Summer Is Here

Dear Parents,

This school year has been a blessing for us, we had the opportunity to meet and be part of our big bears lives. Happiness and sadness is what we feel right now, but we are sure that the future of our little ones will be filled with wonderful experiences.

Being their teachers has been really rewarding, each one gave us the chance to learn new things. Thank you so much for letting us be part of your child’s education. We feel really happy with the final outcome of this school year and are so proud of our Big Bears. They will always be present in our hearts and thoughts.

Ms. Caya & Ms. Yayis

“Family is the first school for young children, and parents are powerful models”.


Estimados padres de familia,

Este año escolar ha sido una bendición para nosotras, tuvimos la oportunidad de conocer y formar parte de la vida de nuestros Big Bears. En estos momentos estamos experimentando sentimientos de felicidad y tristeza, pero estamos seguras que el futuro de nuestros niños estará lleno de experiencias maravillosas.

Ser sus maestras ha sido muy gratificante, cada uno de ellos nos dio la oportunidad de aprender cosas nuevas. Muchas gracias por dejarnos formar parte de la educación de sus hijos. Nos sentimos muy contentas con el resultado final de este año escolar,  estamos muy orgullosas de nuestros Big Bears. Siempre van a estar presentes en nuestros corazones y pensamientos.

Ms. Caya & Ms. Yayis

“La familia es la primera escuela para los niños y los padres son modelos poderosos”.


Bye Bye Bees!

Dear Parents,

We can hardly believe this is our last post for this school year! We just wish to tell you how much we loved and enjoyed to have our Busy Bees with us. Thank you for letting us be part of your children’s childhood and for trusting us with their learning.

We will miss them all and will remember each personality, face and all the fun we had learning about new things. Hope you have a great vacation and enjoy your little ones every minute, like we did.

We’ll miss you! See you next week for Parent-Teacher conferences and next year for more fun learning to come.


Ms. Gaby and Ms. Judy

We Will Miss You, Tigers!

Miss Vero and I have mixed feelings. We are very happy that our students have finished this year successfully and that most of them will be going to a big school. However, we feel sad that we will not see them and listen to their stories everyday.

We want to thank you for working with us together towards the benefit of your children. Surely it would not have been the same without your support at home. We have great memories with the kids and hope they will remember much about their learning experience at Toddler Tree, too. We know in their hearts they will always carry the love we and their friends have for them.

We will miss you a lot!!

Miss Lucia and Miss Vero

Congrats Tiny Turtles!


Hats off to the Tiny Turtles class! Thank you for a wonderful year. We had a lot of fun and enjoyed sharing everything with you.

We are going to miss you a lot, we hope you will have a great summer. See you soon!

We had Emiliano’s super kid this week and enjoyed playful activities.

Last Days of School

We are wrapping up the 2012-2013 school year, amazed at how much our kids have grown and how quickly time has passed!

This week we will be hosting Superkid days for children with summer birthdays as well as graduations for the Big Bears and Terrific Tigers classes. Topics of the week include: under the sea, water animals and summer fun.

Our last day of school for all students will be Friday, June 14th. We will hold parent-teacher conferences on the following Monday and Tuesday. You will be receiving the scheduled appointments via email. Please respond at your earliest convenience.

Thank you for entrusting your children to us. It has been a joy to be part of their childhood!


The Toddler Tree Team

Hello June!

Dear Parents,

June has been a blast! We are talking about sea animals, the beach, vacations, all about summer! It’s been real fun! Next week we’ll continue working on this themes and we’ll be having Emile’s Super Kid day on Tuesday!

Friday the 14th will be our last day of school… We’re going to miss our little ones very much, but we are happy to see they are ready to enjoy their summer and vacation. On Monday (17) and Tuesday (18), we’ll be meeting with you to talk about your kids progress and portfolios.

Hope you have a great weekend.

See you Monday!

Ms. Gaby and Ms. Judy


Dear Parents,

We would like to remind you that the graduation ceremony will be next Wednesday at 8:30am here at Toddler Tree. The kids have prepared songs for you and they are ready to be heard. We hope to see you here!

However, we would like to remind you the last day of school is next Friday the 14th.

Enjoy your weekend!

Miss Lucia and Miss Vero

June Week 1

Dear Parents,

This week has been full of magic and memories, Big Bears have been preparing for their Graduation Day. During these days they have been practicing different rhymes and had the chance to remember many things we had the opportunity to learn during this school year. Also, they have been so excited to talk about the different activities and trips they will be enjoying during their summer vacations.

We can still remember the first day of school as if it was yesterday; time passes so fast that the last day of school is almost here. We are so proud of our Big Bears because they have grown and are full of dreams, which we are sure they will pursue and achieve successfully. All this school year, as teachers we only had a goal in our minds and we would like to share it with you: “A teacher’s purpose is not to create students in her own image, but to develop students who can create their own image”.


Please remember that next Tuesday June 11th, Big Bears will be having their Graduation Day at Toddler Tree. The ceremony will take place at 8:30am. Don’t miss it!



Have a great weekend.

Thank you,

Ms. Caya & Ms. Yayis


Estimados padres de familia,

Esta semana ha estado llena de magia y recuerdos, los Big Bears se han estado preparando para su día de graduación. Durante estos días han estado practicando diferentes rimas y tuvieron la oportunidad de recordar muchas cosas que aprendieron durante este año escolar. Además, han estado tan emocionados al hablar de las diferentes actividades y viajes que disfrutaran durante sus vacaciones de verano.

Todavía recordamos el primer día de clases como si fuera ayer, el tiempo pasa tan rápido que el último día de clases ya está casi aquí. Estamos muy orgullosas de nuestros Big Bears, han crecido llenos de sueños y estamos seguras que los alcanzaran exitosamente. Todo este año escolar, nosotras como maestras hemos tenido una meta en nuestra mente y nos gustaría compartirla con ustedes: “El propósito de un maestro no es crear estudiantes a su propia imagen, sino desarrollar estudiantes que pueden crear su propia imagen”.


Por favor, recuerden que el próximo martes 11 de junio los Big Bears tendrán su día de graduación en Toddler Tree.



Que tengan un excelente fin de semana.

Muchas Gracias,

Ms. Caya & Ms. Yayis