Shapes Everywhere!

This week our Tiny Turtles identified objects around them in the form of shapes and they really enjoyed this activity. We have been reviewing different shapes such as the triangle, circle, square, rectangle an oval.

Next week we will be talking about lines and color introduction as well as to continue with the identification of the shapes and review all the colors. Our fun topic next week will be: dinosaurs.

Start preparing for our “Hocus Pocus Halloween Parade!” The Cat Walk Parade  and  Halloween party will be held on  Thursday, October 30th at,Toddler Tree. Your child will need a simple costume in order to parade on a special catwalk for parents to enjoy. More information coming soon.

As soon as we start with our more cool days, we strongly recommend you write your child’s name on the label of the sweater he or she will be wearing in order to avoid misplacing them. Thank you and have a wonderful weekend with your family!