Easter parade & party!

What a fun week! Turtles were looking forward to their Easter party and parade, and it was full of fun, games, and excitement. We loved seeing our tiny turtle’s faces having a blast and enjoying going on an egg hunt.  Thank you all for attending!

During creativity time with Miss Cristy, our turtles were hands on with the main activity of our Easter parade & party, preparing our Easter eggs! Kids painted them using vinegar and food coloring, dipping them in this solution with the help of strainers. Once they dried off, children filled them with confetti and pasted a piece of paper on top to close them. Kids enjoyed every second of these activities, they were really into it!


This week turtles took home their bean plant, they participated in every step of this process, by placing the seed on top of moistened cotton and watering it every day. In physical development kiddos got some shovels and pretended to go this process: planting, hoeing and picking singing along the song “In our garden”.


Books we read this week: “Hop along bunny”, “Hop, pop & play!” and “First pop up colors”.


Vocabulary words: Parade, trike, bike, ride/ review Easter + wind & kites/ Easter parade & party/ Growing: seed, soil, sun, water, plant/ Flowers & Trees

Next vocabulary words coming back from Spring Break: Introduce creepy crawlies: worm, bugs, dirt, grass/ Beehive, bees, fly, swatter/ Ladybug, grasshopper, cricket/ Caterpillar & butterfly/ Ants & anthill.

Easter Celebration

The Rainbow Easter Parade was the highlight of this week. The Terrific Tigers really enjoyed the party we had for them at the park. They brought cars and tricycles with beautiful and fun Easter decorations. They were a sight to see! (Thanks to all the parents who made it all possible!)

The Egg hunt and crackin’ was also a blast. The kids enjoyed cracking their eggs on their mothers and other friends. The sandwiches and cupcakes were delicious. Overall, a success!

A lot of the work was also done by the Tigers. During art, they painted all the eggs for the Easter Egg Hunt. They also filled them with confetti and glued tissue paper on them to close them.

During class time, the Terrific Tigers also prepared for the big event by practicing the egg hunt. They also role played as the Easter Bunny during Circle Time. They liked dancing to songs like “The Bunny Hop”, “Sleeping Bunnies”, and “The Boogie Walk” (The bunny hop).

We hope you all enjoy your spring break vacation. When we come back, the Tigers will be learning all about creepy crawly insects and many other animals and pets. We will miss you, and look forward to see the kids faces after vacation. Enjoy! Happy Easter!


March Week 4

Wow, this week was an exciting adventure for Big Bears! Besides reviewing Easter vocabulary, they painted eggs, filled them with confetti and had an exciting and marvelous Rainbow Easter Party and Parade!! You can imagine how their minds were wondering prior to that special day.

They also learned a Rainbow Rhyme:

Rainbow purple

Rainbow blue

Rainbow green and yellow too!

Rainbow orange, Rainbow red

Rainbow smiling overhead!!

We thank you for coming and participating with your child! As you were able to see they did an excellent job at the parade. We saw happy faces doing different activities, they had so much fun with “Swat the Fly!”

Now they have been talking about the different trips or activities some will be doing during Easter Holidays. We´ll surely miss them!!

As soon as they come back on Monday April 13, we will start focusing on Creepy Crawlies and different pets we have at home.

Have a nice and safe Easter Holiday! If you have time, you can always read to your child! If you want to do something extra, let them trace their name at the beach or any other type of source available at the moment!

Best wishes,

Ms. Caya & Miss María Elena

Rainbow Easter Parade

Rainbow Easter Parade on Wednesday, March 25 @ Colonia Sierra Madre Park.

It has become a tradition at Toddler Tree to celebrate the coming of Spring and Easter with a special party. The event will begin at 10:00am with families arriving at the park. Decorated trikes, bikes or scooters will be organized by group at an indicated location. Here are some examples of how Toddler Tree families have decorated different vehicles using paper, balloons, flowers, plush toys and other decorations.

For mobile devices, use this link.

