January Week 1

Happy New Year 2015! Wishing you and your family a happy 2015 full of hope and joy!

Well, we are very happy to see Big Bears again!!

We are back looking forward to an exciting and productive year.

January will be a month for learning about things related to winter. We will do our best so Big Bears continue learning different experiences as continuing to support their over all development.

We are so eager to have our dearest Grandmothers as guests on January. We will let you know about specific time in the invitations that will be sent out prior to the event.

Remember to label all jackets and sweaters to avoid mixups.

Thank You

Welcome Back Tiny Turtles!

Welcome back! Winter break is over, and we’re very happy to see you again! We missed our Tiny Turtles very much!

Kids are loving their routine, and their daily activities, throughout the class day. In creativity we made some snowflakes, using a white crayon, water, and blue paint. Another project that they really enjoyed was the snow tree, made out of glue and salt, Kids loved to feel the texture of, and mixing it with glue. Tiny Turtles like to paint, but this activity had a little twist: painting a white piece of paper using a golf ball and blue paint. Since the white piece of paper was inside a tray, our students had to move and shake the tray so the ball could roll inside, marking the paper. A little play dough time was fun using the shape cutters and making “snowballs”, too.

Due to weather conditions, instead of recess, we have had some movie time with “Frozen”.

Gym time was all about getting active, we pretended to play winter sports, like skating and skiing, doing the motions and using the balance beams. One of the favorite activities of our kiddos is the obstacle course mat, they get to crawl, jump and balance over the mats several times. Snowflake was one of the main topics for this week, so we played a song called “Little Snowflake” by Super Simple Songs, they were really into it, and they got to throw laminated snowflakes all around the gym.

Books we read this week: “Frosty the Snowman” and “Ben and the Cold”.

Vocabulary words: Introduce winter: snow, snowman, and snowflake. Seasons change: Winter / summer, Cold / Hot. Winter fun: Sports.

Next week vocabulary words: Winter clothes & shoes: boots, Coat/ jacket, Mittens/ Gloves, Cap/ Hat, Penguins – Ice, water, cave.

Welcome Back Winter Sprinters!

Welcome back Terrific Tigers!!! We had a great week at Toddler Tree.

The kids learned about all things snow. They learned how Frosty was made, and how the magic hat brought him to life.

During exploration, the kids made a snowflake which they used during circle time to dance the song “Little Snowflake” from Super Simple Songs. This song was a hit with all the kids. You can find it on YouTube if you like.

In art we also made a winter “toddler tree” covered with snow. We used glue and salt to make it. We also used a golf ball to paint. The kids each had a tray in which they rolled the ball by tilting it back and fourth and side to side.

In physical development we danced to some of the classic winter hits like “Frosty the Snowman” and “Jingle Bells.” We also role played with snowflakes falling to the song “Little Snowflake.”

We’re looking forward to next week. Exploring more winter wonders and the world of penguins. Have a great week! So glad to have your little ones back!


2015, Here We Come!

Happy New Year to everyone! We hope you and your family had a fulfilling holiday. At Toddler Tree, we’re all looking forward to an exciting and productive 2015.

January will be a month for learning about things related to winter: temperature, clothing, animals, etc. There are many activities planned to offer the best possible learning experiences for our children, as we continue to support their over all development. We are very excited also to have Grandmothers as guests during the last week of the month!

Let´s put our best foot forward in making 2015 a great year!2015_kids_4 (1)