Spring & Easter Party

We couldn’t be happier with the outcome of our Easter Parade and Party! What a lovely day to celebrate the start of Spring.

March 21, 2012

Toddler Tree's 2012 Easter Parade

 Toddler Tree teachers did a great job in putting together such fun activities for our students to enjoy. Congratulations to mothers and families who carefully and creatively decorated cars, trikes and bikes for the Parade. They were beautiful and the parade was lovely! Thank you to all of our Party Hosts for providing the snacks for the party, too. We were delighted to see the kids enjoying themselves so much during the Easter Egg Hunt. Altogether, the event was a great success!

Bunny Hop

The favorite activity in Circle Time this week was hopping along to this song. Enjoy the show as you get to listen to your kids (please refer to these lyrics) and watch how they follow the motions as they move around!

Bunny Hop

Bunny hop, Bunny hop, hop, hop, hop

Bunny hop, Bunny hop, hop, hop, hop

Bunny hop, Bunny hop, hop, hop, STOP!

Wiggle your ears (motion)

Wiggle your nose (motion)

Wiggle your paws (motion)

Wiggle your cotton tail (motion)


Spring Parade 2012

It has become a tradition at Toddler Tree to celebrate the coming of Spring and Easter with a special party. The event begins at 10:00am with families arriving at the park with a decorated trike, bike or vehicle that will be organized by group at the indicated location. Here are some examples of how Toddler Tree families have decorated different vehicles using paper, balloons, flowers, plush toys and other decorations.

For mobile devices, use this link.

The kids can choose from a variety of activities the teachers have prepared and there will be time for an individual photo shoot with the Easter bunny, too. When everyone has arrived, Mr. Mike will blow his whistle to start the Parade. The kids will ride through the park on the sidewalk path in their decorated vehicles. Everybody will share a snack after that. Next week we will be preparing confetti stuffed eggshells for the Easter Egg Hunt that will take place after the snack. We look forward to seeing you there!

Toddler Tree: Where Kids are # 1


The Mission of Toddler Tree is to facilitate the integral growth of each of child through creative, directed and planned activities with the flexibility required to respond to the spontaneous and changing needs of the young learners, in order to promote a positive self-esteem.


At Toddler Tree, we believe that children enjoy discovering the world with their total being, since their minds and bodies are interrelated in knowing and understanding their surroundings. For the little ones, everything they touch, every movement they make, every smell, flavor and sound signify a discovery.

Therefore, we offer toddlers the opportunity to explore and assimilate their world by means of a safe, loving environment, with enriching activities that will enable them to stimulate all their senses at their own level and their own pace.

We believe that the ability to communicate in more than one language is most easily facilitated in infancy.Toddler Tree provides a total immersion experience in the English language for young learners communication needs.

Our goal is to assist each child in a complete integration process: satisfying each one’s basic needs of love, sensory stimulation, exploration, of interacting and conversing with their peers and with adults of both sexes, extending their comfortable, safe environment from their home to a new space.

When children’s basic needs are met, a trust is established that enables them to more freely investigate, thus developing their curiosity, their ability to analyze and solve problems, allowing for more independent growth, resulting in increased self-confidence and greater self-esteem.