Pet Week 1

This week we began by introducing our four legged friends: dogs and cats.. We also taught the Terrific Tigers about fish, birds, and rabbits.

In circle time they saw a few videos of dogs, cats, and rabbits doing amazing tricks. They especially laughed a lot at the Jesse the dog who can skateboard and ride a motorcycle.

Some of the highlights of art were making a dog puppet out of a paper bag. Then they sang the song “This old man” and had fun “giving their dog a bone.”

Another art favorite was the bird feeder. The kids glued feathers and also stuck bird feed on a cardboard roll. Hopefully, they hung it on a tree and got many birds to visit.

During exploration, we had the fortune of having a turtle over to visit. Sofia brought her pet turtle Timo to school where the children really enjoyed petting and watching Timo swim.

During physical development the kids enjoyed dancing to “Who let the dogs out,” “Chihuahua”, and BINGO. We also brought back the Bunny Hop for Rabbit day.

We are looking forward to next weeks Children’s Day Celebration!

April Week 4

Dear Parents,

This week we had fun learning about the different home pets we can have in our house. That a dog is also named puppy and a cat has babies called kittens.

We also talked about Earth Day. They learned the following rhyme:

Earth Day

Everyday is Earth Day

If it´s hot, cold, or wet!

Let´s save the planet,

It´s the only one we´ve got!

It was so funny that when we were done with the theme. They said they were from “Monterrey”!

During creativity we had lots of fun. They enjoyed the feather birds and the paper bag puppy and cat with Ms. Cristy.

During gym we have been developing physical objetives such as running, jumping, rolling and balancing skills in different obstacle courses and circuits. We also focus on teaching them how to take turns, respect others and how to win or lose.

Next week we will continue with home pets and Big Bears will learn all the parts of a flower such as dirt, stem and petals.

We are really excited about our Children´s Day Party which will take place on Thursday April 30th. Kids only have to bring a thermos with water. Snacks will be provided by April Room-Mothers. As a reminder, they will be no classes on Friday May 1st.

Have a nice week end !

Ms. Caya & Miss Maria Elena

The Pick of the Litter!

Pet week was so much fun! Tiny Turtles learned about dogs, puppies, cats, kittens, birds, fish and rabbit. We want to thank Andres’ mom Mrs. Alma Martinez, David’s mom Mrs. Sofia Rubio and Eduardo’s mom Mrs. Diana Flores for bringing their pets to our classroom; kids were excited and happy to pet them.

This week we had an exploration activity to review the theme of birds, and our kiddos made a bird feeder. Children were given a plastic bag with 4 Oreo cookies and with the help of a plastic hammer they smashed them to create “soil”. When their “soil” was ready they took 2 gummy worms and placed them inside their bag. Your kids love food projects, so they were really into it.

In creativity class with Miss Cristy turtles made 4 different projects: dog, cat, bird and fish. The dog was made out of a brown paper bag, felt ears, googly eyes, pom pom nose and they used a brown crayon to color their bag. For the cat they used a paper plate, googly eyes, pom pom nose, and pipe cleaners as whiskers. Their teachers helped them staple the head, body and tail. Kids made a beautiful paper bird; they pasted some feathers using a glue stick, and also made a bird feeder with a toilet paper roll, peanut butter and some seeds. To review the fish concept our students got a fish made out of paper and they pasted some shiny sequins to resemble the fish scales.

Some of the activities that the kids enjoyed this week in physical development were: tunnel, hoola hoops (jump in and out), balls and buckets, and practicing their kicking and throwing skills with balls.

Books we read this week: “Sam the Dog”, “Playful Puppies”, “The three little kittens”, “I am lucky the cat”, “Bluebird’s nest”, “Animals”, “Don’t cut my hair” and “Baby Einstein’s Animal Match”.

Vocabulary words: Pets: dog, puppies/ Cat, kittens/ Birds/ Fish/ Rabbit.

Next week’s vocabulary words: Frogs/ Turtles/ Hamster/ Guinea Pig/ Pet visit.

It’s Raining Cats and Dogs!

We have been enjoying visits from Toddler Tree families and their pets. Kids have loved petting and getting to know puppies, kitties and turtles. Thank you for sharing!

We made our own pet crafts this week. First, a paper bag puppy with a bone that your child will love as a prop for this rhyme. Try it at home!

We also reviewed a song about one of our favorite dogs, Bingo!