The kids can choose from a variety of activities the teachers have prepared and there will be time for an individual photo shoot with the Easter bunny, too. When everyone has arrived, Toddler Tree staff will blow the whistle to start the Rainbow Parade. The kids will ride through the park on the sidewalk path in their decorated vehicles. Everybody will share a snack after that. We have already prepared confetti stuffed eggshells for the Easter Egg Hunt that will take place after the snack. We look forward to seeing you there!

10:00 am Arrival & photo session with Easter Bunny

10:30 am Parade of decorated scooters trikes, cars or bikes (please assist your child in preparing it at home

10:45 am Snack (provided by Easter room mothers).

11:00 am Egg Hunt (keep in mind your child needs a bag or basket for this activity)

In case of inclement weather, the party will go on. We recommend wearing comfortable clothing.

Bunny Hop, Bunny Hop, HOP HOP HOP!

Tiny Turtles had lots of fun with this week’s topics like Easter, making baskets, Easter eggs, and hide/ seek & find. They were very excited sorting the top and bottom of some Easter plastic eggs, but what they loved the most was hiding and finding some Easter eggs hidden around our classroom.

During creativity time with Miss Cristy, our turtles had plenty of cool activities to get busy with! Kids made a poster of a rainbow, using a roller and the colors of the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple). Then kids pasted 4 green hearts made out of paper to form a lucky shamrock. In order to review the rainbow theme turtles got some cellophane squares (red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple) and then pasted them on contact paper to make a rainbow. After they were finished we took the rainbow poster and pasted it on the window so kiddos could appreciate better and get a better look of all the colors on it.

Easter and bunnies were involved in our physical development class. Turtles loved to dance the “bunny hop” song and the “Bunny sleeping” song. They were hopping and jumping like bunnies, role playing wearing bunnies headbands, so much fun! I’m sharing the “Bunny sleeping” video so you can watch it with your kids.

Books we read this week: “The golden egg”, “Hello bunny”, “Here comes Peter Cottontail” and “Lambs Easter surprise”.

Vocabulary words: Easter bunny/ making baskets/ coloring eggs/ hide, seek and find.

Next week’s vocabulary words: Parade, trike, bike, ride/ review Easter + wind & kites/ Easter parade & party/ Growing: seed, soil, sun, water, plant/ Flowers & Trees

A Week Full of Color!

The Terrific Tigers began this week with everything green for St. Patrick´s Day. During art, they made a rainbow and shamrock for good luck. In circle time, Mr. Mike told us all about the Irish celebration.

For the rest of the week, in art we worked on making invitations for next week´s Easter parade that involved coloring and putting together a rainbow. The kids enjoy repeating: “Rainbow, purple, rainbow blue, rainbow green, and yellow too. Rainbow orange, rainbow red, rainbow smiling above my head.”

Of course, this week was also all about Easter, Easter bunnies, and Easter eggs. During story time, the kids enjoyed several of the books we read to them. The Golden Egg, was a favorite among them. We told the story with several Easter eggs and the children said each color. White Rabbit´s Color Book was also a hit! The kids liked watching as the rabbit dipped herself into buckets of paint, and learned about mixing colors.

In Physical Development, the Tigers enjoyed the “Bunny Hop” song. They also liked to ride their imaginary bicycle while lying on the floor.

Finally on Friday, the kids had a blast, helping the green bunny look for eggs and carrots. They had to look for them and tell us the color of each egg they found.

We are all very excited about next week´s Easter parade. We hope you received the invitations. Happy weekend!

March Week 3

Spring is coming soon!

We started introducing this season with the Big Bears, going over vocabulary such as: rain, sun, clouds, umbrella, and boots. We made important observations. For example, how clouds change their color with the weather. We also talked about how we dress appropriately for weather changes. We had fun painting a rainbow, pasting a four-leaved clover and coloring our rainbow invitations for the Eastee party. We also started learning a new rhyme. Next week you will hear it!

This week we focused on a Easter Song called: “Easter Rabbit”

Easter Rabbit, Easter Rabbit

Here he comes

Here he comes

Hiding Easter eggs

Hiding Easter eggs

Oh! What fun!

Oh! What fun!

