Creepy Crawlies!

This week our students learned about creepy crawlies. They had so much fun making activities involving new vocabulary words. During creativity, kids made a ladybug and a bee with their footprints, they also made beautiful butterflies made out of coffee filters, caterpillars made out of fruit loops, a very hungry caterpillar made with their hand prints as well as a cup resembling a planting pot of dirt (cookies) and (gummy) worms.
In our physical development, the children enjoyed marching like ants, crawling like worms, flying like bees and butterflies using costumes, puppets, and fun songs to sing along.
They loved the book by Eric Carle “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” and the “Butterfly Kiss” by Vicki Churchill. Our students learned that bees make honey and that they live in a beehive. Kids also learned that caterpillars make a house called a cocoon before transforming into beautiful butterflies.

During exploration time kids had fun sorting different types of bugs into containers!

This week’s vocabulary words were:worm, bugs, dirt, grass, beehive, bees, fly, swatter, ladybug, grasshopper, cricket, ants, anthill, caterpillar & butterfly

Next week’s vocabulary words and concepts: Easter Bunny, Making Baskets, Coloring Eggs, Hide/Seek/Find

Creepy Crawlies!

This week has been an interesting one since the Terrific Tigers group has been learning a lot about bugs and insects. They have learned that these kinds of animals live outside, especially in the garden. They recognize bees, ladybugs, ants and butterflies. The kids have been seeing pictures of these bugs on a special poster and have been singing songs related to all of them. Our students have enjoyed listening to stories about these creatures, too! As a group activity, it was interesting to watch and see that they were able to assemble a giant puzzle together on the floor (with the help of the teachers) This puzzle was filled with pictures of may different types of bugs and they were able to identify most of them! As an art project they made their own lady bug.

We would like to remind you to please send eggshells with your child to school. We are getting ready for our Rainbow Parade Party, so the kids will be decorating and painting them for the egg hunt that will take place on that day.

I am looking forward to seeing each one of you on Thursday, April 3rd at our Parent-teacher conference.

Have a wonderful weekend!


March Week 4

We had such a great time with the creepy crawlies theme! Big Bears experienced great learning moments throughout the week. We used different techniques during creativity, but the kids especially loved the edible projects such as the worm´s habitat and the beautiful butterfly cupcakes.

Our students also enjoyed listening to different stories. “The Butterfly Kiss” was their favorite. Big Bears role played as butterflies and bees. They had fun playing “Scoop-a-Bug” with bees, flies, grasshoppers and ladybugs, too. We also made a beautiful insect habitat puzzle learning all about insects and bugs.

 Here is the beehive

Where are the bees?

Hidden away where nobody sees.

Watch and you´ll see them

Come out of the hive

One, two, three, four, five!

Next week we will introduce Easter and will continue covering the topic of Spring. Big Bears are excited because they will paint and fill the egg shells with confetti. We are getting ready for our Rainbow Parade and Party. It will take place on Wednesday, April 9 at 10:00 a.m. at the Colonia Sierra Madre Park.

Have a wonderful weekend!



Rainbow Spring Parade 2014

It has become a tradition at Toddler Tree to celebrate the coming of Spring and Easter with a special party. The event begins at 10:00am with families arriving at the park with a decorated trike, bike or vehicle that will be organized by group at the indicated location. Here are some examples of how Toddler Tree families have decorated different vehicles using paper, balloons, flowers, plush toys and other decorations.

For mobile devices, use this link.

The kids can choose from a variety of activities the teachers have prepared and there will be time for an individual photo shoot with the Easter bunny, too. When everyone has arrived, Toddler Tree staff will blow the whistle to start the Parade. The kids will ride through the park on the sidewalk path in their decorated vehicles. Everybody will share a snack after that. Next week we will be preparing confetti stuffed eggshells for the Easter Egg Hunt that will take place after the snack. We look forward to seeing you there!

Spring is Here!

This week our students learned about the rainbow and its colors by making a rainbow made out of different textures and techniques. During story, they loved the “What Makes a Rainbow” book, identified different colors by pointing them around the room and calling their name.They also enjoyed the ” Good Morning Sun” book, after reading the book kids sang along the “Mr.Sun” and “Good Morning” songs. Kids have been learning about the growing cycle, watering their own plant everyday and watching them grow!

During creativity, we made flowers from egg cartons, pom poms and pipe cleaners. However, they most enjoyed painting their own flower. The children have been learning in circle time that seeds grow with some water and the sun.

Here is a video your kiddos may enjoy:

In physical development the children are learning about up-down, fast-slow, freeze, soft-loud, and clapping to the rhythm of music. They are beginning to identify the first letter of their names, and sitting down on their letter on the carpet.

This week’s vocabulary words were:
Colors of the rainbow

Next week’s vocabulary words will be:

We would like to remind you to send as many eggshells as you can for our Easter Egg Hunt that will take place on April 9th. More information will be coming out next week.

Also, we’ve sent an email with your parent-teacher conference schedule, please confirm your assistance with a reply.

Thank you and have a great weekend!

Welcome Spring!

This week we have been talking about  Spring, and all the words related to this wonderful season of the year: rain, sun, clouds, rainbow. We reviewed what our students had done with the beans….planting a seed, and watching it grow with the 3 main elements: water, sun and air.
The kids were very excited to see their seedling start to form into a plant and so they took them home to care for their plant! Talking about the garden, we saw what trees and flowers are and they were able to handle a real flower (rose) and feel the soft petals and smell the sweet smell of it. It was heartwarming to listen to a student say he wanted to give his mommy a flower!
Finally, we talked about reusing and recycling objects.

