March Newsletter

Main Theme: Farm, Spring & Bugs

Main Topics:


Vocabulary      Pig, piglet, rooster, hen, chick, goat, duck, duckling, cow, calf, horse, colt, cat, kitten, sheep, lamb, farmer, fence, barn, pond, hay, lamb, goose, swan. Dirt, root, stem, petals, flower, leaf, rose, daisy, sunflower, tulip,  clover, grass, caterpillar, ants, ant hill, bugs, fly, grasshopper, ladybug, bee, beehive, worm, butterfly, spider, dragonfly, mosquitoes, seed, plant, grow,

Language Patterns      This is- These are, I have, I went

Books  Curious George Visits the Zoo, Babe the Sheep Pig, Big Red Barn, Down on the Farm, Old Mc Donald Had a Farm, Open the Barn Door, The Ugly Duckling A Tree Is Nice, I am a Seed, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, The Flower Princess, In The Forest, The Colors Of The Rainbow, Ten Lady Bugs, The Itsy Bitsy Spider, Let’s Take Care of the Earth, Who Lives Here?, Rain under the Sky, The Seed Song, What Makes a Rainbow,

Concepts         Find/Hide, On/under, Day/night

Action Verbs   Hopping, Climbing, Looking for, Relaxing

Color   White, pink, Brown, Purple.

Math Skills      Number recognition 1 to 8. Review circle, triangle, square and rectangle, oval and diamond.

Science discoveries     Nature wonders through different experiments.

Motor Skills

Fine Motor Skills        Use scissors and work on tracing one’s name. Develop activities to reinforce strength in hands and fingers.

Physical Development Objective        Practice and knowledge of the following: running, jumping, balancing in different obstacle courses and circuits. Relaxation techniques and following different rhythmic patterns.

Fine Arts

Fine Arts Skills           Explore with scraps and recycled materials to make an art project..

Music  Can You Name that Sound?, Uncle Noah’s Arc, Old MacDonald Had a Farm, Animal Letter Sounds, Grandpa’s Farm, Down By the Bay, BINGO, Five Little Butterflies, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Grow, The Beehive, The Ants Go Marching


Value of the Month    Patience/ Tolerance

Super Kids     Paola Marino Livas March 29


Other elements in your student’s development: restraining impulsivity and behavior modification. Please refer to our website for links to selected articles related to these topics.



“ By learning you will teach ; by teaching you will understand . “  Latin Proverb


February Week 4

This week we had three different centers: First we had a beauty salon and barber shop. The girls were very excited looking at all different nail polishes, eye brow colors, make-up, gloss, curlers, hair dryer and flat iron. Wow! they wanted everything. You should have seen their faces. And the boys applied shaving cream using tongue depressers to “shave”. They would say: “Yo no tengo bigotes ni barba!”. They also wanted “gel” to have a new hair style look. Next, they went to the post office. Here Big Bears  had the chance to write a letter to their dearest  parents experiencing the different techniques and learning how to stamp using real envelopes. Oh! They couldn’t believe all the things they needed to do in order to send one. In the last activity they were able to explore a real pizza shop were they baked excellent cheese pizzas. They were delicious!!!.

Song tune ” Take me out to the Ball Game”

Take me out to the Airport

Take me up to the gate

Buy me a ticket to fly so high!

I want to fly through the big open sky!!!

Next week we will introduce the farm with all its elements.

Good-bye to the month of February!

The month of February went by so fast! We had a variety of topics such as: Valentines, community helpers, and transportation. This week the kids enjoyed making two different transportation vehicles, such as a fire engine and a school bus made with recyclable material such as an empty Kleenex box. This was a group activity where the kids had to take turns to work on the project and share this activity with their classmates.  However, our highlight of the week was the visit to the different centers we had prepared for them. We had a post office, a pizza parlor and a beauty salon. Each group visited each one of these centers and enjoyed making different activities in each one.

During March we will be covering  the farm (animals, activities and its products) as well as talking about Spring and bugs and insects. It is always a good idea to reinforce at home what we learn at school, so please take a look at our monthly objectives in our March Newsletter.

Next week we will be having our school pictures taken. We will  be letting you know what specific day.

Have a nice weekend!

March Newsletter

Main Theme: Farm, Spring & Bugs
Main Topic: The farm


Farm Vocabulary: farm, farmer, cow, horse, pig, sheep, chicken, hen, rooster, cat, dog, goose, bird, mouse,
Spring Vocabulary: plants, flowers, trees, seeds, butterfly, caterpillar, ants, bee, spiders

Language Patterns: He/She/It is here OR over there

Books: Babe the Sheep Pig; Big Red Barn; Down on the Farm; Old McDonald Had a Farm; Open the Barn Door

Concepts: big/small & mother/baby

Action verbs: walk, gallop, run, jump, fly, crawl,

Colors: Introduce yellow; review red, pink and white.

Math Skills: Reinforce rote counting 1-5 and introduce 6&7, sorting 3 basic shapes.

Science discoveries: Animal sounds

Motor Skills
Fine Motor Skills: Developing strength with materials such as crayons, brushes, sticks, as well as water spray bottles

Physical development: Listen & Move: different animals

Fine Arts
Fine Arts Skills: Focus on pincer grasp movement exercises with open-ended art projects

Music: Our Animal Friends, When Pigs Get Up, Five Little Ducks, Five Little Butterflies, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Grow, The Beehive, The Ants Go Marching

March 5- Emiliano Cantu

Community Helpers and Transportation

At Toddler Tree have been having a lot of fun getting to know more about people in our community. With visits from the San Pedro Police Department and Rescue Team as well as today´s presentation from the Monterrey Firefighters, our students explored the different vehicles and equipment these helpers use in their daily efforts to make our community safe for everybody.

