Transportation Week

This week the children had lots of fun learning about transportation. During manipulatives they enjoyed playing with cars, trains and solving transportation puzzles. They also enjoyed singing “Flying in an Airplane”, “The Wheels on the Bus”, “Row Row Row Your Boat” and “Buckle Up My Seat Belt”. During physical development our students learned to make bicycle movements with their legs while lying on their backs. They also learned how to make a choo-choo train by holding each other’s shoulders. They enjoyed acting like bus drivers, getting inside the collapsible bus. On Wednesday, we had a special visit from the fire department. We all loved watching the firefighters putting out a fire with the hose and hearing the truck’s siren. We also enjoyed watching Mrs. Nancy dressing up and then they even had a turn to dress up, as well. During creativity the children created a choo choo train using paint, glue, glitter and cotton.

This week we celebrated Ro’s and Pablo’s birthdays, too. The kids participated in making their friends a birthday crown, singing Happy Birthday and everybody really enjoyed eating the birthday cakes. We wish them both the very best always!

The vocabulary words the children have learned this week are:airplane, car, boat, ship, helicopter, bicycle, firetruck, police car, ambulance, truck, tractor, and bus.

Next week the children will learn about space and rockets. We will also review community helpers and transportation.

Communtiy Helpers.

Dear Parents,

Our kids have learned so much about community helpers! This week we talked about teachers, doctors, nurses, police officers, dentists and mail carriers. During art we made theme related projects, for that reason the kids did a teacher’s pointer and a doctor’s head band used for his special light.

The visit from the police officers on Wednesday was definitely the highlight for this week!  The children pretended to be a teacher, a doctor, and a dentist and practice rol playing They all wanted to be the community helper!

As you are well aware, staring this week we have been publishing pictures  on our Facebook Terrific Tigers page. We will be updating you with the daily activities we have during our mornings. Please be sure that these pictures are private.

Our other special activity this week was our Valentine party on Friday. We had a colorful red and white day and it was so nice to see our students share their Valentine treats with each other. They really enjoyed their Valentine’s party at school..

Next week we will continue to learn about Community Helpers and different kinds of transportation.

We hope you enjoy your warm weather week-end!







Next week we will be going to the airport, and we will learn about the different forms of transportation. We have a great week coming ahead!

Enjoy your weekend!
Miss Lucia and Miss Vero

February week 3

This week was full of excitement! We had fun making different creativity projects such as a medical kit and a toothbrush. We also had Pedro Ardilla and several policeman woman. They explained and showed some signs. Big Bears were very attentive and had fun taking pictures on the motorcycle. And today we enjoyed Valentine ‘s Day!. Please ask them to tell you the following rhymes:



Red paper blue paper

Crayons and glue

Were making valentines

And one is for you!

Color Valentines

Valentines red

Valentines blue

Valentines pink


Next week we will introduce different types of transportation: land, air and water. And have the firefighters visit us.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Community Helpers Week

This week our class learned about community helpers. We had a special visit from San Pedro’s police department. The children met “Pedro Adrilla” who taught them to fasten their seat belt and the basic symbols of traffic signs. The children also learned about the teacher, dentist, mailman and doctor. During creativity we made a doctor’s first aid kit using cottons, cue-tips, tongue depresser, band aids, and gauze. The children also made a stop light using honey brand crackers, nuetella and skittles with the colors yellow, red, and green. The children sorted the colors and enjoyed this activity a lot. They also made mouth made by an apple, peanut butter and marshmallows. During exploration the children did role playing about community helpers. In reading the children enjoyed reading “Mr. Noisy’s Helpers” and they also enjoyed watching the episodes from “Top of the Tots” about visiting the dentist and doctor. During physical development the children learned “Stop” and “Go” using red and green signs.

On Friday, the children celebrated Valentines Day in the classroom. They enjoyed their snack and passing out candy and treats to their classmates. They also enjoyed singing valentine songs and dancing to them.

Next week the children will learn about transportation: car, truck, bicycle, motorcycle, tractor, boat, airplane, rocket. On Wednesday we will have a special visit from the Firefighters!

We wish you a Happy Valentines Day!

Rescue Team Visit!

This week we had a special visit from the Rescue Team. The Caterpillars saw the different equipment that the rescue team uses and had the opportunity to hear the loud siren, wear the helmet and their heavy fire-proof suit. They had lots of fun!

The children also learned about valentines, we sang Barney’s “I love you” and “My Valentine”. During story time, we read Clifford’s Valentines, Arthur´s Valentines, and I love You This Much. In gym, our class enjoyed playing with the parachute, performing circuits and working with hula-hoops. The children have been finishing their valentines bag using hearts, stamps, colors, glue and sequins. All of our students are able to identify the heart shape and make the heart sound “pum pum”.

We will be celebrating Valentine’s Day on Friday, February 14th. On that day, your child will not need to bring a lunchbox (just a water thermos) because the February Party Hosts will provide snacks for all students. You may send Valentine’s for your child’s classmates, making sure to have enough for the whole class (16) and please label only who they are from, as it helps save time in passing out. Every student will need a bag, basket or box to collect their valentines.

Next week the children will learn: Teacher – love, Doctor & Nurse, Police officer’s visit, Oral Hygiene/ Dentist, Mailman visit/ Valentine’s Day Party.

February Week 2

Big Bears had a visit from San Pedro´s Protección Civil, showing them how a Rescue Team is so important in our community.They showed us different ways how they can save us in a dangerous situation. Big Bears were very attentive and excited. We also talked about Friendship and Love and learned a rhyme named : “February”

“Red paper, blue paper

Crayons and glue.

