Moo-ve over for the new herd in town!

March is here, and with this month we have a brand new theme: On the Farm for Spring and Easter. Tiny turtles are loving it!

This week during exploration our students enjoyed making a big Old McDonald floor puzzle, making popcorn, toasting bread and spreading butter, and playing with barns, plastic and plush animals. To finish the “Seed, plant & growing” theme, we set a bean with moistened cotton inside a clear cup to watch it grow over the next few days.

20150305_102708In creativity time, children began their farm project. They were really into it, painting, shredding paper, pasting and stapling with teachers’ help. Kiddos especially loved to “milk the cow”, squeezing a glove full of water, and also the “milk explosion” experiment in which they used a food coloring and drops of detergent to magically spread and mix the colors!

Physical development was all about farm songs and role playing. Kids had a great time using animal masks and farmer’s hats, as well as pretending to plant some seeds and plowing the land.

Books we read this week: “Noisy Barn”, “The Farm Book”, “Old McDonald”, “Pop Up Farm”, “Funny Fingers, Farm Animals”.

Vocabulary words: Introduce the farm: farmer, crops and animals; Farm vocabulary: barn, fence, pond, hay and field; Farm foods: planting and growing – corn, beans; Introduce farm animals: cow and horse.

Next week’s vocabulary words: Rooster, hen and chicks/ Sheep, pig/ Ducks, turkeys/ Grandpa’s farm/ Introduce Spring: Rain, sun, clouds (umbrella & boots) Rainbow (review colors).

We’re on our way to Grandpa’s Farm

March is here and it’s time for the Terrific Tigers to learn all about the farm and farm animals.

We’ve been exploring things such as milking cows to spreading butter on some bread. One of this week’s favorite activities was the milk explosion in which the kids put food coloring in a tray full of milk, and then watched as the colors mixed when we poured some drops of dish soap into it. (you can watch videos in our Facebook group)

We had a week full of fun books and stories that talk about cows, sheep, goats, pigs, chicks, and many other farm animals. The Tigers really enjoyed the pop up books and also the stories that focused on counting farm animals.

In physical development, we had the kids pretend to ride bicycles on their backs. They learned how to make circular motions with their legs in the air.

Also, since we are in the swing of spring, we pretended to be chased by a bee. We had a bee puppet to chase the kids around to a buzzing song.

We also had the little ones climb up and down an obstacle course to try and overcome any fears they may have and build self-esteem. They had to pull themselves up all by themselves, and like real tigers, they succeeded.

We are looking forward to next week, when we will be planting some beans to watch them grow (hopefully) for the spring. They are doing so well!



March Week 1

This week we introduced the Farm which involves different topics such as the farmer, crops and animals.

The first week of March we taught what is a farm with includes: barn, fence,hay, field and pond. Planting and growing corn and beans. All the things we get from a cow: milk, eggs and butter, and how a horse is so useful in a farm.20150305_102708

We had a wonderful role play planting a seed using a shovel, hoe, planting, growing, picking, and eating. we also pretended to be  cowboys riding horses on the Big Farm making different animal sounds.

During creativity with Ms. Cristy we made a red barn. Since the first day they wanted to take it home! Big Bears were excited making it using different techniques! These activities helped them to continue developing their fine motor skills.

Next week we will continue talking about the farm, but now focusing on different animals sounds and the food they provide.

We are collecting eggshells for our Easter party. We appreciate your help in sending as many as you can !  :)))

Have a great weekend!



Eggshell Collection

On Wednesday, March 25, we will be having our Easter Parade & Party. For the Easter Egg Hunt, we kindly ask each child to collect as many eggshells as possible and bring them to kinder. All kids will participate in painting the eggshells on Monday, March 23rd filling and covering them on Tuesday, March 24th in order to have them ready for the party.