March Newsletter

During the month of March, we will be focusing on the themes: “Farm”, “Spring” and” Bugs”.


Spring is one of the four conventional temperate seasons, following winter and preceding summer. There are various technical definitions of spring, but local usage of the term varies according to local climate, cultures and customs. When it is spring in the northern hemisphere, it will be autumn in the southern hemisphere. At the spring equinoxdays are close to 12 hours long with day length increasing as the season progresses. Spring and “springtime” refer to the season, and also to ideas of rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal, resurrection, and regrowth.


Main Topic:

Knowledge. This refers to the state of knowing, of learning about specific information about something.



  • After completing the month of March, the student will be able to learn about the basic concepts of spring, farm animals and farm activities and about insects.
  • To teach the basic concepts on farms and the animals that live there.
  • To recognize the different types of creepy crawling bugs and identify them by their pictures.


Value of the month:




Farm, barn, farmer

Pig, cow, sheep, horse, rabbit, chicken, duck

Stem, flower, leaf branch, tree

Rose, daisy, sunflower, tulip

Caterpillar, ladybug, bee, worm, butterfly, spider dragonfly


Language patterns:

They would like……..

Show me…….

Where is…….?



Fast and slow

Up and down


Action verbs:

Hunt, run, gallop, eat, grow, fly,and crawl



White, yellow, orange, black,brown.


Math Skills:

Number 6 and rote counting 1 to 10


Fine Motor Skills:

Using tweezers and scissors, folding paper, and sewing.


Physical Development Objective:

Hop on one foot, run and gallop


Fine Arts:

Fine arts skills: tracing different types of lines, and using glue properly.

Music:   Baa, Baa, Black Sheep;  When Pigs Get Up;  Uncle Noah´s Arc;            The Farmer in the Dell;   Grandpa´s Farm;   Five Little Butterflies;  Itsy Bitsy Spider;   Grow;   The Beehive;   The Ants Go Marching.



Babe the Sheep Pig; Big Red Barn; Down on the Farm; Old McDonald had a Farm; Open the Barn; A Tree is Nice; I am a Seed; The Very Hungry Caterpillar; The Flower Princess; In the Forest; The Colors of the Rainbow; Ten Lady Bugs; The Itsy Bitsy Spider; Let´s Take Care of the Earth; Who Lives here?; Rain under the Sky; The Seed Song; What Makes a Rainbow.




Calendar dates and reminders:

  • Tuesday, March 4ththrough Thursday, March 6th, we will be having the school pictures.


  • Monday, March 17th is a Holiday….we celebrate Benito Juarez´s birthday.

Bye Bye February

This week the children learned about space and reviewed community helpers and transportation. On Monday the children experienced different community helper centers. In the Big Bears room, the children went to the beauty parlor, where the girls enjoyed getting their hair and nails done, while boys shaved and got goofy hair styles. In the Terrific Tigers room, the children enjoyed making letters by stamping and coloring, and placing their letters in an envelope and inserting them on a mail box. On the Caterpillars room the children experienced a Pizzeria. The children enjoyed putting all the ingredients together making dough and baking a pizza. Then they enjoyed eating their pizzas. This week the children had lots of fun role playing, pretending to fly in an airplane made out of mats. They also loved taking the magic rocket ride with Mr. Mike, counting down and flying in the air. During creativity the children made a stick airplane by painting and pasting cloth pins and tongue pressers. They also made a boat made out of corcks, rubber bands and bamboo sticks.

Next week the children will welcome March with the following vocabulary words: farm, farmer, crops, animals, barn, fence, pond, hay, field, Planting & Growing- corn, beans, milk, eggs, butter and an introduction of farm animals, cow, horse, chicken, hen, sheep, pig and rooster.

Different Types of Transportation

Kids have learned so much about different means of transportation! This week we talked about land, air and water transportation.  During art we usually make theme related projects,so  for this reason the kids worked together as a group activity on a fire engine and a school bus. They are learning to use glue with a brush and although some still have trouble they are doing pretty well. We also made a firefighter helmet which they enjoyed! The visit from the Firefighters on Wednesday was definitely the highlight for this week. Finally, they pretended to be a pilot in an airplane and they had the chance of role playing as if they were boarding a plane and some even were the pilot flying it!. The kids got so excited!!!

Next week we will be reviewing the different forms of transportation and talking about space, planet and astronauts. We have a great week coming ahead!

Enjoy your weekend!

February Week 3

We had a great time learning about the different types of transportation: air, water and land. Big Bears expressed themselves with enthusiasm throughout the week.

The kids were excited by the Firefighters visit.They were impressed by their performance. All of them had a chance to wear a helmet or jacket and took turns holding the water hose, experiencing the sensation of pouring a large amount of water. We also had Ms. Nancy role play using the complete firefighter suit. The whole outfit weights about 35 kilos! Watching how they performed made us conscious of the great effort these community helpers do in keeping all of us safe.

Next week our classrooms will transform into different centers such as a bakery, post office and beauty salon / barber shop for all Toddler Tree students to enjoy. We also look forward to learning about the space and our solar system.

Have fun!