Winter Clothing!

This week we have been talking about winter clothing  Most kids are able to identify them since they are currently wearing winter clothes and they are very familiar with them. We have been bringing different items of winter clothing to our class and they have been able to identify them by name (sweater, jacket, coat, mittens, gloves, cap, hat, etc.) They are becoming very familiar with winter concepts!

Last Wednesday was  Adrian Aragay’s birthday celebration, and he was super kid on this special day.  We had a visit from his mom who brought  cupcakes to share with his classmates. Of course, Mr. Mike came in and played the “Happy Birthday ” tune with his accordion. The kids love birthday celebrations!

Our Grandmother’s Day celebration will be coming up! We sent the information of this event by e-mail last Wednesday, and your kids took their personal invitations made especially by them on Friday. We hope we will be able to have most of their grandmothers at school on this special day!

We have also sent a document with the latest list group of our Terrific Tigers group. We are happy to say that our new students have adapted very well into their group and our original students have been very happy to have them in their group as well!

We hope you have a wonderful weekend! We are  sure you will enjoy our pictures of our daily activities here at Terrific Tigers!

January Week 2

During this week we reviewed winter vocabulary: snowflakes, snowman and winter clothes. The kids were able to differentiate between several clothing items. Also, we started practicing opposites and naming differences between shapes. Big Bears had a great time tracing and cutting gloves, mittens, hats, boots, jackets or sweaters to play dress up by pasting these on a silhouette and then they colored their hair and detailed the parts of the face.

Next week we will learn about forest animals, bears/polar bears, penguins,reviewing pre-writing and cutting skills, as well. We are sure they will love the different fun activities we will be doing.

Here are the following pictures of what we did this week


They all learned “A Happy Jolly Fellow” and “Sledding”, January rhymes.

We are very excited to meet our Big Bears grandmothers on Tuesday, January 28th, 2014. There will be 2 shifts with different schedules, so please remind grandmothers to be on time! We love to have them.

Take care and have fun over the weekend!

January Week 1

Wishing you and your family a happy 2014 full of hope and joy! Well, we are back looking forward to an exciting and productive year. January will be a month for learning about things related to winter. We will do our best so Big Bears continue learning different experiences as continuing to support their over all development. We are so eager to have our dearest Grandmothers as guests on Tuesday January 28. We will let you know fabout specific times in the invitations that will be sent out prior to the event.

Please remember to label all jackets and sweaters.

Here are some pictures from this week´s classrooom activities:

2014….Here We Go!!

The Terrific Tigers are getting back on track with their routine. We have had lots of absent students this week because of cold weather and some of our students were unfortunately  feeling sick. We really hope to see all of them back in school on Monday since this weather is getting nicer and nicer!

This week we have experimented several changes. Some of our students moved on to the Big Bears group and we have 6 new students in our group now….We want to welcome Marianne, Emiliano, Rocco, Olivia, Bernardo, and Santiago Duran to our Terrific Tigers group. Bernardo has been ill and will not join our group until next week. All of these students transitioned very well and our students were happy to welcome them to their group!
We have been learning about winter and the vocabulary related to it such as: cold, snow, snowman,snowflake, and winter fun, like sports practiced during winter season (sledding, skiing, ice-skating)   During art we have been working on a winter project on a beautiful scenery with a pine tree and snowflakes as well as a snowman ornament for the door, which you will be receiving as soon as the students finished them….

It has been wonderful getting to be around your children once more…we surely missed them over the holidays! We hope you enjoy our pictures of our activities during our first week back at school!

Happy New Year 2014!!!!