Made with L.O.V.E

Valentine’s Day was a big part of the Terrific Tigers’ activities this week. Toddler Tree was all hearts, hugs, love, and laughter. The kids enjoyed tracing hearts on paper as well as on the chalkboard. We also had some Community Helpers visit the kinder. The police came over to teach the kids all about traffic signs and wearing their seat belts.

To prepare for the visit, the Tigers made their very own police hats in art class. Then they wore them to take pictures on the police motorcycle.

One of this week’s favorite exploration activities were the bubbly hearts. The kids used droppers to pour colored vinegar into hearts full of baking soda. They enjoyed watching the hearts fizz up into different colors.

In the midst of Valentine’s, we did a lot of partner dancing in Physical Development. The kids really enjoyed dancing together to “L.O.V.E” by Nat King Cole and also “I Love You, Baby” by the Jersey Boys.

Finally, we had a great Valentine’s Day celebration with a nice meal and cupcakes today. A BIG thanks to all the Moms who brought something. Also, thanks to everybody for all the Valentine’s candy the Terrific Tigers shared.

We hope you enjoy Valentine’s weekend and hope your children share their candy with you! 🙂



Heart Makers, Dream Bakers

The Terrific Tigers’ hearts are all “pumped” up after a week of exciting Valentine’s Day projects. We began the week with an exploration exercise where they had to learn how to draw and cut out a heart.

During our Physical Development class the Tigers’ hearts got-a-pumpin’ to songs like “I Love You Baby” – Jersey Boys and “You Should Be Dancin'” -The Beegies. They also enjoyed singing to “Song in My Tummy” by Laurie Berkner.

The week ended with a Baking Bash. The kids began their Friday by making a chef hat with their name on it. During art they experienced adding frosting to their cupcakes. They mixed in the food coloring and chose what trimmings they would add on top.

We hope their cupcakes made it home. Some of the Tigers were barely able to resist, and may have taken a bite or two out of their cupcake. See you next week!


February Week 1

Big Bears had a visit from San Pedro´s Rescue Team (Protección Civil), showing them how a rescue team is so important in our community. They showed us different ways in which they can save us in emergency situations. Big Bears were very attentive and excited. We also had fun making a chef’s hat and decorating delicious cupcakes today!

We also talked about friendship and love. The class is learning a new rhyme named “February”. I can tell you that “love is in the air”. We have seen that Big Bears are more sensitive towards each other, displaying affection through hugs and kisses. :)))

In the following weeks, we will continue learning about community helpers and different types of transportation.

Next week we will have San Pedro Police department visit on Wednesday. They will explain how they protect us in our community. Also, we will be role-playing a visit to the dentist. Please send your children´s labeled toothbrush on Thursday, February 12th for an oral hygiene class we have planned.

As you know, next Friday, February 13 we will celebrate “Valentines Day”. Children only need a thermos with water, no lunchboxes that day! If you will be sending valentine´s for your child´s classmates, please only label who it´s from. There are 16 Big Bears in the class.