Welcome Back!

Welcome Back after Spring Break! This week has been all about the farm. We have been looking over concepts related with farms such as digging, barn, cows, milk, and eggs just to name a few. The kids enjoyed the song “Old McDonald” and they constantly repeat the chorus throughout the day! In our creative department, we worked on a week long project in which the kids did a part of a farm every day. On Monday we used spaghetti to color as a different art technique. It is always desirable to expose the kids to different activities and situations to stimulate the senses. Next week we will add on the animals of the farm using our hand and foot prints! Today is Mr. Mike’s birthday! We had a celebration and the kids ate small cupcakes as part of the party. They also had a chance of hitting a piñata. It was a nice way to end the week! We hope you have a great weekend!

Miss Lucia and Miss Vero

April Week 2

This week we had a blast! Big Bears were so excited to talk about their vacations. Each one of them had the opportunity to explain all the things they did. Also, they had the chance to see the plants they two weeks ago and were so happy to discover how they grew. This week our class started learning about the farm and the different animals that live in it. During our art time, we began creating a farm with its own barn. All of them had lots of fun and were able to use different materials and techniques. These activities helped them to continue developing their fine and gross motor skills. We had a special event on Friday, too! It was Mr. Mike’s birthday and all of the kids were enthusiastic to sing and make a crown for him, just as he always does when it’s someone’s birthday.

Next week we will continue talking about the farm but now focusing on the different animal sounds and the foods they provide. The creative project will be based on finishing the farm by painting animals with the use of foot and hand prints. We want the Big Bears to “live” this week as if they were in a farm, so during our exploration time we are going to make special activities full of enriching moments.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Thank you,

Ms. Caya & Ms. Yayis


Estimados padres de familia,

Esta semana nos lo pasamos de maravilla! Los Big Bears estaban tan emocionados de hablar acerca de sus vacaciones de Semana Santa, cada uno de ellos tuvo la oportunidad de explicar todas las cosas que hicieron. Además, tuvieron la oportunidad de ver las plantas que hace dos semanas plantaron y estaban muy contentos de descubrir cómo crecieron. A su vez, los Big Bears comenzaron a aprender acerca de la granja y los animales que viven en ella. Durante el tiempo de arte, comenzamos a crear una granja con su propio granero. Todos ellos se divirtieron mucho y fueron capaces de utilizar diferentes materiales y técnicas. Estas actividades ayudaron a continuar desarrollando sus habilidades motoras (finas y gruesas). Tuvimos un evento especial también, fue el cumpleaños de Mr. Mike y todos ellos estaban tan entusiasmados de cantarle y ponerle una corona, justo como él siempre lo hace en sus cumpleaños.

La semana que viene vamos a seguir hablando de la granja, pero ahora van a ser capaces de entender y aprender sobre los diferentes animales y la comida que cada uno proporciona. El proyecto creativo se basara en terminar la granja, pintaran animales utilizando sus pies y manos. Queremos que Big Bears vivan la experiencia de “estar” en una granja, por lo que durante el tiempo de exploración vamos a preparar actividades especiales llenas de momentos enriquecedores.

Que tenga un maravilloso fin de semana.

Muchas Gracias,

Ms. Caya & Ms. Yayis

Welcome back from Spring Break

Welcome back from spring break! We started with our farm theme this week. We had many events, including Eva and Mr. Mike’s birthday parties and Regina Marcos big sister crown. Congratulations to the Marcos Lobo family for their recent addition!! Next week we will be covering the theme of farm animals: sheep, horse, goat, duck, hen, rooster and cow.

In our creative department, this week we are going to work with the following:

  • Techniques: painting, stamping, hand print, footprint, pasting
  • Media: paper, paint, carton, tissue paper, brush glue
  • Concepts:  in and out, up and down
  • Vocabulary: sheep, horse, goat, chicken, hen, rooster, cow, hay

Here are some recent pictures of our classroom activities:

Welcome Back!

Dear Parents,

We are so glad to be back! We’ve had a very busy week with Super Kids Diego Treviño, Mariana Elizondo, Ms. Cristy and Mr. Mike. A lot of fun singing and yummy cupcakes. We celebrated Big Brother Diego Llaguno who’s little brother Gabriel was born on April 2nd. Congratulations to the Llaguno Velasco family! And last but not least to mention, we celebrated Paola’s Super Kid day just before leaving for vacation and it turned out great. Here are some pictures about these recent events:


Diego T.


Diego Llaguno

Hope you had a wonderful vacation with your little ones these past two weeks. I want to thank you again for participating in our Easter party and include some pictures of the day we painted our Easter eggs. Better late than never!

Also, I wanted to let you know that Ms. Martha started her maternity leave after our return from vacations. We are very excited about her baby and are waiting for news from her. We’ll keep you posted! Ms. Judy will be filling in for her for the rest of the school year. She has been great in helping us in the classroom. She is wonderful with kids and is very excited to work with the Busy Bees class, just as much as the kids are happy to be with her, too. Have a lovely weekend and be ready to talk about Farm Animals next week! Ms. Gaby and Ms. Judy