June Newsletter

Themes of the Month
Down by the Sea

Topics include:
Water animals
Sea life
Summer fun

Vocabulary: Shark, dolphin, whale, seahorse, octopus, turtle, walrus, crab, sunscreen, swimming pool, towel, swimsuit, towel, sunglasses.

Language patterns: I can, I can´t, May I…, this, these, that, those.

Action verbs: Swim, kick, swing, breathe

Number recognition: digit-amount Relations
Classification of concepts by different characteristics

Science discoveries
Magic sand that does not get wet
Pouring liquids, drinking water from cups


Review all colors

Physical development
Orientation, equilibrium, fun group games

Model ocean life using sand, clay and paper.

Role play ocean life and review Nursery Rhymes, Finding Nemo

Baby Beluga, The Mulberry Bush Tag, Ring Around the Rosies, Henry the Octopus, Under the Sea.


No uperkids

Graduation Day June 12
Last day of School June 14
Parent-Teacher conferences June 17 & 18

June Neswletter

under the seaSummer Fun

Down by the sea and at the beach

Swim, play, ocean, octopus, fish, dolphin, whale, dolphin shell, sand, seahorse, sea turtle, beach, sandcastle, beach ball, bathing, swimsuit.

Let´s  pick-up

Finding Nemo, Angel Fish, Under Sea Animals, Baby Beluga

Here, there


Review all, emphasis on blue and orange

Listen and relate numbers 1 to 10 and review basic shapes: triangle, circle, square

Exploring Sand & Water tables with ocean environment

Pouring liquids, inserting objects in containers, eyes and coordination

Knowledge and practice of the following skills: rhythm exercises, rolling, pulling, bouncing and kicking

Paint with: sponges, practice tracing with chalk and crayons and holding paper.

Role play with masks and using the sand and water table.


Last day of School June 14

Parent-Teacher conferences June 17 & 18


Emiliano Leal Gonzalez Junio 11







Under the Sea

We started leaning about sea animals and working on our fathers day gift. We also had Marianne’s super kid day on Thursday. Next week we will be covering: summer, sun, sand, sea, sunglasses, sunscreen, shovel, pail, castle, swimsuit, surfing, and snorkeling.

In our creative department, this week we are going to work with the following:

  • Techniques: painting, mixing, coloring, pasting, tracing, spreading, pinching
  • Media: paint, craft paper, cardboard paper, celofan, pon pons, rubber bands, cheerios
  • Concepts:  on, in, over and under
  • Vocabulary:  swim, sea, pail, shovel, sunglasses, beach ball, scuba diver, surfing.

Here are some recent pictures of our classroom activities:

Bye Bye May!

This week was fun! The kids had a chance to learn about animals that live under the sea. They know vocabulary such as: octopus, shark, crab, whale, dolphin, fish, jellyfish, sea horse, star fish, treasure chest and coral. During art we made a fish and a turtle and they liked this too! We also played “lotería” to review some fruits and vegetables and the kids practiced their vocabulary and their auditory skills.

Laura Maria is a big sister! Baby Ana Lucia was born and we congratulate Mr. and Mrs. Chow for the lovely addition to their family.

Andrea will be going to McAllen for the birth of her baby brother David. Although she won’t be here next week, we are hoping she can join us on graduation day.

Enjoy your weekend!
Miss Lucia and Miss Vero

June – Monthly Newsletter



Down by the sea

Vacation time

Water animals

Sea life

Summer fun


Fish, seahorse, octopus, dolphin, whale, crab, lobster, shell, starfish, seahorse, shark, jellyfish, summer, ocean, sand, sand castle, wave, beach ball, pail, shovel, sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, bathing suit, sandals, swimming pool, surfing and snorkeling.

I can/I can´t…, I like/I don´t like to…





Rainbow fish, Baby Beluga, Angel Fish, Finding Nemo



Work on tracing and identifying own name and numbers

Follow circuits with different sets of activities

Swim, dive, jump, dig.

Numbers identification, review 1 – 10

Take care of my body and environment



Concentration and bingo games to review vocabulary seen through the year

Make ocean situations with sand, shells and plants

Role play ocean life and its sounds



Baby Beluga, Henry the Octopus, Under the Sea



Summer Time

Summer is the time to play

Time to play, time to play

Summer is the time to play

Enjoy those sunny days!



Last day of School June 14

Parent-Teacher conferences June 17 & 18


June Newsletter


Down by the sea

Vacations & Summer Fun

Water animals

Sea life

Traveling, summer fun.


