Mom means LOVE to me!

We are now in the month of May! All week long our Tiny Turtles remained very busy working on a very special surprise for their mommies, a gift to celebrate a very special day: Mother’s Day! We hope you have a very special day with your loved ones!

Zoo and water animals are the main topics of the month, and this first week we talked about jungle, monkey, elephant, giraffe, lion and zebra. Tiny Turtles are very excited getting to know more about these animals, the sounds that they make as well as their features.

Children had a lot of fun in exploration time, playing with plastic and plush zoo animals, and they had a blast with our sensory box which had some plastic leaves and grass. The kiddos enjoyed taking their plastic zoo animals to the “Habitat” box, and making each animal sound.

In creativity time with Miss Cristy the main project of the week was the mother’s day gift. Kids were very into it, using glue and shiny beads, choosing the color for their pot and planting the flower. We also began to make fun activities, like our jungle poster made out of white construction paper, blue and green mache paper (for the sky and grass), and corrugated cardboard for the trees. One of our students’ favorite animal is the lion, so you can imagine their excitement when they got to make one out of a paper plate, shredded paper (orange, brown, yellow), glue, and a lion’s cut-out face. There’s a special project for this month, a “Rainforest collage” and turtles are getting started, this week they made their hand and arm print with yellow paint. Once it was dry, they made ten finger prints on it using brown paint, which was the finishing touch to make it into a giraffe.

Physical development is all about rehearsal for our Seasons of Love program. The children are learning their dance moves, excited to perform for their moms and dads. But we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to enjoy some of the songs related to this week’s topics! Like “Five Little Monkeys”, “I Just Can’t Wait to be King”, “Going to the Zoo”, “Elephants Have Wrinkles” and the “Animal Actions”. Kiddos were jumping all around, dancing, and role playing the animals we introduced this week. Today we watched a part of the “Madagascar” movie and they we’re able to identify most the animals in it.

Have a happy Mother’s day!

Miss Judy, Miss Nancy and Miss Karen.

Books we read this week: “Eight Silly monkeys”, “Pop up Fun Little Numbers”, “My Jungle Pop Up Book”, “Whose feet are those?” and “Morning in the Jungle”.

Vocabulary words: Jungle: Monkey/ Elephant/ Giraffe/ Lion/ Zebra

Next vocabulary words: Crocodile/ Tiger/ Kangaroo/ Bear/ Rhinoceros

Welcome to the Jungle

This week the Tigers learned bout some of the most popular jungle animals, and also pretended to take a trip to the zoo.

The week began with the monkey and banana. They really enjoyed role playing to the song “5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed.” They also had fun when we read the story about 5 Little Monkeys Sitting in a Tree. 

The To=igers also learned about Elephants. They really enjoyed dancing to the song “Elephants Have Wrinkles” and “The Elephants Move Slowly.”

One of the highlights in art, was making a giraffe with an arm and hand print. Most of the week was dedicated to making Mother’s Day gifts. We hoped you like them!

For lion day, the kids got to see Simba from “The Lion King.” They enjoyed dancing to “In the Jungle” and “I Just Can’t Wait to be King.”

FInally, Friday was zebra day. The Terrific Tigers really liked dancing to the Zebra Song by the StoryBots.

We look forward to next week, when we will learn about the crocodile, bear, kangaroo, rhinoceros, and of course, the Terrific Tigers.

Happy Children’s Day!

The last week of April already! Today we celebrated “Children’s Day” and your kids had lots of fun! A vet made a stop at Toddler Tree and brought a big dog (Junior) and the turtles got a chance to pet and feed him. We had a piñata and everyone got to hit it 5 times. Afterwards, everybody got a bag to fill it with candy. Thank you room mothers!! The kiddos had a special snack also provided by the moms hosting the party. They loved their sandwich, chips, cupcake and apple juice. But that’s not all! Mr. Mike had a very special surprise for every student at Toddler Tree: a fish! All we could see were happy faces, eager to take their new pet home. What a day! Full of fun and excitement! We love our tiny turtles very much and hope they have a great day with their families.


