Happy Thanksgiving!

This short week we reviewed the vocabulry words seen over the last weeks about Thanksgiing….indians, pilgrims, teppe, hunt, fish, and the meaning of Thaksgiving.

On Tuesday we had our Thanksgiving celebration. Mr. Mike, Mrs. Maricusa dressed up as pilgrims, Ms. Cristy as an indian and the kids recognized their outfits when they saw them! November room mothers prepared a delicious Thanksgiving meal and we set it up on an elegant table. Thank you! Our Terrific Tigers group went to view the table with the food and Mrs. Maricusa explained all the different types of food, including turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, cranberries, pumpkin pie and pecan pie… everything was delicious!!

After the food display, the kids were served a plate with all the different types of food from this Thanksgiving meal. It was very nice to see that most of our students tasted everything on their plate. Some of them actually ate everything and some of them even asked for seconds!! It all tasted great.

Sophie’s mom, Barbara came to our classroom on Monday and talked to the children about Hanukkah celebration. Sophie shared chocolate “coins”, and some beautiful cupcakes decorated with the traditional Hanukkah ornaments. Thank-you Sophie and her mom, Barbara, for sharing this experience with our Terrific Tigers group!

No classes this Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. We will be returning to kinder on Monday, December 2nd, focusing on themes related to the month of December and practicing for our Winter Festival.

We would like to remind you to please mark the sweaters and jackets of your children so they won’t get mixed up.

Please take a look at our pictures. They are related to our Thanksgiving Celebration…

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving

Even though we had a short week we enjoyed every single moment. Big Bears had a blast celebrating Thanksgiving. Before the feast, we had the opportunity of participating in a role-play presentation as turkeys. We sang and recited our rhymes. The kids had a view of the buffet table and shared delicious dishes in the classroom tasting turkey, corn, mashed potatoes, yams, cranberries, and pumpkin pie. After eating, all Toddler Tree students rotated around planned centers including: magnet fishing, pasting feathers on a turkey, and identifying color games.

All these delicious meals were provided by our dearest room mothers. Thank you moms!

Here are the following pictures of what we did this week:

As you know there will be no classes due to the Thanksgiving Holiday Celebration. Classes will resume on Monday December 2nd.

Enjoy your child these days and get ready for December!

Let´s be grateful and thankful for this wonderful year!

Sharing and Caring

Big Bears now understand what to give and share with other children means. They were enthusiastic in being thankful, too. We were involved in different activities such as a role playing in a story named “Little Red Feather”. They were fantastic taking their role.

This week was full of excitement and experiences. Besides learning all our objectives and doing our best in our creativity art projects, Big Bears had the opportunity to receive several visitors.

Daniela´s grandparents and her mom wanted to share with us a story. Her grandfather (and Dany) retold an adventurous jungle trip that she took with them. They interacted with each other in a sensational way. As they traveled in the jungle with difficulty Daniela was able to save grandpa, and at the last moment, grandma, too. Mr. Marcos drew several jungle animals and involved the Big Bears class in their story. Everybody was happy!

Finally, Josemanuel wanted to share his bunny with us. It visited us and showed us what it likes to do.


As you can see we had lots of fun!

Next week we will be having a Thanksgiving celebration on Tuesday, November 26.

Remember that as we celebrate this event, there will be no classes from Nov. 27 through Nov. 29.

We will be very happy to see you on Monday Dec. 2, 2013.

Take care and have fun!

Supermarket Adventure!

After enjoying our holiday on Monday, we started this week with a new theme: Thanksgiving. Over the last weeks we had been focusing on food and sharing. Now we are getting ready for our next weeks’ Thanksgiving celebration! Our Terrific Tigers were able to understand the meaning of Thanksgiving since it was told to them like a story. They are now familiar with who Pilgrims and Indians are and some of them even remembered the name of the ship in which the Pilgrims arrived: The Mayflower!

The HEB visit was a success. Although it is common to go with kids to the supermarket, we sometimes  forget that kids love touching and learning about food hands on.

This was a great & different experience for the Tigers since they had opportunity to see, touch, smell and  compare the different fruits and vegetables we had been reviewing in our classes. It was also fun for them to have their classmates with them, which usually doesn’t happen when they go to the supermarket with mom!

Next week we will focus on the Thanksgiving celebration that  will take place on Tuesday.

We hope you have a  nice weekend and we are sure you will enjoy our weekly pictures!

November week 2

We had the opportunity to experience what a fruit tastes like. Big Bears reviewed that lemon tastes sour while an orange tastes sweet. Now they had the chance to try something salty. They were able to see a picture of a tongue showing in what part of it, is the place for each taste.           Sour                                   Sour

Salty                                   Salty


They also the opportunity to try salty crackers. They tried tortilla chips with corn and beans. They had a blast! They did different shapes with peanut butter with bread. Here are some pictures of this week´s activities. They learned a Pilgrim song (Tune “Twinkle Twinkle”)

Little Pilgrim

Little Pilgrim came today

On that 1st Thanksgiving day

Side by side, ate and sang

Let´s be thankful for this day

For our friends and things we have

Let´s be glad for you and me

For our home and family!

And a rhyme:

Just like that!

Turkey Turkey

Big and Fat

I´m going to eat you!

Just like that!

Here are some pictures of what we did this week:

Next Monday November 18th there will be no classes due to the Mexican Revolution.

Have a happy and safe weekend.

Getting ready for Thanksgiving!

This week we continued to focus on our main topics: food and sharing, which are themes related to our upcoming important celebration: Thanksgiving! We went over the vocabulary words of food in the grain section and the protein section, and finished the week reviewing all the main groups of food: fruits, vegetables milk products, etc. We continued bringing to school the actual food we were talking about and they were very interested in touching and smelling it!

In art activities, the Tigers loved painting different kinds of pasta using 4 different colors and then they carefully pasted the colored pasta into a cornucopia.

Next week, on Wednesday, November 20th, we will be visiting the supermarket  in order to reinforce the food concepts that we have been learning at our kinder. We will meet at HEB Humberto Lobo at 9:00 and you will be accompanying your child throughout  our visit in the store. When our tour is finished, we will be going to Toddler Tree to resume normal activities. Please don’t send a lunch box with food since HEB will provide a healthy snack for your kids . You might want to send water to drink.

We would like to remind you that Monday, November 18th will be a Holiday and we have no classes on that day.

As you are well aware, our cold season has begun. Please be sure to mark your child’s’ belongings with his or her name in order to assure proper handling at the end of the morning. Thank you!

We hope you enjoy our pictures of the activities done during this week.

Have a nice (and long) weekend!

Fruits and Vegetables.

November started with a completely different theme…..food! It was nice to see how they recognized most of our vocabulary words we reviewed with our fruits and vegetables. They were very curious when we showed them real pieces of fruits and vegetables and they were interested in touching and smelling them.

We have been relating our theme with caring ( helping) and sharing since we will soon be talking about Thanksgiving to our students and making them understand the true meaning of the Thanksgiving message: helping each other and sharing  our goods with others….

Remember we will be having the visit of an ophthalmologist to check the vision of your kids…please let us know you are interested in having his service done to your child.

We hope you have a nice week end! Take a time and enjoy the pictures of our daily activities at Terrific Tigers!