101 Ways to Play Outdoors

1. Play leapfrog 2. Jump rope 3. Climb a tree 4. Build a fort 5. Play hide and seek 6. Kick a ball 7. Make a rainbow with the hose 8. Pull weeds 9. Ride a bike or scooter or horse 10. Create a nature collage 11. Build a sand castle 12. Head out on a treasure hunt 13. Roll down a hill 14. Make a bug hotel 15. Balance along a wall 16. Throw a frisbee 17. Balance a bean bag on your head 18. Have an egg and spoon race 19. Hug a tree 20. Create patterns in damp sand 21. Make story stones 22. Paint a fence with water 23. Make texture rubbings with crayons 24. Swing your hips in a hula hoop 25. Make a rain gauge 26. Play tag 27. Draw something you can see 28. Jump in a puddle 29. Play hopscotch 30. Draw on the trampoline (or the footpath) with chalk 31. Read a book 32. Catch raindrops on your tongue 33. Make a set of stilts from tin cans 34. Have a game of marbles 35. Or elastics 36. Enjoy breakfast outside 37. Rake leaves 38. Set up a worm farm 39. Decorate mud pies 40. Run under the sprinkler 41. Paint the outside of a window 42. Make a daisy chain 43. Start a nature collection 44. Lie in a hammock 45. Toast marshmallows 46. Find 10 things to float in a tub of water 47. Write in the sand with a stick 48. Press flowers 49. Make a pinwheel 50. Make a stick sculpture 51. Make a pet rock 52. Try leaf printing 53. Draw around a shadow on the ground 54. Plant vegetables and herbs 55. Grow a bean or sunflower teepee 56. Take photos of what you see 57. Have a 3 legged race 58. Or a wheelbarrow race 59. Gaze at the stars 60. Set up a lemonade stand 61. Paint with feathers 62. Decorate a tree 63. Create a home for a fairy (or an elf) 64. Make a tin can telephone 65. Enjoy a teddy bears picnic 66. Make a drip castle with wet sand 67. Write a letter on a leaf 68. Fly a kite 69. Make up a new game 70. Put on a show 71. Grab a magnifying glass and find some bugs 72. Try a somersault or a handstand or a cartwheel 73. Watch a sunset 74. Spin and get dizzy 75. Start a collection 76. Float a paper boat 77. Make a cave for a dinosaur 78. Wash the dog 79. Wash the car 80. Create a small world for your favorite figurines 81. Make a sundial 82. Host a paper plane flying contest 83. Blow bubbles 84. Dance and sing 85. Make your name from sticks 86. Make a road for toy cars 87. Play torch tag 88. Build a compost bin 89. Throw water balloons 90. Make object impressions in air dry clay 91. Put on a cape and fly 92. Grow a grass head chia pet 93. Make a bird bath 94. And a bird feeder 95. Make petal perfume 96. Dig for treasures 97. Make a leaf crown 98. Hang laundry 99. Draw a map of your space 100. Set up a snail race 101. Lie back on the grass and look for shapes in the clouds

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