Fish, whale, shark, marine turtle, sea horse, sea shell, octopus, starfish, sea, ocean, beach,

Sand, swimming suit, octopus, seal, lobster, crab, vacation, swim, squeeze, run, walk, play, kick, paddling.


Review all colors

Math Skills

Identifying numbers: 1,2,3,

Role counting 1-20

Review all shapes

Science Discoveries

Observe how special plastic animals enlarge when dropped in water.

Fine Motor Skills

Play in water (sail beats, sea shells, and toys)

Pour liquids


Baby Beluga, The Berenstain Bears, Too Much Vacation, The Little Mermaid, Finding Nemo, To Catch a Little Fish.


Wet/dry, over/under

Physical Development Objectives

Practice balance, corporal image, rhythm, reaction, running, sliding, hit, roll and dodge

Fine Arts Skills

Painting techniques: Sponges, paintbrushes, rollers, string yarn, q-tips,etc.

Action Verbs

Go fishing, play with water and plastic water animals


Last day of School June 14

Parent-Teacher conferences June 17 & 18

Value of the Month

Respect and sharing

Super Kids

Emile Misrachi            June 24th


May Week 5

Dear Parents,

This week Big Bears enjoyed learning about different animals that live in the sea. They were able to know everything about their environment and how they live. During the week they also made a project which consisted in following instructions to create a fish tank.

Big Bears colored a circle and were really careful to do it only inside the shape; they decorated it using different materials. They have been practicing different rhymes and songs which make them have a great time and learn new words.

Next week they will be introduced into summer theme, Big Bears will have the chance to talk about vacations and the different places / activities that are done during this time. We are sure these days are going to be full of joyful activities.

Please remember that Big Bears graduation day will be on June 11th and the parent teacher conferences are going to be on June 17th and 18th.

Have a great weekend.

Thank you,

Ms. Caya & Ms. Yayis


Estimados padres de familia,

Esta semana Big Bears disfrutaron aprendiendo sobre diferentes animales que viven en el mar. Ellos fueron capaces de saber todo acerca de su entorno y cómo viven. Durante la semana, también hicieron un proyecto que consistía en seguir instrucciones para crear una pecera. Los Big Bears colorearon un círculo y fueron muy cuidadosos en hacerlo solamente dentro de este. Además, lo decoraron con diferentes materiales. Ellos han estado practicando diferentes rimas y canciones que les permiten pasar un buen rato y aprender nuevas palabras.

La próxima semana van a ser introducidos al tema del verano, Big Bears tendrán la oportunidad de hablar sobre las vacaciones y los diferentes lugares / actividades que se realizan durante este tiempo. Estamos seguras de que estos días van a estar llenos de actividades divertidas.

Por favor, recuerde que la graduación de Big Bears será el 11 de junio y las conferencias de padres-maestros van a ser los días 17 y 18 de junio.

Que tengan un excelente fin de semana.

Muchas Gracias,

Ms. Caya & Ms. Yayis

Bye, Bye May!

Dear Parents,

We had a lovely month talking about animals, meeting some pets at kinder and singing along songs and making animal sounds!

Next month we’ll be talking about sea animals, summer fun and going on vacation. We’ll be celebrating Father’s Day and we’ll have our last day of school!

Please refer to the June Newsletter for updates and reminders!

Here are some recent pictures from our art class!

Have a great weekend!

Ms. Gaby and Ms. Judy


Under the Sea

We had our pet week and all the kids were so excited with all the animal visits! We also had Carolina’s Super Kid celebration on Friday.  Next week we will be covering the theme of summer such as fish, whale, dolphin, octopus, jellyfish, crab, lobster, mermaid, starfish and horse.

In our creative department, this week we are going to work with the following:

  • Techniques: painting, mixing, coloring, pasting, tracing
  • Media: paint, craft paper, sand paper, foamy plates, yarn, plastic cd’s, beads
  • Concepts:  on, in, over and under
  • Vocabulary:  whale, fish, water, octopus, jellyfish, crab, mermaid, starfish, seahorse.

Here are some recent pictures of our classroom activities:

Furry Friends Visit Week!

Dear Parents,

This week we talked about more zoo/jungle animals. We love this subject and we enjoy puppet shows and books about the different animals. To complement this, we also had some pet visits from friends in kinder. Nixon (Josemanuel), Cuca (Emiliano-Tiny Turtles), Power (Sophie- Tiny Turtles) visited us at the kinder and we had a chance to say Hi! and pet them and play with them.

Here are some pictures from the visits:

Next week is our last week about animals from the jungle and zoo. Then we’ll start talking about sea animals. We’ll keep you posted!

Have a great weekend!

Ms. Gaby and Ms. Judy