Here is a cute clip of Dutchess the cat and her kittens singing scales and arpeggios in… The Aristocats. We made our own version of Marie, the white furred kitten.

Bugs and Creepy Crawlies!

Bugs and creepy crawlies were all over the Tiny Turtles´ classroom, and everybody enjoyed exploring and learning about them!

For exploration time we made some “bees” (yellow balloons with black stripes around them) and our students were really excited about playing with them. Another activity that they really liked was our “Bugs sensory box” where they got to pretend they were explorers with some “grass” (Easter grass) and plastic insects like grasshoppers, ants, bees and ladybugs. It was a sorting activity, too, so the kids took the bugs and placed them inside the different containers (4) each of them had a sticker with the picture of a bug.

Children were super busy in Creativity class with Miss Cristy who had lots and lots of fun things to do! They made a caterpillar using scouring pads and paint, and for the bees theme kids got to make a poster of a beehive. The beehive, made out of white paper and yellow bubble wrap prints. For the bees, we used shiny yellow sequins with black stripes. Another bug on this week’s list: Ladybug. The lady bug project was made out of a paper plate which they painted red, then pasted a big black sequin head, a pair of googly eyes and two pipe cleaners for antennas. Everybody´s favorite insect is the butterfly, so of course they were thrilled to make one! Our butterflies are made out of a coffee filter which they colored in with markers, and then sprayed with water to blend the colors. When the coffee filter was dry enough we helped them form the butterfly using a clothespin.

Physical development was all about role playing. Kids had so much fun wearing butterfly wings and flying all around the gym. Turtles were very excited pretending they were bees coming out of a beehive made out of mats. Going through the tunnel is always a big hit with the kiddos, and today they got to role play as ants going up their anthill made out of an obstacle course with mats.

Books we read this week: “The Very Busy Bee”, ” The Very Hungry Caterpillar”,“Percial the Plain Little Caterpillar”, “Five Little Ladybugs”, “What are You? Surprise pop-up book” and “In my garden pop-up book”

Vocabulary words: worm, bugs, dirt, grass/ Beehive, bees, fly, swatter/ Ladybug, grasshopper, cricket/ Caterpillar & butterfly/ Ants & anthill.

Next week´s vocabulary words: Pets: dog, puppies/ Cat, kittens/ Birds/ Fish/ Rabbit.

From Hungry Caterpillars to Beautiful Butterflies

The Tigers started this week like caterpillars learning all about creepy crawlies. In fact, their first activity was making fingerprints to add smiling, colorful caterpillars to our bulletin board.

They were super excited to explore all kinds of insects: caterpillars, butterflies, bees, ants, ladybugs, grasshoppers, and spiders. They learned that ants have six legs and spiders have eight.

The kids really enjoyed making ladybugs in art. They also enjoyed putting beads on a pipe cleaner to create a caterpillar, and mixing colors to paint butterflies.

During physical development they explored jumping through hoops and crawling through a  tunnel like ants. They hopped like grasshoppers to songs like “Grasshopper Hop” and “Bugs.”

They also enjoyed the thrill of being chased by a bee puppet while listening to the “Bumblebee Song.” Their favorite was wiggling and dancing to a song called “Caterpillar Song” by Miss DeeDee, which you can find on Youtube.

This weeks story time was full of books with many colors and pop ups such as The Hungry Caterpillar, Ten Little Ladybugs, and The Very Busy Bee.

By the end of the week the once “very hungry caterpillars” were able to spread their wings and become beautiful butterflies.


April Week 3

Welcome back! We really missed you and are very happy to see you again! 🙂

During this week, Big Bears had a wonderful time, talking about their Easter vacations. They learned all about bugs and insects. We saw how they are all different: some have hairy legs and tiny wings while others have long antenas and yellow rings. Just by looking around you can find lots of insects anywhere inside or outside of your house.

They had such a great time with this theme! During creativity with Ms. Cristy, we painted caterpillars and butterflies, threaded a pipecleaner and tied the caterpillar to a butterfly made of bowtie pasta. We also had a lot of fun making ladybugs and all kinds of prints with bug stamps.

During Circle Time with Mr. Mike they role played “The Beehive”. They all wanted to be bees! It goes like this:

This is the beehive,

Where are the bees?

Hidden away where nobody see´s

Watch and you´ll see them

Come out of the hive

One, two, three, four, five!

Next week we will talk about different home pets you can have and learn how to take care of their needs and habitat.

Have a nice weekend!

Ms. Caya & Miss Maria Elena