February Week 4

What an amazing trip to space! Big Bears learned how an astronaut floats in space. How he/she is hooked to a hose and explores it as well as the things they have discovered that help us.

Next month we will start learning about the Farm, Spring and Easter.We will begin with farm and all the wonderful things that come from planting and know how farm animals also help us.

Big Bears will have the chance to plant a seed and watch it grow with the help of the sun and water, with this activity they will have magical memories.

Please make sure all of your child´s sweaters and jackets are labeled to avoid mix-ups. Also, we kindly ask you to not send toys or other distractions to school.

If it is possible please start collecting as many eggshells as you can. We would really appreciate your help very much for the Easter Parade that is coming soon!

Thank you  and have a great weekend!!

Traveling By, Bye-Bye – Land, Air and Water…

This week the Terrific Tigers enjoyed going over all the types of transportation as well as community helpers.

The kids really enjoyed their art projects painting with sponges and stamps. They are really getting the hang of using paintbrushes too.

During story time they were awed by books such as Down By the StationThe Lady with the Alligator Purse, and Mr. Noisy’s Helpers.

During Physical Development the kids really enjoyed an obstacle course we set up for them to imagine they are traveling by plane, by boat, and by train. They went up a ramp as if taking off, then crossed a bridge, jumped into a row boat, then jumped out of the boat, and went through a tunnel shouting out “Choo-Choo!”

They also enjoyed reviewing the “Hurry, Hurry, drive the Firetruck” song as well as “The Wheels on the Bus.”

We look forward to teaching the kids all about spring and farm animals next month. Hard to believe March is only a day away!

Tiny Turtles are out of this World!

February is almost over, and this week reviewed all the topics and vocabulary words of the month. The themes are: transportation, community helpers, air transportation, and space.

Turtles enjoyed exploration time, practicing the bottles and straws activity, playing with community helpers puppets and transportation toys. One particular activity that they really liked was the space sensory box, filled with sand, pom poms as planets and stars.

There was a lot of painting with different techniques in our creativity room! Tiny turtles made a car out of paper plates, a land, water and air transportation poster using scouring pads and light & dark blue paint. Turtles were excited to make the stamps of cars, truck, bus, and bicycle. Kids painted some craft sticks with purple paint, then paste them together to make an airplane. Today kiddos got to make stars using glue, star shaped stamps, and whit glitter over a black paper to simulate space.

In physical development, children had fun playing with the collapsible fire truck and school bus, role playing as the bus driver and firefighters. Turtles also had a blast making the movements of the “listen and move” song and “the freeze”. To review the topic of airplane kids had so much fun going on the “airplane” made out of mats and climbing equipment.

Books we read this week: “Cars, trucks, planes and trains”, “Mommy I love you”, “Row, row, row your boat”, “Space!” and “The little engine that could”.

Vocabulary words: Review community helpers, review transportation, air transportation, water transportation and space.

Next week’s vocabulary words: Introduce the farm: farmer, crops and animals; Farm vocabulary: barn, fence, pond, hay and field; Farm foods: planting and growing – corn, beans; Introduce farm animals: cow and horse.


Caution: Kids Hard at Work!

This week’s community helper was firefighter, and on Wednesday three of them came to Toddler Tree in a big fire engine. All children were super excited to see them and their fire truck. We took some nice pictures for you; they’re on our facebook page.

Exploration time was filled with all sorts of fun activities, like playing with transportation toys, community helper’s puppets, transportation puzzles, role playing like firefighters with a collapsable fire truck and “hoses”, and playing with boats.

Tiny Turtles had a blast in Creativity with so much to do! In order to make a traffic light kids used cars, paintbrushes and stamps to paint craft paper using red, yellow and green paint. Turtles were delighted with their fire fighter and fire truck project, they made a handprint and footprint with red paint, and used stickers, red and black marker for the final touches. We also made some edible sailboats from apples and blueberry punch.

This week kids were full of energy, more than usual if that’s even possible! So we tried to remain very active during physical development, playing with the tunnel, parachute, making a cone circuit pretending to be airplanes and using rafts and oars pretending to be rowing a boat, just like the song!

Books we read this week: “Construction Zone!”, “Songs that GO!”, “Start your engines”, “Down by the Station”, “Firefighters” and “Trains, Boats and Planes”.



Vocabulary words: Introduce transportation/ Relate land vehicles to community helpers / Firefighters visit/ Air transportation/ Water transportation.


Next week vocabulary words: Review community helpers, review transportation, air transportation and water transportation.

February Week 3

We had a great time learning about the different types of transportation: air, water and land. Big Bears expressed themselves with enthusiasm throughout the week. They also were able to identify different sounds each vehicle makes.

Big Bears learned a new rhyme called “Zoom, zoom, zoom”

Zoom, zoom, zoom

We are going to the moon!

Zoom, zoom, zoom

We´ll get there very soon!

5 4 3 2 1 0


The kids were very excited by the FireFighters visit. They were really impressed by their performance. All of them had the chance to see how Miss Efo and Miss Mely role played wearing the complete firefighter suit which weighs around 35 kilos!! Watching how they performed made us conscious of the great effort these community helpers do in keeping us safe! They also took turns holding the water hose, experiencing the sensation of pouring a large amount of water.

Big Bears enjoyed making their edible sailboat. They had a lot of fun with Ms. Cristy’s help. And at Circle time with Mr. Mike, they had a great time rowing their boats learning how to use an oar.

Next week besides reviewing community helpers and transportation we also learn about space and our solar system.

Have a fun weekend !   :)))

Ms. Caya & Maria Elena

Putting Out Fires

This week was full of many activities and events. We’ll start by congratulating Ro Montalvo and Pablo Orozco because they celebrated their birthdays.

