March Week 2

This week we talked and learned about farm animals: their habitat, food that some may provide us with and the different sounds each one makes. Our students found the rooster is the one who crows each morning, waking all of the farm friends. Big Bears also learned the different animal families and their members as each one has a specific name. Big Bears continue taking care of their growing plant. The weather has not been very helpful, but we hope in the following days, they will grow even more. During this week we practiced singing “Mary had a Little Lamb” and learned a new rhyme called “One, Two tie my shoe”. Please ask your child to share the new things he or she has been learning with you!. We want to remind you that our Easter Party is coming up soon. Please collect as many eggshells as you can, and send them to us as soon as possible. We will appreciate your help very much. Next week we will be focusing on introducing spring: weather, trees and flowers.

Have a nice long weekend!

Farm Introduction

This week the children learned about the farm. They had lots of fun associating the farm animal sounds and identifying to which animal it belonged. The children also discovered the environment in which each animal lives. During circle time, the children learned to use gardening tools such as the shovel and hoe to plant seeds. They learned that with water and sun a plant will grow. Our students also learned that milk and cheese come from the cow, while eggs come from a hen. In creativity the children planted their own flower seeds. They also created Old McDonald’s farm using red paint and rollers. To create each animal the kids made hand prints using different colors of paint. During reading, we enjoyed the book “5 Little Ducks”, and the animal puppet glove to tell the story of Old McDonald. During physical development, the children have been using hats and animal masks to role play as farm animals and farmers. They had lots of fun this week!

This week’s vocabulary words were: seed, sun, water, soil, growing, planting, hoe, shovel, farmer, barn, egg, cheese, tractor, milk, butter, cow, hen.

Next week’s vocabulary words are: Rooster, Hen, Chicks, Cow, Horse, Sheep, Pig, Ducks, Turkeys

March Week 1

This week we had a blast! Big Bears started learning about the farm and planting a seed. They found out how to plant a seed and what a plant needs in order to grow. They are taking care of their plant with patience and are eager to see it grow. Song: “Planting” (Tune Row Your Boat)

Plant, plant, plant your seeds

In a long straight row

water them and watch them

as they grow!

During our art time,we began creating a farm with its own barn. All of them had lots of fun and were able to use different materials and techniques. These activities helped them to continue developing their fine and gross motor skills.Next week we will continue talking about the farm, but now focusing on the different animals sounds and the food they provide. Big Bears will “live” next Friday a “Farm Adventure” where they will make and do special activities full of enriching moments.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Welcome March!

We have started a new month this week….March! We’ve been talking all about the farm with its vocabulary words, its food, and farm activities as well. We are learning about plowing the field,  planting a seed, and watching it grow. On Monday we planted beans and the kids learned and practiced several skills. First they were asked to count three beans (math), then they were told to insert them inside a small jar (fine motor skills) and later they were asked to put some cotton (grasping and hand-eye coordination) inside. After that they put one more bean on top and they splashed some water (again, use of fine motor skills). Every day they have taken a look at their seed and have been observing if they see any changes from the previous day. Activities may look simple but there is “more than meets the eye”.
The kids enjoy the new March songs and rhymes and we encourage you to reinforce theme vocabulary at home such as: farmer, crops, barn, fence, hay, field, planting, growing, milk, eggs, butter. Our Terrific Tigers group had their individual picture taken this week as well as their group picture. They all looked so nice! We hope you have been enjoying our daily pictures sent on our private facebook group! Have a nice weekend!