My School / Mime Time! – September Week 4


During this week we have been talking about school related vocabulary and activities they do during their stay at school. The songs we sang were about School Bus, Getting Ready for School, My School Box.




As a creative project, children made their own chalkboards and were asked what they wanted painted on their own chalkboard. They took this activity home on Thursday.



They were also very interested in painting with apples! It was curious for them to paint the apples and use them as stamps!!





Terrific Tigers were able to experience “eating” a school bus. Each one, had the opportunity to spread cheese on a cracker and use black olives as tires. All of them were very excited about this delicious project.


We prepared the kids for our Mime visit, showing them a sequence  of pictures of a  real person going through the different phases of face painting and costume until the final result of a clown.



Miss Yayis showed the students how she painted her face with the white color, and the kids even helped her paint her face!



At the end of the activity, she also showed them that you can take away the paint from the face, and “return” to your normal self. The objective of this was to show the kids that clowns are real persons with costumes and face paint.



The kids enjoyed the mime experience. It is good to have them exposed to new situations so they can see, feel and learn to react to different people and circumstances.




This week Diego became a Big Brother and we were really happy to celebrate this moment with him.




October is almost here!! We will be introducing them to fall and Halloween . We can’t wait for the Halloween parade!



We hope you enjoy the pictures of all the activities that went on during this interesting week at Terrific Tigers!

Week 4

September 27, 2013

Big Bears had fun learning all about school. They are also adapting to new rules and instructions such as how and where to line up, stand, walk and sit.They are learning the consistency of a routine.

I would like to invite you to read a short story to your child at least four times a week. As you know, this activity will help her/him to develop language skills,both verbal and non verbal. I encourage you to have a conversation about the story with them your child will enjoy it.

This Friday the 27 th. we had fun pretending to be mimes. We had several children expressing feelings using mimics. Once they saw the real Mime their faces responded in different ways and experiences. They all felt safe and were amazed by the Mime ‘ s presentation.

Have a nice weekend!




October Newsletter 2013

Theme:        “My World”
Topics:         “Shapes and Colors” “The Fall and Halloween”
·         –  Know the basic shapes (triangle, circle, square, oval, rectangle).
·          – Recognize the seasons of the year (winter, spring, summer, fall).
·          – Know the difference of hot air and cold air.
·          – Convert water to solid (ice) and liquid.
·          – Be able to identify identity failed concepts (tree, leaves, pumpkin, scarecrow).
·          – Identify and continue repeating patterns Simple Halloween (Trick or Treat, Happy Halloween).
·          – Understand the straight line and colors.
Vocabulary: straight line
·         Shapes: triangle, circle, square, oval and rectangle
·         Seasons: winger, spring, summer, fall
·         The Fall: trees, leaves, pumpkin, scarecrow
·         Halloween: witch, cat, broom, ghost, bat, spider, candy, costume, skeleton
Language Patterns : Where is ….. / Here (there) it is … / What is … Trick or Treat …. Happy Halloween
Books : The Shape Book; Colors All Around, Who’s There on Halloween?; Book Little Critters Halloween, Happy Halloween, Biscuit, Scooby Doo’s Mystery Book; What is Halloween?; Mrs. Broom, Trick or Treat, Five Little Monsters, Spiders, Spiders Everywhere.
Concepts : Light / Dark, Hot / Cold, Over / Under
Action Verbs : crawl, hide, run, chase
Colors : green, yellow, orange, brown, white and black
Math Skills : Classify object by color, sort by shape and match by size.
Rote-counting with manipulatives 1 to 20. Identify and name numbers 1 to 9.
Science discoveries :
·         Hot and cold air
·         Hard and soft water
·         Exploring leaves: sight, smell,           sound
·         Carving a pumpkin
·         Discovering light and shadow           effects.
·         Review fire and sand
Motor Skills:
Fine Motor Skills: pincer grasp practice using droppers and liquids. Cut straight lines in different materials. Punch punching paper with sticks. Insert objects into containers. Open and close hands.
Physical Development Objective : Breathing techniques and relaxation, balance, rhythm.
Exercises: run, jump and fall, roll, gallop, Transporting objects.
Sportsmanship:    listening, taking turns, Following instructions and game rules.
Fine Arts:
Mixing paint to Obtain green and orange. Mixing colors by adding yellow, using paint and water.
Practice up-down, left-right, and Circular Movements with thick paintbrush.
Drama : Role-play characters wearing Halloween costumes, masks, brooms, wands, etc..
Music: Five Little Pumpkins, Little Pumpkin, Do You Know it’s Halloween?, Colors, Triangle Circle and Square, Rainbow of colors, Itsy Bitsy Spider, I’ma Witch, Witch’s Brew.
Socio-emotional :
Value of the month: Responsibility and order.


October Newsletter

Title: October 2013 Newsletter



Theme: My World

Topics: Shapes & Colors, The Fall and Halloween




  • Lines: straight, curved, zigzag
  • Shapes: Triangle, Circle, Square, Oval and Rectangle
  • Seasons: winter, spring, summer, fall, air, fire, water, sand
  • The Fall: trees, leaves, pumpkin, scarecrow
  • Halloween: witch, cat, broom, ghost, bat, spider, candy, costume, skeleton

Language Patterns: Where is … / Here(There) it is / What is…

Trick or Treat / Happy Halloween!

