Grandmas visit Toddler Tree!

Tiny Turtles were very excited about Grandmas Day this week! On Thursday we had the pleasure of meeting our class grandmas, and they teamed up to make a cookie jar recipe with their grandchild. It was a little messy, but as you well know, kids love to get their hands into everything! We loved to see their happy faces and hope our grandmas had a fun time, too.


Exploration time is always a surprise for the kids. This week they got to do a sorting activity with socks and play with the nesting toys box. To make a review of our winter theme for the month students made some “snow dough” made out of corn starch, vegetable oil and glitter. Sensory boxes are always a big hit with our class, so we made a winter sensory box, with rice and cotton balls as snow. We gave our kids some plastic winter animals so they could roleplay in the arctic habitat.

20150130_111310Creativity time was the perfect class to go over the concepts learned in January. Children made a “polar bear” project, making a handprint with white paint and using cotton balls. They loved the igloo activities, on the first one they got to paste ice block stickers in the shape of an igloo, and the second one they used a sponge and white paint to stencil an igloo and the letter “I”. Another cool project our turtles enjoyed very much was  “the penguin”, painting the arms, beak, and feet.20150130_094949

Books we read this week: “Baby Beluga”, “Ten little fingers”, “I love you bear” and “Teddy bear, teddy bear, how do you do?”.

Vocabulary words: Review seasons/ winter & snow review/ winter clothing review/ forest animals review/ sea animals review.

Next week´s vocabulary words: Love / friendship: Valentine/ friends/ people in your neighborhood: rescue team comes to visit / garbage collector / review love, friendship and baker.

Tigers Give Grandma a Soft Touch

This week was very special at Toddler Tree because the children got to experience a day in school with their Grandmas and/or Grandpas, and a few with other relatives who stepped up to the plate.

The Tigers welcomed their grandmas with hot chocolate and a fun project to do together. They mixed ingredients to create an aromatic hand scrub, that leaves your hands feeling very soft. They put it in a jar and the grandmothers took them home.

Then, the Tigers took Grandma’s soft hands and showed them the way to the gym where they performed a penguin dance.

It was a very enjoyable day for both kids and relatives, full of wonderful moments.

We hope that Grandmas are able to get good use out of their gifts, and are able to touch their grandchildren with soft hands and, more importantly, soft hearts.


January Week 4

Our sincere thanks to all our dearest grandmothers who visited the Big Bears class at Toddler Tree. It was such a pleasure to have them! Or students were delighted. They performed their very best with all their love. We truly appreciated the grandma´s enthusiastic work on the projects, too. It was a unique and unforgettable experience for all of us.

On Monday we celebrated Carolina´s B-day we had wonderful mini-cupcakes characters named “Sofia the First”

Next week Big Bears will start learning about several community helpers. As a group we will be able to learn about the different activities each one does in our community. Toddler Tree will have visits from the San Pedro police officers, firefighters, mailman and rescue team. Our Big Bears will have the chance to experience and meet them.

As you know, February is the month of love and friendship. We are ready to learn another rhyme called “Valentines”. We remind you that there will be no classes on Monday February 2nd, 2015 due to the Mexican Constitution.

Hope you enjoy your long weekend!

January Week 3

This week we had the opportunity to learn about different forest and arctic animals. Big Bears also reviewed the numbers, letters, shapes, opposites and colors. They practiced their cutting skills and were able to create interesting shapes, art projects and had a lot of fun doing different experiments.

As you know they learned their January rhyme “Snowflakes, Snowflakes” and now they are practicing a surprise rhyme for the Grandmother´s Celebration Day on Tuesday.

Our greatest art project with Ms. Cristy and Ms. Maricusa was to make all the characters from the book “Brown Bear” by Eric Carle. Ask your child to tell you the story using the puppets we created in class.

Next week Big Bears will have Grandmother´s Day and we are sure everybody will enjoy a morning full of fun. Please remind guests to be on time, as there are 2 shifts coming on the same day.

Have a great weekend!!

Winter Animals

One of the main themes for this month is winter animals, and this week we learned so much about them: how they live, what do they eat and what kind of weather they endure, etc. But those weren’t the only animals we reviewed, forest animals were also included in the classroom topics, and those are cool too!

This week for exploration time turtles developed their fine motor skills by practicing the bottles and straws activity… they just can’t get enough of this! Kids got to play with slimy gel bags which had glitter and foamy animals inside; they liked to squeeze them as hard as they could. We had some icy activities too, like making “fake snow” which was so much fun for your kids, they loved the soft and cold texture and pressing it between their hands. A perfect way to end the week was our ice sensory box, where the kids could see lots of shapes and colors made out of ice, and a big ice block. We gave them some winter animals so they could pretend they were in their habitat.