Now let’s talk about some of the things we did this week; Exploration time was filled with cool activities like the “jumping frogs”, rubbing a balloon on our head creating static and then placing it on top of the tissue paper frogs. Turtles loved to see them jump!

We also had a turtles sensory box, filled with sand, rocks, blue cellophane paper and Styrofoam turtles. The “Milk Experiment” was a big hit with the turtles; everyone wanted to participate so each of them got a turn. We used whole milk, food coloring (red, green, yellow and blue), dish soap and a cotton swab. We’re posting the video and pictures on our facebook page.

In creativity class with Miss Cristy kids made a fish bowl, frog, turtle and a pet shop project. For the fish bowl kids use a paper plate and the fish they made the week before, so they pasted some blue tissue paper on the paper plate and on top of it the fish. The frog was made out of a paper plate, which they had to paint using green paint and a paintbrush. When it was dry enough they used a cotton swab and some yellow paint to make yellow spots on their frog. Miss Cristy helped them cut out their paper plate to form a frog, and then used a hole punch to insert a red pipe cleanee with a fruit loop to represent the tongue of the frog eating a fly. To make the turtle children painted a rock using green paint and paintbrush, and then got to paste some green felt simulating the legs & tail of the turtle. For the pet shop, kids made stamps of pets on craft paper, then they pasted them below the name representing the pet.

Tiny turtles are starting to rehearse the songs for our end of the year program, which will take place on May 27th. We practice this during physical development class andwe’re sure you’re gonna love it!


Have a lovely long weekend, see you on Monday!


Books we read this week: “The greedy dog”, “Feeling happy”, “Friendly pets”, “Touch n feel baby animals” and “What are you?”.

Vocabulary words: Frogs/ Turtles/ Hamster/ Guinea Pig/ Pet visit.

Next week’s vocabulary words: Jungle: Monkey\ Elephant\ Giraffe\ Lion\ Zebra.

The Tigers Had a “Ball”

The Terrific had a “ball” this week not only because they went home with one after the Children’s day celebration, but because of everything that led up to that day.

At the beginning of the we went over different pets such as turtles, frogs, and hamsters. The kids were thrilled to meet Miss Efo’s pet turtle, Lucinda.

Another highlight in art, was making jumping frogs. The kids painted a paper plate, then added glittery speckles, and finally glued some eyes and tied a toungue to their frogs.

For Children’s Day, the kids got to break a big round Happy Face pinata and collect candy. They also enjoyed their delicious sandwiches and cupcakes. A big Thanks to all the moms who made it possible.

We also had a vet, Dr. Manuel Lopez from Pet Service, come show us his dog, “Junior”. Some of the kids were able to pet “Junior”, and others even threw him a ball to fetch.

Children’s day was definitely one of the most joyous celebrations, this year. The Terrific Tigers went home with a couple of special gifts from their teachers. A new pet fish from Mr. Mike, and a ball from Miss Martha and MIss Mely.

We hope the kids enjoy their new “friends” and don’t forget to feed them 3 pellets a day! Happy Children’s Day!


April Week 5

We are done with “Pets” theme. Our Big Bears enjoyed these past two weeks getting to know all kinds of pets to care for. More than just having dogs and cats at home, they discovered there are a lot more animals that families adopt.

During Exploration they loved the jumping frogs balloons: by rubbing an inflated ballon into their hair and then placing it close to the paper frogs, these would jump! They also had fun with the Turtle sensory bin which consists of a plastic box containing sand rocks, “water” made using blue cellophane. Each student got their own styrofoam turtle to play freely with it.

During creativity with Ms. Cristy we made different projects: pet rock turtles, a jumping frog rock, a fish bowl and a pet shop made with stamps. All kids had so much fun!

During Circle Time with Mr. Mike, we sang “Five Little Speckle Frogs” and we really enjoyed the story named “Turtles Take Their Time”.

The Vet came and showed us his dog, Junior. Big Bears were really happy and had fun during this special visit.

Next week we will start the topic about “Jungle Animals”. I´m sure they will love all the animals their habitat and the characteristics each one has. We will continue reinforcing writing their names.

Enjoy your long weekend with your family. See you Monday!