We have been getting ready for our Easter Picnic and Party. It will take place on Wednesday March 25th at 10:00am in the Colonia Sierra Madre Park. Please help your child prepare a scooter, trike or bike with Easter decorations for the parade. However, in case of rain, the party will take place at Toddler Tree for students only. We will reserve the parade for a different day.

On Friday March 20th Tomas was the super kid. His mom told his favorite story, Mr. Mike made his birthday crown and we all enjoyed cupcakes!

We hope you have a nice weekend!

Grandpa’s Farm!

This week in exploration, our turtles enjoyed playing with barns and plastic & plush animals, making farm puzzles and having lots of fun with their farm animals bowling game. Turtles keep watering their bean, and it’s beginning to sprout. They love watching it grow day by day!

During creativity time, children finished their farm project, making hand prints to simulate farm animals. They handled all kinds of materials to make their farm animals, such as pipe cleaners, tissue paper, glue, paint, and markers. Kids were super excited reviewing the “pigs” theme, for which they made a mixture of instant chocolate pudding and milk. They used a whisk to make their “mud” and they were given some spoons with piggy tales (pink pipe cleaners) so they could pretend they were pigs playing in the mud. Today they made a duck, drawing a beak and eye, and pasting it on top of a paper plate with a shredded paper texture that simulated a pond.

Physical development was all about dancing fun songs about the farm, kids especially loved one called “The Little Chick Cheep” they couldn’t stop moving around and dancing to the beat of the song. I’m sharing the video with you so you can play it for your kids at home.

Books we read this week: “Funny fingers farm animals”, “Hide and seek farm”, “Five little ducks”, “Noisy barn”, and “The farm book”.

Vocabulary words: Rooster, hen and chicks/ Sheep, pig/ Ducks, turkeys/ Grandpa’s farm/ Introduce Spring: Rain, sun, clouds (umbrella & boots) Rainbow (review colors).

Next week vocabulary words: Easter bunny/ making baskets/ coloring eggs/ hide, seek and find.

March Week 2

This week we talked and learned about farm animals: their habitat, food that some may provide us with and the different sounds each one makes. Our Big Bears found that the rooster is the one who crows each morning, waking all the farm friends. They also learned the different animal families and their specific members as each one has a specific name.

During this week we practiced singing: “Mary had a Little Lamb” and learned a new rhyme called “One, Two, Tie My Shoe”. Please ask your child to share the new things he/she has been learning with you!

We want to remind you that our Easter Party is coming up soon. Please collect as many eggshells as you can, and send them to us as soon as possible. We will appreciate your help very much.

This week we had two Super Kids: on Monday Diego Acosta Livas and on Friday Regina Marcos Lobo.

Next week we will focus on Easter, having fun making baskets, coloring eggs and playing hide and seek. On Tuesday we will celebrate St. Patricks Day please send your child in some green clothes.

Have a nice long weekend!


Farm Animal Fun

This week the Terrific Tigers had a blast learning all about Farm animals. In exploration they got a chance to play with stuffed animals. They dance to farm songs as they pointed out the animals and made animal sounds. They also played with many farm puzzles. They even got to bowl with a farm animal bowling pin set.

In art, the kids got to create a farm of their own with a chicken (hand print) and pig (foot print). They added chicks with a cork. They also made some hay you can find in the barn. They also added a cute little pond to the mix, where their duck can splash around.

In physical development, the kids enjoyed dancing with hoola hoops and throwing and catching balls. We danced to and galloped to songs such as “Cotton Eyed Joe,” “Old McDonald Had a Farm,” “Grandpa’s Farm,” and the “Chick Cheep.”

During circle time, the Tigers loved wearing masks and making animal sounds. Mr. Mike even got to play the sheep (you can see him in the pictures on Facebook).

The story the kids liked the most this week was probably “Mrs. Wishy Washy.” Some of them got to role play and jump in the “tub” to take a bath. The leader got to scrub them and make sure they were “clean.”

We’re looking forward to next week, when we will be learning all about Easter, the Easter Bunny, and Easter eggs! Don’t forget to bring in as many eggs as possible to have a fun Easter egg hunt.