Tiny Turtles were very busy this week in creativity class, they had awesome projects! They made a “brown bear” using a paper bag, they colored it, paste the eyes, nose, mouth, ears, and arms. The materials they used were pom poms, tissue paper and googly eyes. They had a blast listening to Mrs. Maricusa Severeid story telling of “Brown bear, Brown bear. What do you see?”. At the same time, Mrs. Maricusa handed out all the animals mentioned in the book and our students put them inside their bag. They were so happy and excited! Children also made a polar bear, using the palm of their hand, white paint and glitter, a little remembrance for you to keep. The little ones also did a great job making their invitations for “Grandma’s Day” at Toddler Tree. They pasted, wrote their names and gave the final touches and they turned out beautiful.

Books we read this week: “First pop-ups”, “Big Bear, Little Bear”, “Baby Beluga”, “Brown Bear, Brown Bear. What do You See?” and “Tacky the Penguin”.

Vocabulary words: Winter review, forest animals (squirrel, fox, and raccoon), bear/ polar bear, whales – beluga, penguins – ice, water, cave.

Next week vocabulary words: Review seasons/ winter & snow review/ winter clothing review/ forest animals review/ sea animals review.

Chilled and Thrilled!

Things got a little “chilly” in the Terrific Tigers classroom this week as we explored penguin world and arctic animals. The kids enjoyed touching and feeling slippery and colorful ice, and liked to watch it melt into water.

This week we had a variety of activities that involved brown bears, polar bears, and raccoons. The kids learned the Brown Bear Story by Eric Carle and made their own brown bear out of a paper bag during art.

During physical development the Tigers got a chance use their imagination and go over mountains and cross rivers to songs such as “The Bear Went Over the Mountain” and “We´re Going on a Bear Hunt.”

They also got to learn about the penguin world through Happy Feet and The March of the Penguins. They really enjoyed dancing to the music from Happy Feet and actually insisted on dancing some of the soundtrack songs twice a day.

Finally, the children used their creativity in art to make invitations for grandparents day. They glued chocolate and marshmallows to cut outs of mugs and took their invitations home. We hope they made it to Grandma’s hands and look forward to their visit on Wednesday.


Winter Clothes and Penguin Toes

It was a cold winter week, ideal for the subjects we taught about. We started the week sorting out socks, finding pairs, and dressing a cardboard boy up for cold weather.

The kids had a blast watching Mr. Mike teaching the children about hats, scarves, gloves, and mittens. They also got to see Frosty the Snowman and his magic hat.

Some of the art projects involved Frosty and making mittens. One of the favorites in art this week was the “Northern Lights” project. The kids used chalk and cotton to paint the lights over the mountain.

Finally, we ended the week with a brief introduction to the penguin world. Th kids watched parts of “Happy Feet” and enjoyed dancing to the music during physical development.

We also taught the little ones to walk like penguins, so if you see them walking with there toes pointing out you’ll know why.

See you next week for more penguin fun!


Keeping warm in winter!

This week was all about winter and winter clothing. Turtles learned some basic items related to the season, like boots, coat, jacket, mittens, gloves, cap and hat.

For exploration time, children had fun with our winter clothing activity, in which they had to dress a big teddy bear using a scarf, jacket, winter cap, sweater, mittens and socks. Sorting socks was so much fun! Kids loved to find the pair out of the colorful bunch. Our tiny turtles like their creativity class very much and this week was no exception. They made cool projects like a “Winter city”, they pasted some houses made out of different shapes, and they made some glittery snow using glue, glitter and a paintbrush. The “Northern lights” project was so much fun to make; children used kraft and black paper, chalk and cotton to create some cool effects.

Our students are always eager to go to their gym class, and this week they enjoyed playing musical instruments, also making towers and practicing their balance with some color cloth blocks. Hoola hoops was a big hit too, they love to jump in and out, to hold it up and down, side to side, twist and to shake it all around.

“Little Snowman” by Kiboomu was this week’s song and kiddos asked to see the video again and again!

Books we read this week: “Snowplace like home”, “Biscuit’s walk in the woods”, “Fuzzy bear”, and “What will you wear, Claude?”

Vocabulary words: Winter clothes & shoes: boots, Coat/ jacket, Mittens/ Gloves, Cap/ Hat, Penguins – Ice, water, cave.

Next week vocabulary words: Winter review, forest animals (squirrel, fox, and raccoon), bear/ polar bear, whales – beluga, penguins – ice, water, cave.

January Week 2

During this week we reviewed winter vocabulary: snowflakes, snowman, and winter clothes. The kids were able to differentiate between winter and summer clothing items.

Also we reviewed opposites and naming differences between shapes around us.

Big Bears enjoyed a unique science experiment: making snow! It is amazing how real it felt. They also had a lot of fun doing different art projects related to winter.

Big Bears learned a new rhyme:

“Snowflakes, Snowflakes”

Snowflakes, snowflakes

dance around,

Snowflakes, snowflakes

touch the ground,

Snowflakes, snowflakes

in the air,

Snowflakes, snowflakes


Next week we will learn about forest animals, bear/polar bear, penguins, whales/beluga, ice, water, cave.

Big Bears will also practice pre-writing and cutting skills. We are sure they will love the different fun activities we will be doing.

We celebrated Maria Ximena´s Birthday on Friday!! Her parents came with a lovely cake to share and we all participated in making her crown and in celebrating together.

Take care and have fun over the weekend!