We’re making valentines

One is for you!

Next week we will have San Pedro Police department visit us on Wednesday. They will explain how they protect us in our community. We will also learn what a Doctor, nurse and dentist do to keep us healthy.

As you already know next Friday, February 14th we will celebrate “Valentine’s Day”

Have fun!




Welcome February!

Dear Parents,

We have now started the new month of February!  Our Tigers have been listening  what love and  friendship are about and we have also been learning about community helpers. On Wednesday, we had a special visit from the Rescue Team and the kids had a great time. We had a chance to listen to the paramedics explain what they do and some of our students even went with them in order to try some of their uniforms, such as helmets and fire  fighter uniforms! They even payed close attention when Mr. Mike was set on a stretch bench pretending he had been hurt in an accident!

We also talked about who a garbage collector is and a baker as well! Since we are going to be talking about different community helpers during this month, we will be having a visit from one of them every week. Next week we will have a police officer visiting and he will be explaining his work and showing the children what he does. Please don’t forget to check out our latest pictures so you can see how the kids are really interested during their presentation!

We will be having our Valentine’s party next Friday, February 14th.  Your children don’t need to bring their lunch boxes that day, since snacks will be provided by different moms. It is a good idea to bring their thermos with water, since most of our students enjoy drinking water rather than juice.

You can send your kids with Valentines to share with their classmates. We would appreciate it if you would just label who  the Valentines are from. We have 15 students in our class room. Each child will be needing a bag, basket or box in order to collect the Valentines that will be shared with them. (similar to how they shared in Halloween)

We are looking forward for next week’s Valentine’s Day Party! It would be nice if your child wears red, white or pink on this special day!

Have a nice weekend!

February Newsletter

During the month of February, we will be focusing on the themes: “Community Helpers”, “Transportation”,“Friendship” and “Valentine’s Day”.


Community    Helpers make communities cleaner, safer, and more pleasant for other people. A community helper is anyone in the community who helps others by providing service of some kind. A community is a group of people who share services, building, and laws. It can be a school, town, city or neighborhood. Examples co community helpers can be a police officer, firefighters, letter carriers, doctors, teachers, school bus drivers, paramedics, librarians, utilityworkers.


Valentine’s Day is for people who love each other. You can also celebrate Valentine’s Day with your friends. Strengthen the bond of friendship with a simple act of love. Let your friend know how much you enjoy his/her companionship with simple and nice actions towards your friend.



Community Helpers, Transportation,Friendship and Valentine´s Day.



The people in your community: their jobs, uniforms, and work places. Friendship and Valentine´s Day.Air, water and land transportation.



  • To teach who the community workers are in our city.
  • To teach the titles of these workers and the jobs they do for our town.
  • After the theme of Valentine is over, the children will understand the true meaning of friendship and how to demonstrate their friendship towards each other.




After the children have understood aboutthehelpers in their community, they will be asked what they can to to help out in their environment.




Love, friendship, cooperation and safety.



Bicycle, bike helmet, fire fighter, fire station, smoke, alarm, hose, fire extinguisher, teacher, dentist, mail carrier, post office, police officer, police car, whistle, signs, doctor, nurse, hospital, ambulance, friend, heart, love, work, help,

Land transportation: cars trucks, motorcycle, bus.

Air transportation: airplane, helicopter, rocket.

Water transportation: sailboat, ship.

Space, planets, moon, sun, stars, astronaut.


Language Patterns:

I love…..

… my friend.

May I help?



Full / empty;  over / under; above / below; fast / slow; be careful and be safe.




Books and Stories:

Just Going to the Dentist.Arthur´s Valentine Countdown. Jaime Visits the Nurse. The Magic School Bus. Let´s Visit the Doctor´s Office. Mr. Charlie, the Fireman´s Friend. Corduroy Goes to the Doctor.


Math Skills:

Numbers 1 to 6, introduce 7, rote counting and basic word problems.



Red, white, pink.



Heart, star and diamond.


Science Discoveries and Manipulatives:

The children will be able to learn practical examples of simple machines: lever, inclined plane, wheel and axle, screws, wedge and pulley.


Motor Skills:

Fine Motor Skills: holding a crayon properly and prewriting exercises.

Physical development: Fire drill (stop, drop, and roll).

Locomotor skills: running, marching, climbing a ladder, peddling a bike.

Non-locomotor skills: hanging/swinging on the monkey bars & tugging a horse.

Coordination skills: reaction exercises and balancing.



Fine Arts:

Drama: role-playing community helps such as a mailman, doctor, nurse, policeofficer , fire fighter.



Healthy Mouth, Doctor´s Bag, Chef Hat, Transportation Track prints, Firefighter’s helmet, letters for Mom and Dad, Build a life-size cardboard house.


Music: The people in your Neighborhood, Red Valentine, My Valentine is Red, Flying in an Airplane, Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed.



Calendar dates and reminders:

  • Monday, February 3rd is our MexicanConstitution Holiday (no classes this day).
  • Wednesday, February 5th:  Rescue Team comes to Toddler Tree (community helper visit)
  • Wednesday, February 12th: Police officers visit Toddler Tree.
  • Friday, February 14th:  Mail carrier visit and Valentine´s Party at Toddler Tree. (please check to see if you are assigned something to bring on this day)
  • Wednesday, February 19th, fire fighter visits Toddler Tree.