching the show and they got super excited. We hope you enjoyed it!

This week was our last one with the sea animals theme, and the topics were: Octopus, jellyfish, crab, lobster, star fish, seahorse, and mermaid.

Exploration time was filled with different and fun activities such as: Peg boards, plush sea animals, inflatable fish box, duplos, pom poms & tongs, peek a blocks, go fish with magnets, ocean bottles and making a tuna fish sandwich. Our ocean bottles were made of a plastic clear bottle, cooking oil, sequins, water and blue food coloring. Kids especially loved their cooking activity, the “tuna fish sandwich”. They enjoyed the whole process of making the tuna salad (tuna, mayo and corn) as well as using cookie cutters of fish on their bread and then toasting it. What a yummy snack, a taste of the ocean!

In creativity time with Miss Cristy children loved making their “Under the a” poster. The white cardboard painted blue with spaghetti the previous week was the one used for this poster. On it they got to the task of making sea animals. Using a roller they made an “octopus” and a crab made out with their handprints and some red paint. Then they stapled the jellyfish, and pasted the sea animals made last week (bank of fish, star fish). Using their finger, they spread some glue on the bottom of their poster to paste sand. Finally our kiddos pasted googly eyes on their sea animals and they also painted shells using a paintbrush and orange or brown paint, once it was dry it was pasted on their “Under the sea” poster. Turtles loved the “shells and fish” water box, they had several different plates that they could use to sort out the different kinds of shells. Also sorting and counting the fish (made out of foamy) and splashing and playing with their classmates. So much fun! Children love these sensory activities!

We had a little bit of role play involved this week, with the theme of “Crab” we pretended to “walk like a crab”around the gym and to get some inspiration for it we watched a video called “Crab Dance Video” you can watch it with your kids on Youtube.

Kids also loved “The Little Mermaid” book and movie, able to point out and name the different sea animals portrayed in it.

Have a nice weekend!

Miss Judy, Miss Nancy and Miss Karen


Books we read this week: ”Happy Birthday Nemo”, “Crab”, “The Little Mermaid” and “Under the Sea”.

Vocabulary words: Octopus/ Jellyfish/ Crab/ Lobster/ Star fish/ Seahorse/ Mermaid/ Review water animals

Next week’s vocabulary words: Introduce summer/ Sun, sand & sea/ Fun at the beach, sunglasses and sunscreen/ Shovel, pail, castle/ Snorkeling, swimsuit and surfing.