November Week 1

We are learning the different types of fruits and veggies how they should be incorporated in our nutrition. They had the chance to tell us which one was their favorite and described their shapes and colors. They had the opportunity to taste two specific fruits. They learned that lemon tastes sour while an orange tastes sweet.

Josemanuel was our super kid on Friday. He had a great time.

As a creative activity each Big Bear had the opportunity to make two posters, one for veggies and the other for fruits. We will continue with all the different types of berries. They will try a fruit salad. Here are some pictures of this week’s activities:

Next week they will learn about proteins and grains, too. We will experience using the sense of touch so we can feel the shape and texture.

Big Bears will start experiencing and knowing about what Thanksgiving means such as sharing, being grateful, and thankful. Big Bear will start learning a new rhyme called “Gobble, Gobble”. Please ask them to recite it.

Gobble, Gobble

A turkey is a funny bird,

His head goes wobble, wobble

He only knows one funny word

Gobble, gobble, gobble.

Please don´t forget to label all of your child´s sweaters, jackets and items to avoid mix-ups.

Have a great weekend!

October Week 4

During this week we reviewed Halloween characters and the rhymes “The Witch”  and “Trick or Treat”. We also practiced our new song “Pumpkin Pumpkin”.They were very excited the whole week waiting for the Monster Treat Parade. Here are some photos:

Big Bears had the opportunity to roll play as if they were goblins, witches, cats, ghosts, bats etc. Each one talked about their costume. And how they were going to be painted. It is so enriching to see when our Big Bears learn new things and how they help each other. Our parade was full of wonderful moments. Oh we enjoyed the way they recite and sang Halloween rhymes ans songs. Next week they will start learning about different fruits and vegetables.Let’s keep for the best! Remember we have parent conference next week Tuesday November 5. Please be on time! We would appreciate very much to make sure all of your child’s items and sweaters are labeled to avoid mix-ups.

Have a great weekend.

Welcome November!

The Halloween Monster Treats catwalk parade was a total success!! The kids prepared all month long for this event. We told them about costumes so that they would be more eager to wear them, and it worked! The Terrific Tigers also had a chance to sing the “Itsy Bitsy Spider” song and show you their “Trick or Treat, Terrific Tigers are so sweet” little rhyme! Once inside the classroom, they had a chance to give out their candy showing how they share with each other  and receive from others. They practiced sharing and it was easier than expected. Now we are ready to say bye to October and hello to November!

During November we will go over fruits, vegetables , Thanksgiving  and The Harvest.frutas_verduras_masa_muscul. The kids will learn to say “thank you” and “you are welcome”, among other things. It is going to be a great month! We will also focus on the sense of smell. We will do several dynamics in which kids will be blindfolded and will need to guess what it is. We are looking forward for November!images

Words to be reviewed next week are fruits and vegetables, such as apple, banana, orange, lemon, carrot, tomato, lettuce, celery, etc.

We hope you enjoy your weekend and we also hope you enjoy our weekly pictures!

November Newsletter

Toddler Tree teachers are excited about reviewing your child’s progress at kinder with you. Please confirm your assistance.

During the month of November we’ll be covering “The Harvest” theme, learning about nutrition and different types of food. We are planning field trips to HEB San Pedro during the middle of the month to complement the theme.

Thanksgiving provides a great opportunity to experience food and the concept of sharing. We’ll hold a celebration on Tuesday, November 26th with all groups. Here is a brief history of Thanksgiving:

The Pilgrims left England on September 6, 1620 destined to find a New World that offered both civil and religious liberty. For over two months, the 102 passengers braved the harsh elements of a vast storm-tossed sea. Arriving in Massachusetts in late November, the Pilgrims found a suitable landing place at Plymouth Rock. Assisted by helpful Indians, they reaped a bountiful harvest the following summer. The grateful Pilgrims then declared a three-day feast to thank God and to celebrate with their Indian friends. It was America’s first Thanksgiving Festival.


Theme: The Harvest

Topics: Food and Thanksgiving



fruits, vegetables, salad, bread, butter, turkey, eggs, milk, pancakes, cereal, pilgrim, indian, dinner, breakfast, lunch.

Action Verbs

run, hide, eat, cut, drink, bounce

Language Patterns

I like to eat…, This food taste good/bad, Can you share with me? May I go to the bathroom, please?


Stone Soup; Elmo’s World – Food; Little Red Hen; Baker, Baker, Cookie Maker; Elmo’s Good Manners Game; This is the Bread That Betsy Ate; The Seed Song; Cookie Monster Book of Cookie Shapes, City Mouse and Country Mouse, Too Much Junk Food.


tall – short, eat – smell – taste, give – take

Math Skills

Rote counting 1 to 20. Identify 1- 5. Matching and Classification. Circle and Triangle.

Science Discoveries

Make and taste different foods like fruit salad, orange juice, bread, pancakes, etc. Explore different reactions of substances and liquids together.



fingerpaint, color mixing, food printing.


Fruit Salad, Please and Thank You, The Sharing Song, I Like Turkey, Little Turkey, Apples and Bananas, Potatoes and Tomatoes, On Thanksgiving Day, Five Fat Turkeys, One Little Turkey Ran Away

Role Play & Drama

Thanksgiving role play, dress up like Indians and Pilgrims, chase the turkey and have a dinner. Five Little Indians


Fine Motor Skills

Trace straight lines and circles. Use scissors by steps: holding, open/close, free cutting and straight line patterns.


Knowledge and practice of the following skills: rolling, climbing, bouncing, pushing and pulling. Learn about follow instructions and games rules. falling, dancing, swinging, hopping, eating, sharing.


Values of the Month

Thankfulness and Sharing

November Birthday

Josemanuel Gutierrez Nov.9