October Week 1

This week we had the opportunity to learn about shapes and using different materials. The Big Bears enjoyed using their creativity making a pointer. They had fun doing it. We also practiced our new song “ Columbus, Columbus”, each one took turns and in front of their friends repeated it. Sometimes they even acted while they said it. We love observing how each day they learn new things!

On October 1st Sebastian was our super kid. He had a great time celebrating with Big Bears and Mom.

During next week the class will discover different types of lines (straight, curved, zigzag, etc.) and textures. We will continue with other shapes, too.

On Thursday October 31 we will celebrate Halloween. Start looking for costumes so your child can participate in our catwalk. Try to find simple costumes for their own comfort. We also suggest it should allow your child to move freely. Is possible use make-up instead of mask so it won´t obstruct their sight.

Columbus Columbus

He sailed across the sea

And found a land

For you and me.

Columbus Columbus

We celebrate the day

You landed in America

In 1492.