Books: The Shape Book; Colors All Around; Who’s There on Halloween?; Little Critters Halloween Book; Happy Halloween, Biscuit; Scooby Doo´s Mystery Book; What is Halloween?; Mrs. Broom; Trick or Treat; Five Little Monsters; Spiders, Spiders Everywhere.

Concepts: Light/Dark, Hot/Cold, Over/Under

Action Verbs: Crawl, Hide, Run, Chase

Colors: Green, Yellow, Orange, Brown, White and Black

Math Skills: Classify objects by color, sort by shape and match by size.

Rote-counting with manipulatives 1 to 20. Identify and name numbers 1-5.

Science discoveries:

Mixing colors by adding yellow, using paint and water. Exploring leaves: sight, smell, sound. Carving a pumpkin. Discovering light and shadow effects.



Fine Motor Skills: Practice pincer grasp using droppers and liquids.Cut straight lines in different materials. Punch paper with punching sticks. Insert objects into containers. Open and close hands.


Physical Development Objective: Breathing techniques and relaxation, balance, rhythm.

Exercises: run, jump and fall, roll, gallop, transporting objects.

Sportsmanship: listening, taking turns, following instructions & game rules.



Mixing paint to obtain green and orange.

Practice up-down, left-right & circular movements with thick paintbrush.

Drama: Role-play Halloween characters wearing costumes, masks, brooms, wands etc.

Music: Five Little Pumpkins, Little Pumpkin, Do You Know It’s Halloween?, Colors, Triangle, Circle and Square, Rainbow of colors, Itsy Bitsy Spider, I’m a Witch, Witch’s Brew.



Values of the month: Responsibility and order.



October 1 Sebastian Pico


October Rhymes

                                                        The Tree

Tree trunk at the bottom

Leaves at the top

Apples falling off the tree

Plop, plop, plop


                                                          The Witch

If I were a witch

I would ride on a broom

And scatter the ghosts

With a zoom zoom zoom


Dear Parents,

Welcome to our Terrific Tigers group! Miss Yayis and I are looking forward in receiving your kids into this new school year adventure!

We have already brainstormed on great ideas to enrich our learning environment, in order to surprise our students to spark their curiosity towards exploring and learning new things. We are sure this year is going to be full of new experiences and learning opportunities for your young ones. We are really looking forward for the upcoming year!!

We will be meeting our students for the first day of school on Monday, August 26th, 2013. We truly recommend sending healthy snacks for lunch time. A few helpful ideas can be found here:

I would like to recall that most efficient way for us (parents and teachers) to communicate with each other is through e-mail messages. In case you haven’t yet, please confirm our welcome message upon receiving it to ensure we have the right information.


Mrs. Nancy Murillo de Zambrano

September Week 3

During this week we had the opportunity to learn about the difference parts of the house. Our Big Bears were really interactive during several creative activities. They were able to act as little chefs in their own kitchen pretending the baked a pizza! All the activities made our classroom a wonderful home.

Diego Llaguno was our Superkid on Wednesday September 18. He enjoyed every moment.

Next week we will learn all about the school items we have in our classroom.

We are very happy to let you know that on Monday September 30 the Mime we will visit us. He will review the different feelings that can be expressed without words.

Here are some pictures of what we did during this week.

Please remember to send your child with a sweater labeled with his and hers name and last name too. Sometimes they might fell cold during the day.

Have a great weekend.

Thank you.

Ms. Caya & Ms. Martha.


Welcome to my Home! – September Week 3

The kids met Willy Worm this week. They saw his living room, bedroom and bathroom. We also went over related home vocabulary like dining room, living room, and kitchen..

During creativity we made a house, reviewing shapes and colors and sang songs and read stories about  houses. The kids are learning to form a  in line walking one behind another and remaining quiet   and although they are still  working at it,  they are beginning to understand how to do it!

Next week we will be reviewing concepts of school and will talk about themes related  of  what we bring to school and what we do in school.



Our students were happy to come back to school on Wednesday! We would like to share some of the activities we did during these three days.




Members in my Family – September Week 2


This week was all about the family. Kids were asked if they had any brothers, sisters, or baby siblings. We also went over the concepts of mother, father as well as grandparents. Some students shared names of their family members, and during Circle Time they were able to represent a  member of the family.

During our creativity class (Art) we asked each student to identify themselves, as well as their mother and father with a specific color. It was interesting to see how they related themselves with either mom or dad! This project was taken home on Thursday.


Next week we will be talking about things related with “My Home”. We will be learning about different parts of our houses such as living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and dining room.




Kids are doing a great job during lunch! Although we are still working on self-sufficiency, they are getting better at doing things by themselves each day, and teaching them to remain sitting down during lunch time.



We hope you have a great weekend! We would like to remind you that Monday is a holiday.





Here are some of the activities our students did during the week as Terrific Tigers!