On Wednesday February 18th, Ro’s mommy brought cupcakes and also played a game of bingo with the kids. On Friday for Pablo’s birthday, his mommy also brought delicious cupcakes and his brother Noel and sister Cordelia joined in the celebration!

Transportation and Community Helpers were are main focus this week. Most importantly, we had a visit from the Firefighters.

The kids really enjoyed the visit as they got to see the fire truck and watched Miss Efo and Miss Mely dress up as firefighters. The most exciting moment was probably when the kids got to spray with the fire hose.

In art, our students had a great time creating a painting with their hand and footprints. They made a firetruck and then 5 little firefighters. They were so excited to get their hands and feet painted!

In Physical Development they also enjoyed acting out the song “Hurry, Hurry, Drive the Firetruck.” We had a little firetruck the kids carried around, turned the corner, climbed a ladder, and sprayed the hose.

Overall, it was  week full of magic and fun! We hope the Tigers have great memories of this wonderful experience. Till next week… Happy Friday, everyone!!!

February Week 2

This week was full of excitement for our Big Bears! First they learned about love and friendship,as well as our wonderful community helpers; such as doctors, nurses, and the police officers who came to offer a nice presentation, reinforcing that a traffic light has three colors which mean the following: red-stop, yellow- be careful, and green- go! Big Bears enjoyed the police officer’s observations and it was great that he even showed all traffic signs in English! Our students know perfectly they have to buckle up in order to be safe in a car.

Thursday we took extra time in our morning routine to allow children to experience taking care of and brushing their teeth.We made several art activities, including valentine letters, role-playing community helpers, a doctor´s bag and we even used real toothpaste to brighten and whiten a paper smile!

We have been developing their motor skills, both fine and gross by making them trace their names and working in physical development and coordination. They really enjoyed all the different type of activities.

This Friday was really fun, having our Valentine’s Party! They had the chance to share all the candies that each one brought and also learned a rhyme. We also had the opportunity to receive Mr. Mike dressed as a mailman and delivering Valentines to all our Big Bears. You should have seen their expressions, they were so excited! Please ask them to tell you about it.

Red Paper

Blue Paper

Crayons and glue

We´re making valentines

And one is for YOU!

We are still practicing the numbers and developing holding crayons properly doing prewriting exercises, following the dots with their names.

As teachers we always want the best for your child because we love them with all our hearts.

Let’s have a Jolly Party on Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is coming! And to celebrate this special day, we had a jolly party! Our students got to exchange Valentine’s letters (made by them) with their friends; they enjoyed a yummy snack and got the visit of the mail man, who gave them a special treat.

On Wednesday police officers dropped by the kinder and had a brief explanation on the traffic signals, and the kids were very excited to get on their motorcycle.

Turtles enjoyed this week’s explorations activities, especially when they got to play with the doctors cart and kit, wearing doctors robes and nurses headbands, they were really into their role! Kids made a food project this week related to oral hygiene: a mouth with apple slices, peanut butter and white marshmallows. We also had a good time with an outdoor exploration activity, taking turns as the policeman with the signs of stop & go while the rest of their classmates rode in the cars.

Kiddos were very enthusiastic about their creativity projects, related to the themes of love, dentist and doctor. First they made some prints with red and purple paint using heart shaped sponges. One project that had them very focused was the doctor’s kit, they pasted a gauze, bandages, cotton swabs, tongue depressors and soft cotton. To review the dentists theme turtles had to clean the stains of markers on a mouth covered in contact paper, using a toothbrush and toothpaste.

Books we read this week: “Baby animals book”, “The lady with the alligator purse”, “Five little monkeys” and “The wheels on the bus”.

Vocabulary words: Teacher – love / Doctor & nurse/ Police officer’s visit/ Oral hygiene / dentist/ Mailman visit/ Valentine’s Day party: Community helpers centers.

Next week vocabulary words: Introduce transportation/ Relate land vehicles to community helpers / Firefighters visit/ Air transportation/ Water transportation.



February: Let’s celebrate love and friendship!

February is here! A month that represents love and friendship, with lots of new vocabulary words to learn. During this month we will have several visits from community helpers such as: Police officer, mailman, firefighter, and rescue team. Rescue team came to kinder on Wednesday, and kids enjoyed their presentation.

This week in exploration, students got to play with different transportation toys like trucks, fire truck, airplane, tractor, cars, etc. Turtles enjoyed a sensory activity where they made a valentines card, spreading over a paper heart some glue mixed with red food coloring. The creeping water experiment was a big hit with the Tiny Turtles, they loved pouring food coloring in the cups and watching the water turn red and yellow. After that we put some paper towels inside each cup and watched how the colors crept all over the paper… we were all really surprised!

One of this week’s key themes was “baker” so today kids were all in helping to make their chef’s hat. They used it in creativity time while they spread frosting on their cupcake and then top them off with some marshmallows and m&m’s.

Garbage collector was another theme on this week’s list, and turtles had a special activity in which they got some wrappers (trash) and practiced their cutting skills, after this they tossed their cutouts in the trash can.

We celebrated Federico Gutierrez Odriozola’s birthday on Tuesday February 3, he turned 2. Federico’s parents brought cupcakes and Mr. Mike made a special super kid crown and everyone sang happy birthday!

Books we read this week: “Corduroys Busy Street” and “Baker, Baker Cookie Maker”

Vocabulary words: Love & friendship: Valentine/ friends/ people in your neighborhood: rescue team comes to visit / garbage collector / review love, friendship and baker

Next week vocabulary words: Teacher – love / Doctor & nurse/ Police officer’s visit/ Oral hygiene / dentist/ Mailman visit/ Valentine’s day party: Community helpers centers.