Here is a video your kiddos may enjoy:

We were happy to have yet another superkid this month: Tomas Klug who had his special celebration at school on Friday and his mom brought cupcakes to share with his classmates. Mr. Mike visited our classroom to celebrate Tomas with us, using his accordion to sing to him the Happy Birthday song.
We are really excited preparing for our Easter parade coming up in April. We would like to remind you to please bring your eggshells to school so our students can start painting them for our special celebration!

Have a wonderful weekend!

March Week 3

Spring is coming soon!

We started introducing this season with the Big Bears, going over rain, sun, clouds, umbrella and boots. We made important observations, like how clouds change their color with the weather, for example. We also talked about how we dress appropriately for weather changes. We had fun coloring and learning a new rhyme:

“Rainbow Colors”

Rainbow purple, rainbow blue,

Rainbow green and yellow too.

Rainbow orange, rainbow red,

Rainbow smiling overhead.

We were very happy to see how much our plants grew over the long weekend. You can help by changing the plant into a small pot with soil to continue its growth. Your children learned the In Our Garden song, which they can sing to you. Here are some other videos your kiddos may enjoy:

Big Bears made a real flower using different techniques. Some of these projects stay at school so we can share them with you during our conferences that will be held on April 1st. If you haven’t already, please confirm your appointment at your earliest convenience.

As a reminder,we are still collecting eggshells for the Spring Party and Rainbow Parade that will take place on April 9th. We also ask that you help your child decorate a car, bike or whatever vehicle he/she enjoys riding for the Rainbow Parade. We are looking forward to this great event!

Take care and have fun!


Pot of Gold

Here’s an activity your kids will have fun making at home. All you need is a box of Froot Loops, some gold chocolate coins or Hershey’s Kisses with almonds and a paper cut out in the shape of a pot. You can trace the rainbow with colored markers and have your child match the Froot Loops with the color. For younger children, you may want to help them sort the colors first.

Want to be lucky this St. Patrick’s Day? Follow this advice:
1. Find (or make) a four-leaf clover.
St. Patrick used the shamrock leaf to symbolize the Trinity, and today many people wear a shamrock to commemorate Saint Patrick’s Day.
2. Wear green (so you don’t get pinched).
Green is also the color of spring, the shamrock and is connected with hope and nature.
3. Kiss the blarney stone.
Blarney Castle is located in County Cork, Ireland. The Blarney stone is located in the southern tower wall between the main castle wall and the parapet. In order to kiss the stone one has to lie on their back and bend backward (and downward), holding iron bars for support. It is said that the Blarney stone has magical properties.
4. Catch a Leprechaun if you can.
Be careful! Do not take your eyes off him for if you do he will surely vanish and your hopes of finding his treasure will vanish with him.

In honor of the festivities, we leave you with this Irish blessing: May your blessings outnumber the shamrocks that grow and may trouble avoid you wherever you go!

Farm Animals

This week our students had lots of fun learning about farm animals and their sounds! During story they loved hearing the “Old MacDonald” and holding stuffed animals to sing along. They also loved the “Noisy Farm” book where they pushed buttons to hear each animal’s sound. We have also enjoyed the B-I-N-G-O song, especially passing around a stuffed animal dog.

During circle time, we role-played as farm animals using duck masks while singing “Six Little Ducks”. The class learned the Mary had a Little Lamb story and song in Mr. Mike’s Circle Time. This week was a busy week in creativity, too. We made a paper plate cow, pasting the spots, eyes and nose with glue. We also made a Rooster, where the kids colored the rooster and pasted real feathers on the paper. The kids experienced feeling and manipulating a new texture. We also got to finish a paper bag barn.

Friday was a fun day! Our Caterpillars decorated cupcakes using marshmallows, frosting and purple skittles to create a pig and a sheep. They were very excited to create and eat them! During exploration, the toy barn with plastic animals was a great hit! The students learned each animal sound and they loved finding the animal on the bulletin board.

This week’s vocabulary words were: Sheep, Pig, Horse, Cow, Barn, Dog, Cat, Rooster, Hen, and Chicks.
they also learned the difference between using a soft voice and a loud voice while singing.

Next week’s vocabulary words are: : Rain, sun, clouds (umbrella & boots), Rainbow (review colors), Growing: seed, soil, sun, water, plant, Flowers & Trees

Farm Animals

During this week our Terrific Tigers have been learning about farm animals. They are now able to identify them, and recognize the different sounds each of these animals make. During Circle Time they have been role playing these animals, and have enjoyed that very much! In our Art class we have been working on a farm animal: the  pig…..we have taken several days since the kids are using several techniques to work on it such as painting, cutting, pasting. Most of our students were able to associate our “cowboy” vocabulary word to “Woody” from Toy Story! We also had a  fun week since we had two super kids!! Diego Acosta had his birthday celebration on Monday and his mom brought cupcakes. On Friday, Regina Marcos also had her birthday celebration at our kinder and her mom  brought cupcakes to school!  Next week we will start to talk about our next season: Spring! We would like to remind you to please collect egg shells for us. In April we will have our Easter party and the kids really enjoy painting and decorating their egg shells and then searching for them. You can bring them to school in your childs’ lunchbox. We would like to remind you that we have a holiday on Monday, so we will resume school on Tuesday! Please enjoy your long weekend!