Happy Holidays

This year is coming to an end we hope that you’ll have a great holiday spending time with your families. We wish a Merry Christmas and happy new year, may all your wishes come true in 2013. We are going to miss the kids during these holidays, but we hope to see you on January 7th when we are back at school.

Happy Holidays!!

The kids did a great job in the Winter Wonderland program!  We had been practicing for two weeks , and although it is never the same performing in a known environment than with parents and family as an audience, the kids were able to manage the situation and presented the show really well. Thank you so much for supporting the kids! Also, we wanted to thank you for the Christmas present …it will surely be used very well!

In art we made Santa’s elf. The cap was colored using cars with paint and the kids loved using the material. They did not even want to finish!  We also did an open ended art project in which the kids used water colors to mix and create.  In math we have been reinforcing the identification of numbers from 1 to 10 as well as the concept of “few” and “many”. It would be useful if you can review these concepts during vacation time.

We hope you have a happy Christmas next to all your loved ones. We wish you the best for next year and we will see you back on January 7th!

Miss Lucia and Miss Vero

Happy Holidays

We feel so proud about our young students performance during last Friday’s show. Our greatest appreciation for the extra efforts of everyone to make “Winter Wonderland Festival” such a great success!

Have a great holiday, we wish you the best for 2013!

Thank you,

Ms. Caya & Ms. Yayis


Estimados padres de familia,

Nos sentimos muy orgullosos de nuestros alumnos y su participación en el programa del viernes pasado. Nuestro más sincero agradecimiento a todos por hacer del “Winter Wonderland Festival” todo un éxito.

¡Que tengan unas excelentes vacaciones y les deseamos lo mejor para el 2013!

Muchas Gracias,

Ms. Caya & Ms. Yayis

Happy Holidays!

Thank you for coming to our Winter Wonderland Festival! We enjoyed very much having you there and we hope you had a great time watching our Busy Bees singing and dancing for you!

Today is our last 2012 day of school! We want to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah with your family, filled with love, and a lot of fun. May all your wishes come true for this New Year 2013!

See you in January 7th, 2013! Happy Holidays!

Mrs. Gaby and Mrs. Martha

Santa Balloons

Dear Parents,

We’ve had a wonderful week so far! We can’t wait for our Winter Festival to take place on Friday. Be prepared to have a blast!

As a preview to our celebrations, I’m attaching the pictures we took when we sent out our balloons to the sky with our wishes for these holidays.


Mrs. Gaby and Mrs. Martha

Wishing upon a star

Last Friday each child had a helium balloon strapped to their hand during recess time and one by one we cut them loose. This way, we sent our wishes to the sky. The kids really enjoyed seeing the balloon blowing away and saying bye bye as it went up higher and higher.

Here are some pictures from the activity:

Winter Festival

We have been preparing for our winter festival hopefully we will see you all on Friday the 14th at Candy Gum.

We wanted to give a special thanks to Mrs. Barbara O’ward Sophie’s mom for bringing Hanukkah cupcakes to our classroom last Friday, they really enjoyed them and they were delicious.

Here are some recent pictures from this week:

December Week 1

Dear Parents,

During this week we started working on the Christmas presents. The Big Bears class had a great time using their imagination. Also, we practiced the songs and rhymes for the Winter Wonderland Festival, they are so excited to perform. Santa came to visit us and all of them were full of excitement and happiness. They had the opportunity to take a picture with him. On Friday they had the chance to send a Balloon with their Christmas wishes. Every day when they arrive to school they tell us what they asked for Christmas and how Santa is always watching them. It is a pleasure for us to experience so different things with our Big Bears.

Next week we will continue preparing for the Winter Wonderland Festival, which will be on Friday December 14th.  Big Bears will finish their Christmas Projects which were made with lots of love and patience.

Please make sure all of your child’s sweaters and jackets are labeled to avoid mix-ups.

Have a great weekend.

Thank you,

Ms. Caya & Ms. Yayis


Estimados padres de familia,

Durante esta semana seguimos trabajando en los regalos de Navidad, Big Bears  se han divertido mucho ya que han utilizado su imaginación en estas actividades. Además, han practicado las canciones y rimas para el Winter Wonderland Festival, están muy emocionados de presentarles sus actuaciones. Santa vino a visitarnos y todos estaban llenos de emoción y felicidad. Tuvieron la oportunidad de tomarse una foto con él. El viernes fue un día muy especial, porque pudieron enviar globos con sus deseos de Navidad. Todos los días al llegar, nos dicen lo que pedirán para Navidad y además nos dicen que Santa siempre los está observando. Es un placer para nosotras experimentar las diferentes emociones que tienen nuestros Big Bears.

La próxima semana vamos a continuar preparándonos para el Winter Wonderland Festival, el cual será el próximo viernes 14 de Diciembre. Big Bears terminarán sus proyectos navideños, fueron hechos con mucho amor y paciencia.

Por favor, asegúrese de que todos los suéteres y abrigos de sus hijos están etiquetados para evitar confusiones.

Que tengan un excelente fin de semana.

Muchas Gracias,


Ms. Caya & Ms. Yayis

Winter Celebrations

This week we talked about different holiday celebrations in our classroom. We had so much fun learning about Christmas and Hanukkah, we got cookies in shape of a Menorah from Emile as a snack and we took pictures with Santa Claus! We enjoyed very much talking and singing about winter and practicing for our Winter Wonderland Festival.

Here are some recent pictures during our snack and recess:

Next week we’ll continue reviewing holiday celebrations and practicing for our performance. We are so excited about it! Please don’t forget to check our website for more information on props and costumes that day.

See you Monday!

Mrs. Gaby and Mrs. Martha